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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-330-01188-4John SteinbeckThe Moon is Down
1972978-0-330-01660-5Poul AndersonGuardians of Time
1968978-0-330-01697-1H. G. WellsThe Time Machine
1973978-0-330-02042-8Clifford D. SimakAll Flesh is Grass (Pan science fiction)
1968978-0-330-02048-0Kyle Onstott · Lance HornerChild of the Sun
  ''978-0-330-02054-1Robin BurgessPan Crossword Book: No. 4
1975978-0-330-02065-7Pearl S. BuckEast Wind, West Wind
1961978-0-330-02069-5Mazo RocheCentenary at Jalna (Whiteoaks of Jalna saga/Mazo De la Roche)
  ''978-0-330-02070-1Nevil ShuteA Town Like Alice
1992978-0-330-02088-6Emlyn WilliamsBeyond Belief: The Moors Murderers: The Story of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley
1968978-0-330-02093-0Maurice DruonStrangled Queen
  ''978-0-330-02096-1Ralph BarkerGreat Mysteries Of The Air
  ''978-0-330-02107-4E.R BraithwaiteChoice of straws
1968978-0-330-02110-4Dennis Feltham JonesColossus (Science fiction)
2008978-0-330-02111-1Dick FrancisFlying Finish
1969978-0-330-02113-5Walter MackenScorching Wind
1968978-0-330-02131-9Jurgen ThorwaldDead men tell tales (Century of the detective,2nd vol)
1998978-0-330-02135-7Wilbur SmithThe Sound of Thunder
1968978-0-330-02162-3John PrebbleHigh Girders: Tay Bridge Disaster, 1879
1958978-0-330-02168-5Mazo RocheVariable Winds at Jalna (Whiteoaks of Jalna saga/Mazo De la Roche)
1968978-0-330-02170-8C. S. LewisThat Hideous Strength
  ''978-0-330-02172-2C. S. LewisOut of the Silent Planet
  ''978-0-330-02180-7S. W. C. PackThe Battle of Matapan
  ''978-0-330-02181-4W.Baring PembertonBattles of the Crimean War (British Battles)
1969978-0-330-02213-2Robert K. MassieNicholas and Alexandra
  ''978-0-330-02219-4Edward Henry CookridgeSet Europe Ablaze
1969978-0-330-02236-1Kingsley Amis · Robert ConquestSpectrum V: A Fifth Science Fiction Anthology
  ''978-0-330-02249-1Sergeanne Golon · Marguerite BarnettCountess Angelique: Part 1: In the Land of the Redskins
  ''978-0-330-02250-7Sergeanne Golon · Marguerite BarnettCountess Angelique: Part 2: Prisoner of the Mountains
  ''978-0-330-02286-6Peter O'DonnellI, Lucifer
  ''978-0-330-02291-0Nevil ShuteIn the Wet
1972978-0-330-02296-5John CreaseyCase of the Innocent Victims
1970978-0-330-02304-7Robert MarkhamColonel Sun: A James Bond Adventure
1970978-0-330-02305-4Arthur HaileyAirport
  ''978-0-330-02306-1John Le CarreA Small Town in Germany
1969978-0-330-02310-8Peter ShafferRoyal Hunt of the Sun
1964978-0-330-02312-2Arthur C. ClarkeA Fall of Moondust
1969978-0-330-02346-7Dick FrancisBlood Sport
  ''978-0-330-02357-3Leonard MosleyBattle of Britain: The Making of a Film
  ''978-0-330-02361-0Georgette HeyerDevil's Cub
  ''978-0-330-02370-2John BurkeMoon Zero Two
1972978-0-330-02385-6John CreaseyScene of the Crime
1969978-0-330-02392-4Keith RobertsThe Furies (Pan science fiction)
1969978-0-330-02399-3Jane AustenEmma (Bestsellers of Literature)
  ''978-0-330-02411-2Richard Townshend BickersGinger Lacey: Fighter Pilot (Battle of Britain series)
1998978-0-330-02440-2Wilbur SmithShout At The Devil
1970978-0-330-02447-1John D. MacDonaldDeadly Shade of Gold
  ''978-0-330-02448-8John D. MacDonaldBright Orange for the Shroud
