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2003978-0-439-45670-8Teddy SlaterWord Family Sing-Along Flip Chart & CD: 25 Fun Songs Set to Your Favorite Tunes That Build Phonemic Awareness and Teach the Top Word Families
2002978-0-439-45678-4Thom EberhardtRat Boys a Dating Experiment
2004978-0-439-45695-1Cornelia FunkeDragon Rider
2003978-0-439-45696-8Elizabeth KayThe Divide
  ''978-0-439-45697-5Katherine RobertsDark Quetzal (Echorium Sequence, 3)
  ''978-0-439-45698-2Kevin BrooksLucas
2002978-0-439-45747-7Tony AbbottSecrets of Droon Box Set
  ''978-0-439-45812-2Norma Fox MazerGirlhearts
2004978-0-439-45816-0Liza Charlesworth · Maria FlemingGrammar Tales: Chicken in the City
  ''978-0-439-45819-1MARIA FLEMINGTillie's Tuba (Grammar Tales)
2004978-0-439-45820-7Justin Mccory Martin · Justin MartinGrammar Tales: The Planet Without Pronouns
  ''978-0-439-45822-1Samantha BergerGrammar Tales: When Comma Came to Town
  ''978-0-439-45823-8Justin Mccory Martin · Justin MartinGrammar Tales: The Mystery of the Missing Socks
  ''978-0-439-45824-5Liza CharlesworthGrammar Tales: The No-Good, Rotten, Run-on Sentence
  ''978-0-439-45825-2Justin MartinGrammar Tales: Francine Fribble, Proofreading Policewoman
2003978-0-439-45828-3Rhonda Graff Silver · Rhonda GraffFirst Graphic Organizers: Reading; 30 Reproducible Graphic Organizers That Build Early Reading and Comprehension Skills
2004978-0-439-45854-2Nancy Sanders25 Read & Write Mini-books That Teach Phonics
2008978-0-439-45861-0Linda B. RossWord Families: 50 Cloze-Format Practice Pages That Target and Teach the Top 50 Word Families, Grades K-2 (Fill-in-the-Blank Stories)
2004978-0-439-45862-7Scholastic Inc.Barney's Sing-Along Stories: If You're Happy And You Know It!
2008978-0-439-45863-4Linda B. RossPhonics: 50 Cloze-Format Practice Pages That Target and Teach Key Phonics Skills, Grades K-2 (Fill-in-the-Blank Stories)
2003978-0-439-45865-8Scholastic Inc.Write-and-Learn Number Practice Pages: Help Kids Recognize, Write, and Really Learn the Numbers 1-30
2004978-0-439-45868-9Mark TeagueDetective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation
2003978-0-439-45876-4Scholastic Inc.Write-and-learn Word Family Practice Pages: Engaging Reproducible Activity Pages That Help Kids Recognize, Write, and Really Learn the Top 30 Word Families
2003978-0-439-45877-1Linda Rief100 Quickwrites: Fast and Effective Freewriting Exercises that Build Students' Confidence, Develop Their Fluency, and Bring Out the Writer in Every Student
2004978-0-439-45893-1Lisa DesiminiMy Beautiful Child
2005978-0-439-45895-5HP NewquistThe Great Brain Book, The: an Inside Look at the Inside of Your Head
2004978-0-439-45948-8Tony Johnston10 Fat Turkeys
2003978-0-439-46023-1Katie TaitCare Bears Catch the Christmas Spirit!
