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1991978-0-406-99663-3Richard ThomasCompany Law in Europe
1999978-0-406-99688-6Professor L. S. Sealy · R. J. A. HooleyText and Materials in Commercial Law
1996978-0-406-99718-0G.H.L. FridmanLaw of Agency
  ''978-0-406-99730-2Amanda SullivanButterworths Schedule E Compliance Manual
  ''978-0-406-99731-9David Hay · John B. SaundersWords and Phrases Legally Defined: 1996 Supplement to 3r.e
  ''978-0-406-99732-6Butterworths Customs Duties Handbook
1997978-0-406-99734-0Frederick MostertFamous and Well-known Marks
  ''978-0-406-99736-4Oliver StanleyTaxation of Farmers and Landowners
1996978-0-406-99743-2James PatersonPaterson's Licensing Acts 1997
1997978-0-406-99756-2Brenda Hannigan · Christopher L. RyanCompany Law (Butterworth Student Statutes S.)
2001978-0-406-99757-9Alison FirthIntroduction to Intellectual Property Law
1996978-0-406-99795-1Michael J. M QuinlanSergeant and Sims on stamp duties and stamp duty reserve tax. First supplement to the eleventh edition
978-0-406-99799-9Lord MillettThe Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents - Fifth Edition, 2001 Reissue, 14(1) - Employment
1998978-0-406-99800-2Stephen JonesCriminology
1996978-0-406-99810-1R. Brent · E. A. Mcquater · M. B. G. Sheridan · J. C. T. Chuah · Antony Hainsworth · Richard Hanke · Sarah Garvey · Stephen MakinEncyclopaedia of Banking Law
1990978-0-406-99811-8Phillip Capper · Humphrey Lloyd · J.A. Anderson · Stephen Bickford-Smith · Norman PalmerEmden's Construction Law Superseded Contracts Set
1991978-0-406-99812-5Malcolm GunnFoster's Inheritance Tax
1996978-0-406-99816-3John Furber · Joanne R. Moss · James Ayliffe · Michael Barnes · Wayne Clark · Edward Cole · Viscount Dilhorne · David di MambroHill and Redman's Law of Landlord and Tenant
1996978-0-406-99821-7Cathya DjanoglyVAT and Property
  ''978-0-406-99822-4Giles ClarkeOffshore Service
1991978-0-406-99827-9Guy R. G. Roots · Richard Glover · Richard Fisher · Jeremy Pike · Jenny WigleyRyde on Rating and the Council Tax
2006978-0-406-99829-3Denis Keenan · etc.Accountants' Legal Service
2005978-0-406-99831-6Robert C. Lawrence IIIInternational Personal Tax Planning Encyclopaedia
1991978-0-406-99832-3Anna Medvinkaia · Robin Kingham · Julian Gun CuninghameMiller: Product Liability and Safety Encyclopaedia
1996978-0-406-99833-0Richard Wallington · Susannah L. Meadway · Eason Rajah · Robert Arnfield · Naomi Winston · Aparna Nathan · Anthony R. Mellows · Chris WhitehouseMellows: Taxation for Executors and Trustees
1991978-0-406-99834-7Director Of Information Advisory Editor: Colin D StewardNapf Pensions Legislation Service
1985978-0-406-99835-4John PilkingtonOke's Magisterial Formulist
1991978-0-406-99836-1Professor David McClean CBEShawcross and Beaumont: Air Law
  ''978-0-406-99838-5Bill Birmingham · Belinda Benney · Colin D. Steward · Alec UreButterworths Pensions Legislation Service: (Pay-As-You-Go Subscription)
1997978-0-406-99839-2Kerry LynchButterworths Investigations Service
1991978-0-406-99840-8Satwaki Chanda · Anthony SumptionSumption: Capital Gains Tax
1994978-0-406-99842-2James S. Read · Peter E. SlinnLaw Reports of the Commonwealth (Set)
1996978-0-406-99843-9Glynis MorrisFinancial Reporting and Accounting Service
  ''978-0-406-99844-6Aaron TurpinSimon's Tax Cases 1973 to date
1992978-0-406-99845-3Steven Anderman · Alan C. Neal · Anders VictorinLaw and the Weaker Party
1997978-0-406-99846-0Butterworths European Information ServicesButterworths EC Brief
1994978-0-406-99847-7English Reports 1220 - 1865
1997978-0-406-99848-4Weekly Law Reports Reprint
1996978-0-406-99852-1David Vaughan CBEVaughan: Law of the European Communities Service
2012978-0-406-99857-6D. D. PrenticeButterworths Company Law Cases
1995978-0-406-99858-3D. D. PrenticeButterworths Company Law Cases Back Volume Set 1983-date
1994978-0-406-99861-3M. P. FurmstonConstruction Law Reports Set
1993978-0-406-99863-7Sarah Laing · Sarah Deeks · David BertramBusiness Tax Service
1996978-0-406-99864-4The Law Reports Complete Set 1865-Present