1969978-0-330-02453-2Bernadette DevlinPrice of My Soul
1970978-0-330-02456-3Maurice DruonThe Poisoned Crown
  ''978-0-330-02458-7Theodora FitzgibbonA Taste of Ireland in Food and in Pictures: Irish Traditional Food
1991978-0-330-02462-4Ed McBainEighty Million Eyes
1970978-0-330-02463-1Ed McBainFuzz
1984978-0-330-02470-9Nicholas MonsarratRicher Than All His Tribe
1970978-0-330-02476-1Arthur KoestlerThe Ghost in the Machine (Piper)
  ''978-0-330-02492-1Jean PlaidyThe Thistle and the Rose (Tudor 8)
1970978-0-330-02494-5Sydney SmithWings Day
  ''978-0-330-02496-9John CreaseySo young to burn
1978978-0-330-02497-6Slavomir RawiczThe Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom
1970978-0-330-02504-1Agatha ChristieThe Listerdale Mystery
  ''978-0-330-02515-7Clifford D. SimakWhy Call Them Back from Heaven? (Pan science fiction)
1971978-0-330-02519-5Laurence J. Peter · Raymond HullThe Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong
1970978-0-330-02524-9Michael EdwardesBattles of the Indian Mutiny (British Battles)
  ''978-0-330-02529-4Juliette BenzoniCatherine and a Time for Love
1996978-0-330-02532-4Dick FrancisForfeit
1970978-0-330-02568-3Arthur HaileyIn High Places
  ''978-0-330-02569-0Gertrude FriedbergRevolving Boy (Pan science fiction)
1970978-0-330-02571-3Arthur UpfieldMystery of Swordfish Reef
  ''978-0-330-02590-4Leslie CharterisThe Saint on TV
  ''978-0-330-02592-8Morris West · Robert FrancisScandal in the Assembly
1983978-0-330-02593-5Ed McBainHe Who Hesitates
1971978-0-330-02594-2Sergeanne GolonTemptation of Angelique: Book. 1 the Jesuit Trap: Bk. 1
1970978-0-330-02603-1John SteinbeckBurning Bright
1957978-0-330-02604-8John CreaseyA Beauty for Inspector West
1971978-0-330-02608-6David A. ThomasBattle of the Java Sea
  ''978-0-330-02617-8Clifford D. SimakWerewolf Principle
  ''978-0-330-02620-8Ted LewisCarter (Jack's Return Home - filmed as Get Carter)
1971978-0-330-02629-1Peter O'DonnellA Taste for Death
  ''978-0-330-02635-2William SargantUnquiet Mind
  ''978-0-330-02641-3Rumer GoddenIn This House of Brede
1988978-0-330-02662-8Jean PlaidyMadame Serpent (The Medici Trilogy: Volume 1)
1971978-0-330-02670-3Miss ReadMiss Read's Country Cooking
  ''978-0-330-02672-7Nevil ShuteRequiem for a Wren
  ''978-0-330-02674-1Dick FrancisEnquiry
1971978-0-330-02675-8Graham HillLife at the Limit
1999978-0-330-02686-4Colin ForbesTramp in Armour
1971978-0-330-02689-5Walter MackenThe Coll Doll and other stories
1988978-0-330-02700-7Jean PlaidyThe Italian Woman (The Medici Trilogy: Volume 2)
1971978-0-330-02702-1Ed McBainShotgun
  ''978-0-330-02712-0Kingsley Amis · Robert ConquestSpectrum: No. 2: A Science Fiction Anthology
  ''978-0-330-02721-2W.A. TuplinBritish Steam Since 1900 (David & Charles series)
1972978-0-330-02747-2Alan A. JacksonLondon's Termini (The David & Charles series)
1986978-0-330-02759-5Gavin LyallVenus With Pistol
1971978-0-330-02783-0L. T. C. RoltRailway Adventure (The David & Charles series)
1972978-0-330-02787-8Gavin MaxwellGod Protect Me from My Friends: Story of Salvatore Giuliano
1971978-0-330-02789-2Michael GloverWellington's Peninsular Victories: Busaco, Salamanca, Vitoria, Nivelle (British Battles)