2002978-0-439-46029-3Phoebe GilmanJillian Jiggs to the Rescue
2001978-0-439-46067-5Rachel FirthDinosaurs
2003978-0-439-46079-8Jerry SpinelliLoser
2002978-0-439-46082-8Claudia MillsLizzie At Last
  ''978-0-439-46133-7Clint TwistShark and other sea creatures dictionary: An A to Z of sea life
2000978-0-439-46136-8Marissa MossAmelia Works it Out
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  ''978-0-439-46356-0Jeannette SandersonA Reading Guide to The Giver (Scholastic Bookfiles)
  ''978-0-439-46364-5Manuela SoaresScholastic Bookfiles
2003978-0-439-46369-0Patricia MchughA Reading Guide to Island of the Blue Dolphins (Scholastic Bookfiles)
  ''978-0-439-46375-1Laurie RozakisA Reading Guide to "Where the Red Fern Grows"
  ''978-0-439-46518-2Jesse McCannHow to Draw Dragonball
  ''978-0-439-46553-3Mary PackardRipley's Special Edition 2004 (Ripley's Believe It Or Not)
2005978-0-439-46581-6Patrick JenningsOut Standing In My Field
2011978-0-439-46589-2Wiley BlevinsScholastic Week By Week Phonics and Word Study for the Intermediate Grades, Grades 3-6
2006978-0-439-46590-8Nancy Fordham · Alexa SandmannTeaching Reading Strategies With Literature That Matters to Middle Schoolers
2009978-0-439-46591-5ScholasticFile-Folder Games in Color: Alphabet: 10 Ready-to-Go Games That Help Children Learn and Practice Letter-Recognition Skills-Independently
  ''978-0-439-46592-2Susan JulioFile-Folder Games in Color: Numbers & Counting: 10 Ready-to-Go Games That Help Children Learn and Practice Early Math Skills-Independently
2005978-0-439-46603-5Judy Nayer25 Easy Nonfiction Mini-Books: Easy-to-Read Reproducible Mini-Books That Build Vocabulary and Fluency—and Support the Social Studies and Science Topics You Teach
2005978-0-439-46605-9Jack Silbert · Joseph D'agneseAmerican History Comic Books: Twelve Reproducible Comic Books With Activities Guaranteed to Get Kids Excited About Key Events and People in American History (Funnybone Books)
2003978-0-439-46607-3Kathleen Fitzgibbon5-minute Daily Practice: Vocabulary (Grades 4-8)
2002978-0-439-46614-1Gordon KormanIsland Trilogy Boxed Set
2005978-0-439-46621-9Hans WilhelmI Can Help! (Scholastic Reader, Level 1)
2003978-0-439-46660-8Marissa MossMax's Logbook
1994978-0-439-46689-9Rachel LisbergThis Little Light of Mine
2004978-0-439-46840-4Scholastic Inc.Biggie Patterns: Seasons & Holidays: 40 Instant & Adorable Patterns for Bulletin Boards, Class Books, Newsletters, Stationery, and More
  ''978-0-439-46841-1   ''Favorite Themes (Biggie Patterns)
  ''978-0-439-46842-8   ''Biggie Patterns: Back to School: 40 Instant & Adorable Patterns for Bulletin Boards, Class Books, Newsletters, Stationery, and More
2003978-0-439-46854-1E. J. MaxwellXtreme Sports: Cutting Edge
2002978-0-439-46855-8Margie PalatiniThe web files
2006978-0-439-46857-2Jan Meyer25 Nonfiction Passages With Vocabulary-Building Crosswords
2003978-0-439-46879-4Liza BakerMy First Purse
  ''978-0-439-47096-4Jesse Leon McCannBatman #1: Time Thaw (Scholastic Readers Level 3)
  ''978-0-439-47097-1DEVIN GRAYSONBatman: The Copycat Crime (Scholastic Reader, Level 3)
2004978-0-439-47098-8Brian AugustynBatman: The Mad Hatter (Scholastic Readers, Level 3)
2004978-0-439-47099-5Percival MuntzThe Birthday Bash (Batman Reader) (Scholastic Readers)
  ''978-0-439-47100-8Jaso HernandezrosenblattBatman: The Purr-fect Crime (Scholastic Reader Level 3)
2005978-0-439-47101-5Percival MuntzDouble Trouble (Level 3) (Scholastic Readers)
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2006978-0-439-47104-6Scott PetersonScholastic Reader Level 3: Batman #8: The Story Of Batman (Scholastic Readers)
2003978-0-439-47106-0Claire FreedmanHushabye Lily
  ''978-0-439-47109-1Lucille ColandroThere Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!
2004978-0-439-47119-0Alyse SweeneyLift-the-flap Timelines: American History
2007978-0-439-47120-6M'liss Brockman · Susan PeteeteThe MEGA-BOOK of Instant Word-Building Mats: 200 Reproducible Mats to Target & Teach Initial Consonants, Blends, Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Word Families, & More!
