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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-330-53460-4Peter F. HamiltonThe Evolutionary Void: 3/3 (The Void Trilogy)
  ''978-0-330-53461-1Hakan NesserThe Inspector and Silence (The Van Veeteren series)
  ''978-0-330-53462-8Benjamin BlackElegy for April (Quirke Mysteries)
2010978-0-330-53492-5Ken FollettThe Pillars of the Earth
2011978-0-330-53494-9David WeberOff Armageddon Reef (The Safehold series)
  ''978-0-330-53495-6David WeberOut of the Dark
  ''978-0-330-53497-0Kristin HannahNight Road
2011978-0-330-53500-7Sean O'BrienNovember (Picador Poetry)
2010978-0-330-53517-5Ken FollettThe Pillars of the Earth
2012978-0-330-53520-5Annie MurrayMy Daughter, My Mother
2013978-0-330-53521-2Annie MurrayThe Women of Lilac Street
2011978-0-330-53522-9Andrew GrantDie Twice (David Trevellyan Thriller 2)
  ''978-0-330-53523-6Emma KennedyWilma Tenderfoot and the Case of the Rascal's Revenge
2013978-0-330-53527-4Kate ClanchyMeeting the English
2014978-0-330-53528-1Kate ClanchyMeeting the English
2010978-0-330-53534-2Richmal CromptonJust William - TV tie-in edition
  ''978-0-330-53535-9Richmal CromptonMore William - TV tie-in edition (Just William TV Tie in)
2011978-0-330-53536-6Ann CleevesThe Crow Trap (Vera Stanhope)
2017978-0-330-53537-3David CesaraniFinal Solution: The Fate of the Jews 1933-1949
2011978-0-330-53538-0Margaret PowellBelow Stairs: The Bestselling Memoirs of a 1920s Kitchen Maid
  ''978-0-330-53539-7VinceLie of the Land
  ''978-0-330-53542-7David BaldacciHell's Corner: 5 (The Camel Club)
2011978-0-330-53543-4David BaldacciThe Sixth Man (King and Maxwell)
  ''978-0-330-53544-1Ken FollettFall of Giants: 1/3 (The Century Trilogy)
  ''978-0-330-53548-9Peter JamesDead Man's Grip (Ds Roy Grace 7)
2012978-0-330-53557-1Rowan MooreWhy We Build
2011978-0-330-53558-8Amy Kathleen RyanGlow (Sky Chasers)
  ''978-0-330-53561-8David HewsonThe Fallen Angel
  ''978-0-330-53564-9Ann CleevesSilent Voices: 2 (Vera Stanhope)
2011978-0-330-53566-3Jeffrey ArcherOnly Time Will Tell: 1 (The Clifton Chronicles)
  ''978-0-330-53569-4Martin Cruz SmithThree Stations: An Arkady Renko Novel: 2
  ''978-0-330-53570-0M. R. HallThe Redeemed: 3 (Coroner Jenny Cooper series)
2013978-0-330-53577-9ShawcrossCounting One's Blessings
2011978-0-330-53579-3Roberto BolanoThe Third Reich
  ''978-0-330-53583-0Graham SwiftWish You Were Here
2012978-0-330-53584-7Graham SwiftWish You Were Here
2011978-0-330-53587-8   ''Wish You Were Here
  ''978-0-330-53620-2Douglas HulickAmong Thieves: A Tale of the Kin
2014978-0-330-53621-9Douglas HulickSworn in Steel (A Tale of the Kin)
2010978-0-330-53623-3Graham RobbParisians: An Adventure History of Paris
2011978-0-330-53625-7Tim BindingThe Champion
2011978-0-330-53626-4Helen OyeyemiMr Fox
2012978-0-330-53627-1Deborah CrombieNo Mark Upon Her
2010978-0-330-53628-8Simon WinderGermania: A Personal History of Germans Ancient and Modern
2011978-0-330-53630-1Bret Easton EllisAmerican Psycho
  ''978-0-330-53631-8Bret Easton EllisGlamorama
  ''978-0-330-53632-5   ''The Informers
  ''978-0-330-53633-2   ''Lunar Park
  ''978-0-330-53634-9   ''The Rules of Attraction
2010978-0-330-53666-0David BaldacciDivine Justice
978-0-330-53667-7The Man From St Petersburg