1983978-0-330-02809-7Max LuscherThe Luscher Colour Test
1970978-0-330-02810-3Peter Snow · David PhillipsLeila's Hijack War
1973978-0-330-02861-5Alvin TofflerFuture Shock
1972978-0-330-02863-9Georgette HeyerCharity Girl
1971978-0-330-02867-7Margaret PowellClimbing the Stairs
  ''978-0-330-02869-1John MooreBrensham Village (The Brensham trilogy/John Moore)
  ''978-0-330-02870-7John MooreThe Blue Field (The Brensham trilogy/John Moore)
1971978-0-330-02876-9Laurence DunnShips (Piccolo Books)
1972978-0-330-02895-0Vicki BaumGrand Hotel
1988978-0-330-02898-1Lorna HillA Dream Of Sadler's Wells (Piccolo Books)
1972978-0-330-02899-8Lorna HillNo Castanets at the Wells (Piccolo Books)
1988978-0-330-02900-1   ''Veronica At The Wells (Piccolo Books)
1972978-0-330-02901-8   ''Masquerade at the Wells (Piccolo Books)
  ''978-0-330-02911-7George MacDonald FraserGeneral Danced at Dawn
1988978-0-330-02920-9Wilbur SmithGold Mine
1972978-0-330-02929-2Lance SecretanHow to be an Effective Secretary
  ''978-0-330-02931-5Walter MackenThe Bogman
  ''978-0-330-02941-4Edward Mervyn PattersonCounty Donegal Railways (The David and Charles series)
  ''978-0-330-02948-3Jane AustenMansfield Park (Pan classics)
1972978-0-330-02961-2Peter O'DonnellPieces of Modesty
  ''978-0-330-02962-9Bob ShawThe Palace of Eternity
1985978-0-330-02963-6Heinz HohneThe Order Of Deaths Head: Story of Hitler's S. S.
2008978-0-330-02966-7Dick FrancisRat Race
1973978-0-330-02989-6Alan VilliersCruise of the Conrad
1972978-0-330-02995-7John CreaseyHang the Little Man
1961978-0-330-02996-4Ernst SchnabelThe Footsteps Of Anne Frank
1972978-0-330-02998-8William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet
  ''978-0-330-02999-5William ShakespeareHamlet
1969978-0-330-10060-1Mazo RocheReturn to Jalna (Whiteoaks of Jalna saga/Mazo De la Roche)
1961978-0-330-10093-9Grace MetaliousReturn to Peyton Place
1969978-0-330-10118-9Mazo RocheWhiteoak Harvest (Whiteoaks of Jalna saga/Mazo De la Roche)
  ''978-0-330-10136-3   ''Morning at Jalna (Whiteoaks of Jalna saga/Mazo De la Roche)
1971978-0-330-10221-6John SteinbeckSweet Thursday
1972978-0-330-10238-4Ian FlemingGoldfinger
1964978-0-330-10304-6Georgette HeyerThe Convenient Marriage
1969978-0-330-10419-7Nevil ShuteAn Old Captivity
978-0-330-10422-7Arthur UpfieldWill of the Tribe
1966978-0-330-10434-0Ian FlemingYou Only Live Twice
1984978-0-330-10474-6Peter O'DonnellModesty Blaise
1971978-0-330-10487-6Gavin LyallThe Most Dangerous Game
1966978-0-330-10488-3   ''The Wrong Side of the Sky
1985978-0-330-10499-9Nicholas MonsarratThe Ship That Died Of Shame
1970978-0-330-10527-9Ian FlemingThe Man with the Golden Gun
1987978-0-330-10539-2Jean PlaidySt Thomas's Eve
1970978-0-330-10573-6Arthur C. ClarkeChildhood's End (Pan science fiction)
2008978-0-330-10596-5Dick FrancisFor Kicks
2010978-0-330-10597-2Dick FrancisOdds Against
1974978-0-330-10629-0Walter Babington ThomasDare to be Free
1967978-0-330-10651-1Joseph GreenLoafers of Refuge
  ''978-0-330-10689-4Jane AustenPride and Prejudice (Bestsellers of Literature)
1971978-0-330-10700-6Leslie ThomasThis Time Next Week
1987978-0-330-10712-9Robert A. HeinleinThe Red Planet
1978978-0-330-10736-5Agatha ChristieWhy Didn't They Ask Evans?