2005978-0-439-47122-0Kristin GellerFollow-the-Directions Draw & Write Activities: Step-by-Step Directions and Writing Prompts That Guide Children to Draw Pictures and Write Stories About Them
  ''978-0-439-47123-7Maria Fleming · Betsy FrancoPoem Of The Month Flip Chart: 12 Joyful Read-Aloud Poems With Skill-Building Lessons and Writing Springboards
2003978-0-439-47144-2Nancy FarmerA Girl Named Disaster (Orchard Classics)
2004978-0-439-47153-4Barbara LanzaScholastic Reader Level 2: Cinderella
2002978-0-439-47217-3Joy MasoffFire!
2003978-0-439-47219-7Randi Reisfeld · H. B. GilmourT'witches, Kindred Spirits, No. 07
2003978-0-439-47220-3Katherine RobertsSpellfall
2010978-0-439-47226-5Robert ColesThe Story Of Ruby Bridges: Special Anniversary Edition
2006978-0-439-47228-9Margaret Rathmann · Peggy RathmannRuby the Copycat
2003978-0-439-47252-4Crosby BonsallWho's A Pest? (A Homer Story) (An I Can Read Book)
2004978-0-439-47285-2Norman BridwellClifford's First Sleepover
2003978-0-439-47315-6Gail HermanClifford Big Red Chapter Book #1
978-0-439-47325-5John K. BollardThe Lucky Word Power Book: Finding Words & Using Them Well
2003978-0-439-47414-6Alice HoffmanAquamarine And Indigo - Water Tales
2008978-0-439-47422-1Kevin LewisThe Runaway Pumpkin
2003978-0-439-47429-0Jenny NimmoChildren of the Red King #1: Midnight for Charlie Bone
  ''978-0-439-47436-8David RubelScholastic Atlas Of The United States
  ''978-0-439-47519-8Marisa MontesGet Ready For Gabi #1
2004978-0-439-47523-5Marisa MontesGet Ready For Gabi #4
  ''978-0-439-48259-2Steven M. TomecekCoffee Can Science
2003978-0-439-48273-8Anne MazerToo Close for Comfort (The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes, Book 11)
  ''978-0-439-48280-6Anne MazerAmazing Days Of Abby Hayes, The #12 (The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes)
2004978-0-439-48281-3   ''Some Things Never Change (Abby Hayes #13)
2004978-0-439-48282-0Anne MazerAmazing Days Of Abby Hayes, The #1 (The Best is Yet to Come)
2003978-0-439-48592-0Jacqueline RogersTiptoe Into Kindergarten
  ''978-0-439-48593-7Josephine Page Et AlPhonics Fun Cool Cats Boxed Set (Scholastic Readers)
  ''978-0-439-48594-4Jane E. GerverPup & Pop Boxed Set (Scholastic Readers)
2004978-0-439-48623-1Martine MurrayThe Slightly True Story Of Cedar B. Hartley
2003978-0-439-48625-5Sonia SanderJumpstart
  ''978-0-439-48724-5Michael Anthony SteeleTonka
  ''978-0-439-48725-2Michael TeitelbaumIf I Could Drive a Car Hauler! (Tonka)
2006978-0-439-48749-8Patrick JenningsOut Standing In My Field
2002978-0-439-48803-7Staff Of The New York TimesThe New York Times: A Nation Challenged A Visual History Of 9/11
2003978-0-439-48809-9Susan DillonThe Scholastic Big Book Of Holidays Around The Year
2002978-0-439-48839-6Jenny NimmoMidnight for Charlie Bone Children of the Red King Book 1 - NEW
2000978-0-439-48840-2Jerry SpinelliStargirl
2004978-0-439-48891-4Ana JuanThe Night Eater (Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Award)
2004978-0-439-48961-4Molly BangMy Light: How Sunlight Becomes Electricity (Sunlight Series)
  ''978-0-439-49025-2David ShannonAlice the Fairy
2006978-0-439-49027-6David ShannonGood Boy, Fergus!
2008978-0-439-49029-0   ''Too Many Toys
2003978-0-439-49035-1Brian JamesTomorrow, Maybe
  ''978-0-439-49036-8Billy MerrellTalking In The Dark (Push Poetry)
2008978-0-439-49156-3Janet AngelilloMaking Revision Matter (Theory and Practice)
2005978-0-439-49157-0Kathy A. PerfectPoetry Lesson Everythng You Need: A Mentor Teacher’s Lessons and Select Poems That Help You Meet the Standards Across the Curriculum—and Teach Poetry With Confidence and Joy
2006978-0-439-49160-0Catherine M. TamblynNeighborhood & Community Write & Read Books: 15 Reproducible Nonfiction Books on Homes, Community Helpers, Transportation, and More—That Your Students Help Write!