2011978-0-330-53668-4China MiévilleUn Lun Dun
2011978-0-330-53701-8Jack CoughlinAn Act of Treason (Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson Series)
2012978-0-330-53712-4Margaret GeorgeElizabeth I
2011978-0-330-53719-3Wilbur SmithElephant Song
  ''978-0-330-53720-9Wilbur SmithHungry as the Sea
2011978-0-330-53723-0Wilbur SmithThe Dark of the Sun
  ''978-0-330-53724-7   ''Wild Justice
  ''978-0-330-53725-4   ''The Eye of the Tiger
  ''978-0-330-53726-1   ''Cry Wolf
2010978-0-330-53760-5Alyson NoelImmortals - 4 Book Box Set
2011978-0-330-53774-2Peter F. HamiltonMindstar Rising (Greg Mandel)
  ''978-0-330-53775-9   ''A Quantum Murder (Greg Mandel)
2011978-0-330-53781-0Peter F. HamiltonThe Nano Flower (Greg Mandel)
2010978-0-330-53782-7Julia DonaldsonCharlie Cook's Favourite Book
2012978-0-330-53783-4David HewsonCarnival for the Dead (Nic Costa)
2011978-0-330-53785-8Julia LovellThe Opium War: Drugs, Dreams and the Making of China
2012978-0-330-53789-6Gabrielle ZevinAll These Things I've Done (Birthright Trilogy)
2011978-0-330-53792-6Samantha HayArchie the Guide Dog Puppy: Hero in Training: In association with Guide Dogs
2012978-0-330-53796-4Andrew LaneFire Storm (Young Sherlock Holmes)
2015978-0-330-53843-5Paul BrickhillThe Dam Busters
2011978-0-330-53847-3Cathy WilsonEscape From Evil
2012978-0-330-53862-6Jessie KeaneNameless
2013978-0-330-53863-3Jessie KEANERuthless: AN ANNIE CARTER NOVEL
2014978-0-330-53865-7Jessie KeaneLawless (Ruby Darke)
2011978-0-330-53870-1Julia DonaldsonGruffalo Red Nose Day Book 24-copy counterpack: The Gruffalo Red Nose Day Book: 1
  ''978-0-330-53876-3Chris Riddell · Paul StewartMuddle Earth (Muddle Earth - book 1)
  ''978-0-330-53881-7Eva IbbotsonJourney to the River Sea
2010978-0-330-53898-5Ray KluunLove Life
2011978-0-330-53932-6Bret Easton EllisLess Than Zero
  ''978-0-330-53990-6Benjamin BlackA Death in Summer (Quirke Mysteries)
2012978-0-330-53993-7Mari HannahThe Murder Wall (Kate Daniels)
2011978-0-330-54041-4Aatish TaseerNoon
2015978-0-330-54098-8Malcolm BrownThe Imperial War Museum Book of 1914: The Men Who Went to War
  ''978-0-330-54103-9Max ArthurSymbol of Courage: A History of the Victoria Cross
2013978-0-330-54129-9Adrian TchaikovskyHeirs of the Blade (Shadows of the Apt)
2011978-0-330-54133-6Jay Bonansinga · Robert KirkmanRise of the Governor (The Walking Dead)
2014978-0-330-54134-3Adrian TchaikovskyWar Master's Gate (Shadows of the Apt)
2012978-0-330-54136-7KirkmanThe Walking Dead: 2
2012978-0-330-54137-4David Goyer · Michael CassuttHeaven's Shadow (The Heaven's Shadow Trilogy)
2013978-0-330-54138-1Robert Kirkman · Jay BonansingaThe Fall of the Governor Part One: 3 (The Walking Dead)
2012978-0-330-54167-1Susan SchneiderThe Wedding Writer
2015978-0-330-54217-3Sarah Emily MianoVan Rijn
2012978-0-330-54274-6Kevin WilsonThe Family Fang
2017978-0-330-54354-5Sean O'BrienOnce Again Assembled Here
2011978-0-330-54373-6Billy CollinsHoroscopes for the Dead
2012978-0-330-54374-3Pie Corbett · Gaby MorganA First Poetry Book (Macmillan Poetry)
  ''978-0-330-54392-7Jeremy HoweMummydaddy (The Pan Real Lives Series)
2010978-0-330-54393-4Mikhail BulgakovThe Master and Margarita
2011978-0-330-54400-9Rebecca ElgarDriver Dan's Story Train: It's Colouring Time!
