Mary Burchell

titleISBN-13year of publication
And Falsely Pledge My Love978-0-373-00895-71981
Cinderella After Midnight978-0-373-01075-21980
Concerto pour un coeur978-2-280-01293-51984
Dare I Be Happy978-0-7927-0403-41991
Elusive Harmony978-0-19-424163-21978
Except My Love978-0-373-01704-11973
For Ever and Ever978-0-373-00461-41959
It's Rumoured in the Village978-0-373-01655-6
JUST A NICE GIRL978-0-373-01919-91975
Music of the Heart 1587978-0-373-01587-01972
MY SISTER CELIA978-0-373-01474-3
One Man's Heart978-0-373-01632-71972
Pour une seule voix978-2-280-01505-91987
Stolen Heart978-0-373-00686-11977
Sweet Adventure978-0-373-01187-21982
Tell Me My Fortune978-0-373-01890-11975
The Brave in Heart978-0-373-01871-01975
The Broken Wing978-0-373-01100-11979
The Curtain Rises978-0-373-01405-71979
The Marshall Family978-0-373-01214-51982
The Other Linding Girl978-0-373-01431-61970
The Strange Quest of Anne Weston978-0-373-00915-21980
To Journey Together978-0-373-01382-11977
Une Maison perdue sur la lande978-2-280-00159-51984
When Love is Blind978-0-373-01244-21978
When Love's Beginning978-0-373-01354-81969
Wife By Arrangment978-0-373-00528-41981
With All My Worldy Goods978-0-373-00627-41982
Yours To Command978-0-373-00871-11964

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