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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-0-373-00000-5Barbara BoswellFortune's Children - Book 16: a Fortune's Children Wedding (Desire)
1979978-0-373-00001-2HarlequinHarlequin Anniversary 1949-79
1975978-0-373-00004-3The Heart Cannot FOrget; Ward of Lucifer; A Home For Joy (Omnibus 4)
1977978-0-373-00014-2Violet WinspearBride's Dilemma, Tender is the Tyrant, Dangerouus Delight
1949978-0-373-00020-3Flame Vine (The Loves of a Dancing Girl) (Vintage Harlequin, #20)
2014978-0-373-00022-7Once a Cowboy
2008978-0-373-00024-1Cathy Gillen ThackerA Baby in the Bunkhouse
2009978-0-373-00026-5stella bagwellcowboy to the rescue
1950978-0-373-00027-2Kiss Your Elbow (Vintage Harlequin, #27)
  ''978-0-373-00034-0Mobtown Clipper
1974978-0-373-00047-0When the Clouds Part (Harlequin Presents, 47)
1978978-0-373-00074-6Anne MatherLeopard in the Snow
1951978-0-373-00135-4Lay Her Among the Lilies (Vintage Harlequin, #135)
978-0-373-00138-5Satan Took a Bride
978-0-373-00146-0Violet WinspearThe child of Judas
1977978-0-373-00200-9Show Me
2012978-0-373-00204-7Delphine DrydenThe Theory of Attraction
  ''978-0-373-00205-4Fiona LoweBoomerang Bride
2013978-0-373-00206-1Christi BarthPlanning for Love (Aisle Bound)
  ''978-0-373-00207-8Alison KentHoliday Kisses
  ''978-0-373-00208-5Lauren DaneGoddess with a Blade
2013978-0-373-00209-2Sheryl NantusBlood of the Pride
  ''978-0-373-00210-8Kaylea CrossDarkest Caress
  ''978-0-373-00212-2Fiona LoweBoomerang Bride
978-0-373-00213-9Fatal Deception
2013978-0-373-00214-6Marie ForceFatal Mistake (The Fatal Series)
  ''978-0-373-00215-3Sheryl NantusClaws Bared (Blood of the Pride)
  ''978-0-373-00216-0Cáit DonnellyNow You See It
2013978-0-373-00219-1Natalie J. DamschroderFight or Flight
2014978-0-373-00221-4Marie ForceFatal Affair
  ''978-0-373-00222-1   ''Fatal Justice
  ''978-0-373-00223-8   ''Fatal Consequences: Fatal Destiny
2013978-0-373-00224-5Fiona LoweSaved by the Bride (Wedding Fever (Carina))
  ''978-0-373-00225-2Shannon StaceyLove a Little Sideways (The Kowalskis)
  ''978-0-373-00226-9Cynthia JustlinEdge of Light
2014978-0-373-00228-3Shannon StaceyTaken with You (Kowalskis)
2014978-0-373-00229-0Shannon StaceyFalling for Max (Kowalskis)
2013978-0-373-00230-6Cathy PerkinsThe Professor
  ''978-0-373-00232-0Sheryl NantusBattle Scars (Blood of the Pride)
2014978-0-373-00233-7Marie ForceFatal Jeopardy
  ''978-0-373-00236-8Kaylea CrossDeadly Descent (Bagram Special Ops Series)
  ''978-0-373-00238-2W. SolimanRisky Business (The Hunter Files)
  ''978-0-373-00239-9Natalie J. DamschroderAcceptable Risks
2014978-0-373-00244-3Anne Marie BeckerDeadly Bonds (The Mindhunters)
  ''978-0-373-00245-0Marie ForceFatal Flaw
  ''978-0-373-00246-7   ''Fatal Deception
  ''978-0-373-00250-4Jody WallaceWitch Interrupted
  ''978-0-373-00251-1Kathleen CollinsDeath's Daughter
2014978-0-373-00253-5Anne Marie BeckerDark Deeds
  ''978-0-373-00254-2Anna RichlandFirst To Burn
  ''978-0-373-00255-9A.J. LarrieuTwisted Miracles (The Shadowminds)
  ''978-0-373-00256-6Eleri StoneReaper's Touch
2015978-0-373-00257-3Marie ForceFatal Affair: Book One of the Fatal Series: One Night with You
  ''978-0-373-00258-0   ''Fatal Justice: Book Two of the Fatal Series: Cappuano and Holland Unplugged
2015978-0-373-00259-7Marie ForceFatal Consequences: Book Three of the Fatal Series: Fatal Destiny
  ''978-0-373-00266-5Tamara MorganIf I Stay (Montgomery Manor)
978-0-373-00268-9Dead End (A Dylan Scott Mystery)
2015978-0-373-00269-6Marie ForceFatal Flaw: Book Four of the Fatal Series: Fatal Flaw Epilogue
2015978-0-373-00270-2Marie ForceFatal Deception: After the Final Epilogue