2012978-0-330-54401-6Julia DonaldsonThe Rhyming Rabbit
  ''978-0-330-54402-3Lane SmithIt's A Book!
  ''978-0-330-54403-0Emily GravettAgain!
  ''978-0-330-54404-7Ian WhybrowSay Boo to the Animals! (Say Hello)
2012978-0-330-54406-1Julia DonaldsonThe Gruffalo's Child Colouring Book
2011978-0-330-54407-8Amir Levine · Rachel HellerAttached: Identify your attachment style and find your perfect match
2012978-0-330-54409-2Sarah RaynerThe Two Week Wait
  ''978-0-330-54410-8Sarah RaynerThe Two Week Wait
  ''978-0-330-54411-5Laura HarringtonAlice Bliss
  ''978-0-330-54416-0Andrew MarrThe Diamond Queen: Elizabeth II and Her People
2011978-0-330-54417-7Laura HarringtonAlice Bliss
2014978-0-330-54418-4Wilbur SmithVicious Circle (Hector Cross)
2012978-0-330-54419-1Frank Cottrell BoyceChitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again
2014978-0-330-54421-4Frank Cottrell BoyceChitty Chitty Bang Bang Over the Moon
2011978-0-330-54422-1Sue ShephardThe Surprising Life of Constance Spry
2012978-0-330-54423-8Adam NevillLast Days
2013978-0-330-54424-5Adam NevillHouse of Small Shadows
2012978-0-330-54425-2Pamela HartshorneTime's Echo
2013978-0-330-54426-9Pamela HartshorneThe Memory of Midnight
2012978-0-330-54427-6Jonathan HarveyAll She Wants
  ''978-0-330-54428-3Peter AckroydFoundation: The History of England Volume I
2012978-0-330-54430-6Margaret DickinsonJenny's War
2013978-0-330-54431-3Margaret DickinsonThe Clippie Girls
2011978-0-330-54435-1Julia DonaldsonGruffalo Red Nose Book X 24 Counterpack (Red Nose Day)
  ''978-0-330-54436-8Peter RobinsonDCI BANKS: Playing With Fire (The Inspector Banks Series)
  ''978-0-330-54438-2Peter RobinsonDCI Banks: Cold is the Grave (The Inspector Banks Series)
2013978-0-330-54439-9Jonathan HarveyThe Confusion of Karen Carpenter
2011978-0-330-54440-5Liz VaccarielloThe Flat Belly Diet Pocket Guide
  ''978-0-330-54441-2Ken FollettThe Man From St Petersburg
2011978-0-330-54442-9Ken FollettA Dangerous Fortune
  ''978-0-330-54443-6   ''A Place Called Freedom
2012978-0-330-54444-3Aatish TaseerNoon
2011978-0-330-54445-0Simon WinderThe Man Who Saved Britain
2013978-0-330-54446-7Carrie TiffanyMateship With Birds
  ''978-0-330-54448-1Anna RaveratSigns of Life
2011978-0-330-54450-4Ellen FeldmanNext to Love
2012978-0-330-54451-1Ellen FeldmanNext to Love
1991978-0-330-54453-5Bret Easton EllisAmerican Psycho
2011978-0-330-54455-9Cormac McCarthyCities of the Plain (Border Trilogy S.)
  ''978-0-330-54456-6Cormac McCarthyThe Crossing (Border Trilogy S.)
  ''978-0-330-54458-0   ''Blood Meridian
2011978-0-330-54460-3Sebold AliceThe Lovely Bones Pb
2012978-0-330-54463-4Caitlin WatsonMarvin and Milo: Adventures in Science - 45 experiments to do at home!
