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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-4071-5999-7Marie M. ClayLiteracy Lessons: Designed for Individuals: Part One - Why? When? and How? (Marie Clay)
  ''978-1-4071-6001-6Marie M. ClayLiteracy Lesson Plan Sheets (Marie Clay)
  ''978-1-4071-6002-3   ''Record of Oral Language (Marie Clay)
  ''978-1-4071-6003-0   ''The Puzzling Code (Marie Clay)
  ''978-1-4071-6004-7   ''What Changes in Writing Can I See (Marie Clay)
2015978-1-4071-6005-4Marie M. ClayHow Very Young Children Explore Writing (Marie Clay)
  ''978-1-4071-6006-1   ''Reading Begins at Home (Marie Clay)
2015978-1-4071-6007-8Marie M. ClayBecoming Literate: The Construction of Inner Control (Marie Clay)
  ''978-1-4071-6009-2   ''Change Over Time in Children's Literacy Development (Marie Clay)
  ''978-1-4071-6010-8   ''Biks and Gutches: Learning to Inflect English (Marie Clay)
2017978-1-4071-6069-6Sarah Ellen Burt · Debbie RidgardVarjak Paw (Read & Respond)
2015978-1-4071-6135-8Heather DakotaJurassic Survival Guide
  ''978-1-4071-6136-5Kjartan PoskittThe Most Epic Book of Maths EVER (Murderous Maths)
  ''978-1-4071-6151-8Julia DonaldsonStick Man Sticker Activity Book
2016978-1-4071-6184-6Sam HearnBaker Street Academy: Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Diamond (Baker Street Academy 1)
2015978-1-4071-6215-7Julia DonaldsonStick Man Cased
2016978-1-4071-6243-0VariousFavourite Poems: 101 Children's Classics
2015978-1-4071-6277-5no authorStar Wars Workbooks: ABC Fun (Ages 4-5)
2015978-1-4071-6278-2no authorStar Wars Workbooks: Alphabet and Phonics Ages 5-6
  ''978-1-4071-6279-9ScholasticStar Wars Workbooks: Maths Skills (Ages 6-7)
  ''978-1-4071-6280-5no authorStar Wars Workbooks: Maths Skills Ages 5-6
  ''978-1-4071-6281-2   ''Star Wars Workbooks: Number Fun (Ages 4-5)
  ''978-1-4071-6282-9   ''Star Wars Workbooks: Writing Skills Ages 7-8
2015978-1-4071-6283-6ScholasticFrozen - Reading Practice (Year 2, Ages 6-7) (Disney Learning)
2015978-1-4071-6284-3ScholasticFrozen - English Vocabulary (Year 2, Ages 6-7) (Disney Learning)
  ''978-1-4071-6285-0   ''Frozen - English Grammar (Year 2, Ages 6-7) (Disney Learning)
  ''978-1-4071-6286-7   ''Frozen - Adding & Subtracting (Year 2, Ages 6-7) (Disney Learning)
2016978-1-4071-6294-2   ''Star Wars Workbooks: Maths Skills - Ages 7-8
2015978-1-4071-6306-2   ''Sofia the First - Adding, Ages 5-6 (Disney Learning)
2015978-1-4071-6307-9ScholasticSofia the First - Words to Read and Understand, Ages 5-6 (Disney Learning)
  ''978-1-4071-6308-6no authorSofia the First - Reading and Comprehension, Ages 5-6 (Disney Learning)
  ''978-1-4071-6309-3   ''Sofia the First - Subtracting, Ages 5-6 (Disney Learning)
  ''978-1-4071-6341-3   ''LEGO DC Superheroes: Space Justice!
2016978-1-4071-6352-9Trey KingLEGO CITY: Follow That Easter Egg!
  ''978-1-4071-6382-6Terry Deary · Martin BrownAwful Egyptians (Horrible Histories)
2016978-1-4071-6388-8Terry Deary · Martin BrownFrightful First World War (Horrible Histories)
  ''978-1-4071-6391-8   ''Woeful Second World War (Horrible Histories)
2015978-1-4071-6403-8Dav PilkeyThe Captain Underpants Annual 2016
2016978-1-4071-6461-8Julia DonaldsonThe Scarecrows' Wedding (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-4071-6471-7Louis SheaWhere's the Easter Bunny?
2017978-1-4071-6479-3Maggie StiefvaterAll the Crooked Saints
2016978-1-4071-6493-9Julia DonaldsonZog Gift Edition Board Book
  ''978-1-4071-6536-3Sue WallmanLying About Last Summer
  ''978-1-4071-6544-8Christian JessenDr Christian's Guide to You
2016978-1-4071-6573-8Terry DearyTop 50 Villains (Horrible Histories)
  ''978-1-4071-6631-5Helen StephensHow to Hide a Lion at School (How to Hide a Lion 3)
2017978-1-4071-6914-9Jon Seal · Richard Durant · Annabel Wall · Cindy TornEnglish Language and Literature Revision Guide for AQA (GCSE Grades 9-1)
2016978-1-4071-7028-2Laura WoodPoppy Pym and the Double Jinx
  ''978-1-4071-7070-1Julia DonaldsonTabby Mctat
  ''978-1-4071-7071-8   ''Stick Man
2016978-1-4071-7072-5Julia DonaldsonSuperworm
  ''978-1-4071-7073-2   ''The Highway Rat
  ''978-1-4071-7075-6   ''Tiddler
2017978-1-4071-7099-2Lisa ThompsonThe Goldfish Boy
2016978-1-4071-7102-9R.L. StineSay Cheese And Die! (Goosebumps)
  ''978-1-4071-7117-3ScholasticFrozen: Phonics Flashcards (Disney Learning)
2017978-1-4071-7674-1Kayan ParkerGCSE Biology AQA Revision Guide and Exam Practice Book. Achieve the Highest Grades for the 9-1 Course including free revision app (Scholastic GCSE Grades 9-1 Revision and Practice)
  ''978-1-4071-7677-2Alessio Bernardelli · Sam JordanGCSE Physics AQA Revision & Practice Book for the Grade 9-1 Course with free revision app (Scholastic GCSE Physics 9-1 Revision & Exam Practice) (GCSE Grades 9-1)
2018978-1-4071-7876-9Christian JessenDr Christian's Guide to Growing Up Online (Hashtag: Awkward)
2018978-1-4071-7986-5Liz PichonTom Gates 15: What Monster?
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2017978-1-4071-8115-8Moira YoungRaging Star (Dustlands)
  ''978-1-4071-8214-8Laura WoodPoppy Pym and the Smuggler's Secret
2019978-1-4071-8323-7Jillian PowellPoppy Field (Read & Respond)
2020978-1-4071-8324-4Jillian PowellSecret Garden (Read & Respond)
2019978-1-4071-8344-2Marie M. ClayAn Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement (4th Edition) (Marie Clay)
  ''978-1-4071-8624-5Toby IbbotsonThe Unexpected Find
  ''978-1-4071-8672-6Liz PichonTom Gates: Spectacular School Trip (Really.)
2018978-1-4071-9128-7Suzanne CollinsHunger Games Special Sales set
2019978-1-4071-9215-4P M FreestoneShadowscent: The Darkest Bloom
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2020978-1-4071-9319-9Joanna NadinAlan Turing: A Life Story
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2018978-1-4071-9454-7Meredith RusuKeeping It Awesomer with Emmet (The LEGO Movie 2)
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2020978-1-4071-9888-0Matt CosgroveAlpacas with Maracas (PB)