1980978-0-330-10737-2Anne FrankThe Diary of Anne Frank
1971978-0-330-10738-9D. C. JarvisArthritis and Folk Medicine: Almanac of Natural Health Care
1970978-0-330-13024-0Robert Henry ThoulessStraight and Crooked Thinking
1969978-0-330-13037-0Leonard CottrellThe Great Invasion (Piper)
1972978-0-330-20047-9H. G. WellsTono Bungay (Pan classics)
  ''978-0-330-20063-9Georgette HeyerThe Conqueror
1960978-0-330-20070-7   ''The Grand Sophy
1965978-0-330-20107-0John Le CarreThe Spy Who Came in from the Cold
1971978-0-330-20113-1Kingsley Amis · Robert ConquestSpectrum: No. 3: A Science Fiction Anthology
1998978-0-330-20139-1W. SmithWhen the Lion Feeds (The Courtneys)
1977978-0-330-20142-1Donald MacintyreJutland
978-0-330-20151-3Sergeanne GolonAngelique and the Sultan
1972978-0-330-20152-0   ''Angelique in Revolt
1971978-0-330-20153-7   ''Angelique in Love
1987978-0-330-20154-4Jean PlaidyMurder Most Royal
1966978-0-330-20163-6Michael LewisSpanish Armada (British Battles)
1971978-0-330-20168-1L. T. C. RoltRed for Danger
1968978-0-330-20170-4Arthur HaileyHotel
1960978-0-330-20175-9Hubert PhillipsPan Book of Card Games
1968978-0-330-20177-3Georgette HeyerThe Toll-gate
1970978-0-330-20180-3Wilbur SmithThe Dark of the Sun
  ''978-0-330-20186-5Arthur HaileyThe Final Diagnosis
1972978-0-330-20193-3Kingsley Amis · Robert ConquestSpectrum: No. 4: A Science Fiction Anthology
1975978-0-330-20199-5Mazo RocheWhiteoak Brothers (Whiteoaks of Jalna saga/Mazo De la Roche)
1955978-0-330-20201-5   ''Renny's Daughter (Whiteoaks of Jalna saga/Mazo De la Roche)
1984978-0-330-20204-6Peter O'DonnellSabre Tooth
1969978-0-330-20210-7John Le CarreThe Looking Glass War
1972978-0-330-20222-0Hal DresnerThe Pornbroker
1988978-0-330-20240-4Kathryn HulmeThe Nun's Story
1967978-0-330-20241-1Charlotte BronteJane Eyre (Bestsellers of Literature)
1988978-0-330-20264-0Nevil ShuteMost Secret
1972978-0-330-23161-9William ShakespeareMacbeth
1988978-0-330-23171-8Jean PlaidyThe Road to Compiegne (French Revolution Series Volume 2)
1972978-0-330-23172-5Ed McBainJigsaw
  ''978-0-330-23176-3John BoydLast Starship from Earth
1973978-0-330-23219-7Dee BrownBury My Heart at Wounded Knee: Indian History of the American West
1985978-0-330-23221-0Susan HowatchPenmarric
1972978-0-330-23243-2Bryan CooperBattle of the Torpedo Boats
1972978-0-330-23244-9John BoydPollinators of Eden (Pan science fiction)
  ''978-0-330-23249-4Rosemary StewartThe Reality of Organizations: Guide for Managers (Management & Marketing)
  ''978-0-330-23271-5Conrad Voss BarkSecond Red Dragon
  ''978-0-330-23292-0Jeffery FarnolBlack Bartlemy's Treasure
1973978-0-330-23294-4Arthur HaileyWheels
1972978-0-330-23321-7George MacDonald FraserFlash for Freedom!
2001978-0-330-23324-8Colin ForbesHeights of Zervos
1972978-0-330-23329-3Maurice DruonThe She-Wolf of France

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