  ''978-0-373-00271-9   ''Fatal Mistake: Fatal Mistake: Book Six of the Fatal Series\After the Final Epilogue
  ''978-0-373-00272-6   ''Fatal Jeopardy
  ''978-0-373-00273-3   ''Fatal Scandal: Book Eight of the Fatal Series
  ''978-0-373-00276-4Shirley WellsDead Simple (A Dylan Scott Mystery)
2015978-0-373-00277-1Lynda AicherBonds of Trust & Bonds of Need (Wicked Play)
  ''978-0-373-00278-8Shannon StaceyHeat Exchange (Boston Fire)
  ''978-0-373-00279-5W. SolimanLethal Business (The Hunter Files)
978-0-373-00286-3Blade on the Hunt (Goddess with a Blade)
2015978-0-373-00287-0Anna RichlandThe Second Lie (Immortal Vikings)
978-0-373-00288-7The Valdez Marriage
2015978-0-373-00290-0Shannon StaceyControlled Burn (Boston Fire)
2016978-0-373-00297-9   ''Fully Ignited (Boston Fire)
  ''978-0-373-00298-6Marie ForceFatal Frenzy
2015978-0-373-00300-6Kaylea CrossLethal Pursuit
978-0-373-00324-2Midnight Fire (Men of Midnight)
1980978-0-373-00332-7Janet DaileyA Cowboy's Redemption
1955978-0-373-00336-5The Good and the Bad (Vintage Harlequin, #336)
2016978-0-373-00392-1Lauren DaneSworn to the Wolf (Cherchez Wolf Pack)
1980978-0-373-00409-6Hospital Corridors
2016978-0-373-00412-6Caitlyn McFarlandTruth of Embers (Dragonsworn)
  ''978-0-373-00416-4Marie ForceFatal Justice: An Anthology
1976978-0-373-00419-5In and Out of Love
2016978-0-373-00421-8Marie ForceFatal Mistake: After the Final Epilogue
2016978-0-373-00422-5Marie ForceFatal Jeopardy
1977978-0-373-00427-0Nurse Brookes, Originally Published As "Sister Brookes of Byng's" (Harlequin Romance, 427)
1980978-0-373-00430-0Alex StuartShip's Nurse
1979978-0-373-00431-7The Silent Valley
978-0-373-00433-1Because of Dr. Danville
1976978-0-373-00434-8Jean S. MacleodDear Doctor Everett
978-0-373-00436-2Garrison Hospital
1976978-0-373-00438-6Alex StuartThat Wonderful Feeling
1958978-0-373-00444-7Edgar WallaceDouble Dan (Vintage Harlequin, 444)
1976978-0-373-00449-2COME BACK MY DREAM
1980978-0-373-00451-5Jean S. MacleodAIR AMBULANCE Edition: reprint
  ''978-0-373-00454-6Jane ArborSuch Frail Armour
  ''978-0-373-00458-4Elizabeth GilzeanNext Patient, Doctor Anne (Harlequin Romance, 458)
1959978-0-373-00461-4Mary BurchellFor Ever and Ever (Harlequin Romance, No. 461)
1976978-0-373-00462-1Elizabeth GilzeanLove From a Surgeon
2016978-0-373-00463-8Kate WilloughbyUnder the Spotlight
1980978-0-373-00464-5The Captain's Table (Harlequin Romance #464)
2016978-0-373-00467-6Jade ChandlerEnough
978-0-373-00469-0Maggy (Harlequin Season's Greetings #469)
2017978-0-373-00472-0Laura NavarreMidsummer Magick (The Magick Trilogy)
978-0-373-00474-4Towards the Dawn
978-0-373-00476-8Nurse Jess
2016978-0-373-00477-5Julie RoweViral Justice (Biological Response Team)
1980978-0-373-00478-2Dear Trustee
2017978-0-373-00481-2Sandy JamesThe Brazen Amazon (Alliance of the Amazons)
978-0-373-00483-6My Heart has Wings
1980978-0-373-00485-0Island Hospital
1977978-0-373-00486-7Nurse Caril's New Post
1959978-0-373-00487-4The Happy Enterprise
1980978-0-373-00489-8Flower of the Nettle
1976978-0-373-00490-4Nurse Maclean Goes West
  ''978-0-373-00492-8Follow a Dream
1959978-0-373-00494-2My Love is My Reason (Love is my reason)
978-0-373-00497-3You Took My Heart
1976978-0-373-00498-0Jane ArborThe Eternal Circle
978-0-373-00499-7People Like Us (Harlequin Romance, #499)
1976978-0-373-00500-0Marjorie MooreUnsteady Flame (Harlequin's Collection, # 7)
1977978-0-373-00503-1Elizabeth GilzeanNurse in Charge #503 Harlequin Romance Series
1976978-0-373-00505-5Marguerite LeesMeet Doctor Kettering
1980978-0-373-00507-9Elizabeth HoyIt's Wise to Forget (Harlequin Romance, No. 507)
1960978-0-373-00508-6Senior Surgeon
1976978-0-373-00509-3Marjorie MooreA Year to Remember
978-0-373-00512-3Australian Hospital