2005978-0-439-49161-7Beverley Jones · Maureen LodgeReady-to-Use Reading Management Kit, Grade 1
2004978-0-439-49165-5Jennifer Cerra-johanssonReading Response Trifolds For 40 Favorite Novels
2010978-0-439-49209-6ScholasticScholastic Teacher's Friend Happy Thanksgiving! Bulletin Board (TF3073)
2003978-0-439-49227-0R. Reisfeld · H. B. GilmourThe Witch Hunters (T*witches #8)
  ''978-0-439-49230-0Randi Reisfeld · H. B. GilmourSplit Decision (T*Witches No. 9)
2004978-0-439-49232-4R. Reisfeld · H. B. GilmourDestiny's Twins (T*Witches No. 10)
2011978-0-439-49233-1ScholasticScholastic TF3078 Happy Easter! Bulletin Board
2010978-0-439-49283-6ScholasticScholastic Teacher's Friend Big Shapes Alphabet Bulletin Board (TF3083)
  ''978-0-439-49284-3   ''Scholastic Teacher's Friend Around The World Kids! Bulletin Board (TF3081)
2003978-0-439-49310-9Michael RexPals (level 1) (Word-By-Word First Reader)
  ''978-0-439-49311-6Michael RexScarecrow! (level 1) (Word-By-Word First Reader)
2006978-0-439-49522-6Carole Boston WeatherfordDear Mr. Rosenwald
2004978-0-439-49524-0Lauren ThompsonPolar Bear Night (New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books (Awards))
2003978-0-439-49687-2Jenny NimmoChildren of the Red King #2: Charlie Bone and the Time Twister
  ''978-0-439-49688-9   ''Charlie Bone And The Time Twister (Charlie Bone, Book 2)
2009978-0-439-49830-2Kathy Pike · Jean Mumper · Paula Krieg25 Totally Terrific Social Studies Activities: Step-by-Step Directions for Motivating Projects That Students Can Do Independently (Teaching Resources)
2004978-0-439-49831-9Eric CharlesworthSpeedy Math Practice: Multiplication
2003978-0-439-49863-0Helen LesterTacky and the Emperor
  ''978-0-439-49869-2Alyse Sweeney50 Fun-filled Spanish Draw & Write Prompts
2003978-0-439-49870-8Alyse SweeneyAll About Me Spanish Write & Read Books
2004978-0-439-49881-4Jaclyn MoriartyThe Year Of Secret Assignments
2005978-0-439-49882-1Jaclyn MoriartyThe Year of Secret Assignments (Ashbury/Brookfield Books)
  ''978-0-439-49906-4Edwidge DanticatAnacaona: Golden Flower, Haiti, 1490
2011978-0-439-49948-4Scholastic Manuscript Alphabet Chart (TF2211)
2002978-0-439-49960-6ScholasticAutumn Idea Book
2010978-0-439-49979-8   ''Colors and Shapes! Bulletin Board (poster)
2002978-0-439-49987-3   ''High Frequency Level 1 Word Wall Words
2002978-0-439-49988-0ScholasticHigh Frequency Level 2 Word Wall Words
  ''978-0-439-50025-8   ''Preschool Basic Skills: Scissor Activities and Fine Motor Skills
2003978-0-439-50026-5   ''Preschool Basic Skills: Visual Perception & Drawing Activities
2002978-0-439-50027-2   ''Preschool Basic Skills: Colors, Shapes, Reasoning, Sequencing
  ''978-0-439-50029-6   ''Kindergarten Basic Skills: Visual Perception, Classifying, Cut and Paste (Basic Skills Practice Books)
2002978-0-439-50030-2ScholasticKindergarten Basic Skills: Alphabet and Fine Motor Skills (Basic Skills Practice Books)
  ''978-0-439-50031-9   ''Kindergarten Basic Skills: Colors, Numbers, Counting (Basic Skills Practice Books)
2003978-0-439-50115-6Greg FarshteyThe Official Guide to Bionicle
  ''978-0-439-50116-3Cathy HapkaBionicle Chronicles #1: Tale of the Toa
  ''978-0-439-50117-0C. A. HapkaBeware the Bohrok (Bionicle Chronicles #2)
  ''978-0-439-50118-7Cathy Hapka · Catherine HapkaBionicle: Mask of Light (Bionicle Chronicles)
2003978-0-439-50119-4Cathy HapkaBionicle Chronicles #3: Makuta's Revenge
  ''978-0-439-50120-0Greg FarshteyBionicle Collector's Sticker Book
  ''978-0-439-50130-9Thomas TaylorThe Loudest Roar
2010978-0-439-50245-0ScholasticScholastic Teacher's Friend Word Family Words Level 2 Word Wall Words (TF2405)
2002978-0-439-50322-8Marcia Thornton Jones · Debbie DadeySanta Dog (Barkley's School For Dogs)
  ''978-0-439-50373-0ScholasticApril Monthly Idea Book
  ''978-0-439-50407-2Scholastic · Scholastic Teacher's FriendLetter of the Week!