  ''978-0-406-99868-2Law Reports of the Bahamas (Law Report of the Bahamas)
1996978-0-406-99869-9Michael Cook · Geoffrey Williams · Christopher Green · Spike Charlwood · William Flenley · Allan Gore · J. Anthony Holland · Plymouth BowdenCordery on Legal Services
1988978-0-406-99871-2Reports of Tax Cases 1875 - Date
1991978-0-406-99872-9Reports of Patent Cases 1884 - 1996
1994978-0-406-99873-6Chief Justice Of Guyana · Chief Justice Of Jamaica · Chancellor Of Guyana · President of the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas · President Of The Court Of Appeal Of Jamaica · Chief Justice And President Of The Court Of Appeal Of Trinidad And TobagoWest Indian Reports 1958-date
1996978-0-406-99878-1All England Law Reports
1995978-0-406-99879-8David Williams · David TuchWilliams: Taxation of Employee Share Schemes
1996978-0-406-99881-1David Brownlee · Juliana Cartwright · David I. Nichols · Kirsty Malcolm · Keith Puttick · Robert Hayhow · Margaret Hodge · John SpeirButterworths Scottish Family Law Service
  ''978-0-406-99885-9Amanda Sullivan · Sarah LaingEmployment Tax Planning: Pay-in-advance Subscription
  ''978-0-406-99886-6Hassan KhanDe Voil Indirect Tax Intelligence
1991978-0-406-99887-3T.G. Reeday · P.E. SmartLegal Decisions Affecting Bankers: 1879-1990 v. 1-11
1987978-0-406-99888-0Vat Tribunal Reports 1973-1987
1996978-0-406-99891-0Butterworths Rules of Court: Civil Court Practice
  ''978-0-406-99892-7M. McKenzieButterworths Rules of Court: Criminal Court Practice
  ''978-0-406-99893-4A.K. BiggsButterworths Rules of Court: Family Court Practice
1996978-0-406-99894-1James DriscollGuide to the Housing Act, 1996 (Butterworths annotated legislation service)
  ''978-0-406-99895-8David WolfeThe Law of Education
  ''978-0-406-99896-5Ian TurnerO'Keefe: The Law of Weights and Measures
1997978-0-406-99898-9David StrangButterworths Merger Control Review
1996978-0-406-99900-9Maryly La Follette Robert PurdieA Guide to the Family Law Act 1996 Special Bulletin (Butterworths Family Law Service)
  ''978-0-406-99901-6Maryly La FolletteRayden and Jackson's law and practice in divorce and family matters
1997978-0-406-99903-0Ian A. MacDonald · Nicholas J. BlakeMacdonald's Immigration Law and Practice - Supplement
  ''978-0-406-99913-9Garth LindrupButterworths Public Procurement and CCT Handbook
1996978-0-406-99917-7A. G. M. Duncan · George Lidderdale Gretton · William M. Gordon · Alan J. Gamble · Kenneth G. C. ReidReid: The Law of Property in Scotland
1997978-0-406-99920-7Iain Goldrein · Margaret R. De HaasMedical Negligence: Cost-Effective Case Management
1998978-0-406-99930-6Hill: Ecclesiastical Law: Supplement
1999978-0-406-99931-3John Hendy · Martyn Day · Andrew Buchan · Jennifer KennedyPersonal Injury Practice
1997978-0-406-99932-0George WhillansTax Tables
1997978-0-406-99933-7George WhillansTax Tables: Revised Version
  ''978-0-406-99934-4Claude H. DenbowIncome Tax Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean
1998978-0-406-99938-2Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents
1996978-0-406-99940-5Chris WhitehouseTrusts of land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996: A practical guide
1997978-0-406-99944-3Butterworths Finance Bill Handbook 1997 (Delete (Butterworth Handbooks))
  ''978-0-406-99945-0Lord Hailsham of St. MaryleboneHalsbury's Laws of England 4th Edition Volume 49(2)
2005978-0-406-99949-8Dennis CampbellInternational Tax and Investment Service
1995978-0-406-99961-0Butterworths European Information ServicesButterworths EC Legislation Implementator
1999978-0-406-99975-7W.R. Fisher · Paul Morgan · Katherine Astill · Janet Bignell · Martin Dray · Edward Peters · Anthony Tanney · Wayne ClarkLaw of Mortgage
1997978-0-406-99990-0Redgrave · Fife · MachinRedgrave, Fife & Machin: Health and Safety: 1997 Supplement
  ''978-0-406-99991-7F.W. NeateBank Confidentiality
1971978-0-406-99999-329th International Congress on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Sydney, Australia, February 1970