1976978-0-373-00513-0FAR SANCTUARY
1959978-0-373-00514-7The Quiet One (Harlequin #514)
1974978-0-373-00515-4Marguerite LeesA Case For Nurse Clare
1980978-0-373-00516-1Jean S MacleodPrisoner Of Love
1976978-0-373-00517-8Jean S. MacLeodJourney in the Sun (Harlequin's Collection #10)
  ''978-0-373-00518-5Juliet SHOREHospital in Paradise, Harlequin Collection 59
1981978-0-373-00528-4Mary BurchellWife By Arrangment
1965978-0-373-00529-1Hilda PressleyTheater Nurse
1976978-0-373-00530-7Anne VintonDoctor Down Under
1976978-0-373-00534-5Anne VintonHer Treacherous Heart (A Harlequin Romance)
  ''978-0-373-00535-2Juliet ShoreUnder the Red Cross
1977978-0-373-00538-3Strange Request (Harlequin Romance Ser., No. 538)
1980978-0-373-00539-0Anne LorraineHospital on Wheels
1976978-0-373-00545-1The Man in Authority (Harlequin Romance) #545 (A Harlequin Romance, #545)
1980978-0-373-00547-5Jean S. MacleodThe Gated Road #547
1977978-0-373-00557-4The Time Is Short (Harlequin's Collection #32)
1980978-0-373-00559-8Anne VintonThe Time of Enchantment (Harlequin Romance, #559)
1981978-0-373-00562-8Lucy Agnes HancockChristmas Gift
1974978-0-373-00564-2elizabeth houghtonLove for the Matron
1977978-0-373-00566-6Vivian StuartThe Unlit Heart
1974978-0-373-00567-3Spring Comes To Harley Street (Harlequin Romance #567)
1977978-0-373-00568-0Juliet ShoreNurse At Sea
  ''978-0-373-00570-3Hilda PressleyNight Nurse (Harlequin Romance, 570)
1976978-0-373-00574-1Vivian StuartAlong Came Ann
978-0-373-00577-2White Hunter (Harlequin Romance, No 577)
1980978-0-373-00584-0The Healing Touch (Harlequin Romance, 584)
1961978-0-373-00585-7Nurse to the Cruise
978-0-373-00593-2Lucifer's Angel
978-0-373-00597-0This Much to Give (Harlequin Romance, #597)
1976978-0-373-00598-7ONLY A MEMORY
1974978-0-373-00599-4Run Away From Home
1976978-0-373-00601-4Love Without Ending
978-0-373-00604-5Flight to the Stars
1977978-0-373-00606-9Jean S. MacleodSilent Bondage
  ''978-0-373-00607-6Joyce DingwellThe Coral Reef
1976978-0-373-00608-3Anne LorraineWhite Coated Girl
  ''978-0-373-00609-0Marjorie MooreCopper Beeches
1981978-0-373-00617-5And be Thy Love
1976978-0-373-00618-2Doctor Di At the Crossroads
1976978-0-373-00619-9Staff Nurse on Gynae
  ''978-0-373-00623-6anne lorraineThursday Clinic Harlequin Collection 87
1982978-0-373-00627-4Mary BurchellWith All My Worldy Goods
1980978-0-373-00628-1The House Of The Laird
  ''978-0-373-00629-8Denise RobinsTo Love Again (Harlequin Romance, 629)
1976978-0-373-00632-8Love in the Sunlight (Harlquin`s Collection, 65)
1962978-0-373-00636-6Caroline TrenchThe Home at Hawk's Nest
1976978-0-373-00642-7Kate NorwayThe White Jacket - Harlequin's Collection 90
1980978-0-373-00643-4A Life To Share
1974978-0-373-00647-2Juliet ShoreJungle Hospital
1976978-0-373-00648-9Joan BlairGray's Hospital
1976978-0-373-00665-6A Problem for Dr. Brett
1977978-0-373-00666-3Harlequin Romance; Love, the Surgeon # 666
1976978-0-373-00667-0Kathryn BlairThe White Oleander
1980978-0-373-00670-0Operation Love (Harlequin Romance #670)
1976978-0-373-00671-7Margaret BaumannHeart Deep
1979978-0-373-00675-5Celine ConwayWide Pastures
1980978-0-373-00684-7Alex StuartDoctor on Horseback
1977978-0-373-00686-1Mary BurchellStolen Heart
  ''978-0-373-00696-0Staff Nurses in Love
1974978-0-373-00697-7Bethea CreeseGlorious Haven
1976978-0-373-00702-8Hilda NicksonSomething Personal
  ''978-0-373-00707-3Juliet ShoreUnder False Pretences (Harlequin Romance, No. 707)
1976978-0-373-00708-0Calling Nurse Grant; Harlequin Collection 67
1973978-0-373-00711-0Jean S. MacLeodMy Heart's in the Highlands
1980978-0-373-00713-4Harvest of the Heart
1976978-0-373-00714-1Valerie NelsonConduct Unbecoming (Orig. Publ. as Young Nurse Payne)