  ''978-0-330-54464-1Bridget O'DonnellInspector Minahan Makes a Stand: The Missing Girls of England
2013978-0-330-54465-8   ''Inspector Minahan Makes a Stand: The Missing Girls of England
2012978-0-330-54466-5Samantha Wynne-RhydderchBanjo
  ''978-0-330-54468-9Josie CurranMake Your Own Fun: Over 140 boredom-busting games and activities for children!
2011978-0-330-54470-2Richmal CromptonStill William - TV tie-in edition (Just William TV Tie in)
  ''978-0-330-54471-9   ''William in Trouble - TV tie-in edition (Just William TV Tie in)
2012978-0-330-54477-1Edward St AubynMother's Milk (Film Tie-In)
2013978-0-330-54484-9Susanna JonesWhen Nights Were Cold: A literary mystery
2015978-0-330-54485-6Victor Sebestyen1946: The Making of the Modern World
2011978-0-330-54490-0MacmillanThe Scouting Joke Book
978-0-330-54494-8Lose Weight with Nlp
2013978-0-330-54496-2Suzanne BuglerThe Safest Place
2011978-0-330-54498-6Chirodeep ChaudhuriA Village in Bengal
2013978-0-330-54501-3Louise MillarAccidents Happen
2011978-0-330-54514-3David BaldacciAbsolute Power
2011978-0-330-54515-0David BaldacciTotal Control
2011978-0-330-54516-7David BaldacciThe Winner
  ''978-0-330-54517-4Richmal CromptonWilliam The Fourth - TV tie-edition (Just William TV Tie in)
  ''978-0-330-54518-1   ''William Again - TV Tie-in edition (Just William TV Tie in)
  ''978-0-330-54519-8   ''William the Conqueror - TV tie-in edition (Just William TV Tie in)
  ''978-0-330-54520-4   ''William at War - TV tie-in edition (Just William)
2011978-0-330-54524-2Richmal CromptonWilliam the Outlaw - TV tie-in edition (Just William)
  ''978-0-330-54525-9   ''William the Good (Just William)
978-0-330-54556-3KILL ZONE DEAD SHOT DUO SPL
2011978-0-330-54562-4Greg BearHalo: Cryptum (Forerunner Saga (Halo))
2012978-0-330-54563-1Greg BearHalo: Primordium (Forerunner Saga (Halo))
2014978-0-330-54564-8BearHalo: 3 (Forerunner Saga (Halo))
2011978-0-330-54567-9David HewsonThe Sacred Cut (Nic Costa)
2011978-0-330-54568-6David HewsonA Season for the Dead (Nic Costa)
  ''978-0-330-54569-3   ''The Villa of Mysteries (Nic Costa)
2013978-0-330-54575-4John GwynneMalice (The Faithful and the Fallen)
2014978-0-330-54576-1John GwynneValour (The Faithful and the Fallen)
2012978-0-330-54581-5Benjamin BlackVengeance (Quirke Mysteries)
2013978-0-330-54582-2   ''Vengeance: Quirke Mysteries Book 5
2012978-0-330-54583-9   ''Vengeance (Quirke Mysteries)
2011978-0-330-54597-6Peter JamesLooking Good Dead (Ds Roy Grace 2)
  ''978-0-330-54598-3   ''Dead Man's Footsteps (Ds Roy Grace 4)
2011978-0-330-54599-0Peter JamesDead Tomorrow (Ds Roy Grace 5)
  ''978-0-330-54600-3   ''Not Dead Enough (Ds Roy Grace 3)
  ''978-0-330-54601-0   ''Dead Simple (Ds Roy Grace 1)
  ''978-0-330-54604-1C. J. SansomDissolution (The Shardlake series)
  ''978-0-330-54605-8C. J. SansomDark Fire (The Shardlake series)
978-0-330-69956-3UnknownSlay Ride
1968978-0-330-70001-6William L. ShirerThe Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
1972978-0-330-70090-0Colin ForbesHeights of Zervos
1970978-0-330-73116-4Arthur KoestlerThe Act of Creation (Piper)
1980978-0-330-90054-6Masters M:Piccolo Mysterysolvers Summary
1992978-0-330-91062-0Dis Bin the Sensationist X 28 Zzz
1999978-0-330-93868-6M GuillotPilates Through the Day