2002978-0-439-50410-2ScholasticLittle Kids . . . Trace! (Little Kids... Books)
  ''978-0-439-50411-9   ''Little Kids . . . Count! (Teacher's Friend Publications)
2011978-0-439-50537-6Scholastic Apple Time Incentive Chart (TF2128)
  ''978-0-439-50538-3Scholastic School Time Incentive Chart (TF2129)
  ''978-0-439-50539-0Scholastic Weather Dial Chart (TF2131)
  ''978-0-439-50572-7Scholastic Welcome to Our Class Chart (TF2185)
2011978-0-439-50574-1Scholastic Ocean Adventure! Incentive Chart (TF2199)
  ''978-0-439-50576-5Scholastic Super Words Incentive Chart (TF2202)
  ''978-0-439-50577-2Scholastic Homework Incentive Chart (TF2203)
  ''978-0-439-50604-5Scholastic Counting 1-100 Math Wall Chart (TF2189)
2003978-0-439-50722-6Gordon KormanThe Discovery (Dive, Book 1)
  ''978-0-439-50723-3   ''The Deep (Dive, Book 2)
2003978-0-439-50724-0Gordon KormanThe Danger (Dive, Book 3)
2004978-0-439-50726-4Peter LerangisSpy X #2
2006978-0-439-50737-0Jonah WinterDizzy
2007978-0-439-50739-4Jonah WinterThe Secret World Of Hildegard
2003978-0-439-50752-3Kevin BrooksMartyn Pig
2002978-0-439-50836-0ScholasticWord Family Words Level 1 Word Wall Words
2011978-0-439-50875-9Scholastic Rules of Grammar Word Wall Chart (TF2494)
  ''978-0-439-50939-8ScholasticScholastic Ocean Adventure Borders with Corners (TF2905)
2010978-0-439-50998-5   ''Scholastic Teacher's Friend Number Line -20 to 100 Bulletin Board (TF3067)
2003978-0-439-51011-0Tanuja Desai HidierBorn Confused
  ''978-0-439-51182-7Scholastic Inc. · Linda Beech · Inc ScholasticSight Word Readers Teaching Guide: Strategies, Activities, Reproducilbe Mini-Books & Flashcards to Teach the First 50 Sight Words (Sight Word Library)
  ''978-0-439-51183-4Terry CooperSight Word Readers: Everything You Need to Teach the First 50 Sight Words (125 Books & Teaching Guide)
2010978-0-439-51219-0National Geographic LearningLibrary Book: The Quiltmaker's Journey
978-0-439-51259-6How Do Dinosaurs... Set
2002978-0-439-51320-3Beth DunfeyScooby-doo Storybook Collection (Scooby-doo Bind-up)
2004978-0-439-51368-5Laura RobbNonfiction Writing From the Inside Out - Writing Lessons Inspired by Conversations with Leading Authors
2006978-0-439-51371-5Shoshana WolfeYour Best Year Yet! A Guide to Purposeful Planning & Effective Classroom Organization (Teaching Strategies)
2003978-0-439-51372-2Karen BaickerTeaching With State Quarters
2005978-0-439-51374-6Harold JarnickiNo Boring Practice, Please! Punctuation & Capitalization: Reproducible Practice Pages PLUS Easy-to-Score Quizzes That Reinforce the Correct Use of ... Apostrophes, and More (Teaching Resources)