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1983978-0-318-77712-2C.P., ClareData Processing-Current Theories & Practices,
1966978-0-318-77886-0Edward L.TuckerRichard Henry Wilde: His Life and Selected Poems
1986978-0-318-78073-3Role of State Legislatures in the Confederacy
1973978-0-318-78248-5Margaret Johanson WitherspoonRemembering the St. Louis World's Fair
1983978-0-318-78435-9Isaac AsimovRobots: From Myth to Manservant
1984978-0-318-78553-0Ronald, ThomasTelecommunications for the Executive,
  ''978-0-318-78817-3Jordan RobertConan the Destroyer (MOVIE TIE IN)
1986978-0-318-79047-3Donald BartlettDoctor Wells Of Vermont
1984978-0-318-79108-1John StevensonBritish Society Nineteen Fourteen to Nineteen Forty-Five
978-0-318-79116-6Mr. Monkey and the Gotcha Bird
978-0-318-79496-9Atomic Aftermath
978-0-318-79520-1Rudyard Kipling
1985978-0-318-79526-3Max Peters · J. ShostakSSAT Secondary School Achievement Test
1984978-0-318-79574-4ann woodinThe Rule of Two: Observations on Close Relationship
1982978-0-318-79648-2Joanna ColeBest-Loved Folktales of the World
1988978-0-318-79658-1FrevertMuppet Magic
1982978-0-318-79660-4Victoria ChessCatcards
978-0-318-79668-0The Emergency Handbook
978-0-318-79684-0Acronyms, Initialism & Abbreviations Dictionary 1987
1988978-0-318-79696-3Poul AndersonFantasy
1980978-0-318-79759-5Edwin A. AbbottFlatland
1968978-0-318-79856-1S SilverRadioactive Nuclides in Medicine and Biology
1970978-0-318-79875-2Experiments in the physiology of human performance.
1985978-0-318-79959-9Thomas R. AdamsAmerican Independence: The Growth Of An Idea
1969978-0-318-79960-5Mark AldanovZagadka Tolstogo (Brown University Slavic Reprint Series)
1958978-0-318-79963-6G L. BachInflation: A Study In Economics, Ethics And Politics
1942978-0-318-79965-0Stefan BergmanHodograph Method In The Theory Of Compressible Fluid
1963978-0-318-79967-4William BlakeBlake's Grave: A Prophetic Book
1957978-0-318-79968-1Edward A. BloomSamuel Johnson In Grub Street
1941978-0-318-79969-8John W. BlythWhitehead's Theory Of Knowledge
1940978-0-318-79970-4William G. BraudeJewish Proselytizing In First Five Centuries Of The Common Era, The Age Common Era, The Age Of The Tannaim And Amoraim
1922978-0-318-79972-8Brown UniversityCatalogue Of The Napoleon Collection Formed By William Henry Hoffman 1867-1016
1927978-0-318-79973-5Brown University LibraryLincoln Letters Hitherto Unpublished In The Library Of Brown University And Other Providence Libraries
1954978-0-318-79978-0Ricardo A. CaminosLate-Egyptian Miscellanies
1959978-0-318-79983-4Herbert N. CouchCicero On The Art Of Growing Old
1936978-0-318-79984-1Verner W. CraneBenjamin Frnaklin, Englishman And American
1967978-0-318-79988-9Robert Payson CreedOld English Poetry: Fifteen Essays
1960978-0-318-79991-9John R. EttlingerRoman Types: Examples From The First Twenty-Five Years Of Printing In Italy
1937978-0-318-79994-0Otis E. FellowsFrench Opinion Of Moliere (1800-1850)
1972978-0-318-80000-4Peter GayEighteenth-Century Studies Presented To Arthur Wilson
1950978-0-318-80007-3Penelope C. HartlandBalance Of Interregional Payments Of New England
1967978-0-318-80023-3Henry KuceraComputational Analysis Of Present-Day American English
1962978-0-318-80024-0Henry LachouqueAnatomy Of Glory
1975978-0-318-80025-7Gene M. LyonsSocial Research And Public Policies: The Dartmouth/Oecd Conference
1944978-0-318-80026-4Lysbeth W. MuncyJunker In The Prussian Administration Under William II: 1988-1914
1986978-0-318-80027-1Otto NeugebauerEgyptian Astronomical Texts. Volume 1: The Early Decans
1958978-0-318-80030-1Robert G. NoyesNeglected Muse: Restoration And Eighteenth-Century Tragedy In The Novel(1740-1780)
1953978-0-318-80031-8   ''Thespian Mirror: Eighteenth-Century Novel
1962978-0-318-80032-5Robert A. ParkerSaite Oracle Papyrus From Thebes In The Brooklyn Museum
1956978-0-318-80033-2Richard A. ParkerBabylonian Chronology, 625 B C - A D 75
1947978-0-318-80034-9Vernon L. ParringtonAmerican Dreams: A Study Of American Utopias
1955978-0-318-80035-6T G. PinchesLate Babylonian Astronomical And Related Texts
1985978-0-318-80056-1Henry JamesNotes of a Son and Brother
  ''978-0-318-80057-8Henry JamesA Small Boy & Others
1969978-0-318-80069-1Alvin H. RosenfeldWilliam Blake: Essays For S. Foster Damon
1975978-0-318-80070-7Stanley RushAtlas Of Heart-Lead Transfer Coefficients
1943978-0-318-80071-4Albert J. SalvanZola Aux Etats-Unis
1954978-0-318-80074-5Robert J. TaylorWestern Massachusetts In The Revolution
1955978-0-318-80075-2George TicknorView Of Dartmouth (In 1803)
1963978-0-318-80076-9W F. TwaddellEnglish Verb Auxiliaries
1936978-0-318-80077-6Richard F. UptonRevolutionary New Hampshire
1940978-0-318-80078-3John J. WildmanAnthony Trollope's England
1950978-0-318-80079-0Charles B. WillardWhitman's American Fame
1948978-0-318-80080-6Robert W. WoodSupersonics: The Science Of Inaudible Sounds
1937978-0-318-80081-3Lawrence C. WrothRoger Williams
1985978-0-318-80416-3R. L. BarthLooking for Peace
978-0-318-81287-8Elegant Glassware of the Depression
978-0-318-81337-0Three Fantasies
1987978-0-318-81417-9Jean HagerWeb of Desire
1986978-0-318-81460-5Carol Thompson · Vincent AndrianiThe Funnybone Book of Jokes and Riddles
  ''978-0-318-81550-3Philip A. GriswoldEffective Compensatory Education Sourcebook: A Review of Effective Educational Practices Vol. 2: Project Profiles
  ''978-0-318-81811-5John D. ZurfluhStringed Instrument Repair and Maintenance Manual
1986978-0-318-81974-7No AuthorCrazy Sundays
1971978-0-318-81994-5Frederick ForsythThe Day of the Jackal
  ''978-0-318-82014-9The Healing Blade
  ''978-0-318-82026-2Stuart. MillerHot Springs: The True Adventures of the First New York Jewish Intellectual in the Human-Potential Movement
1963978-0-318-82036-1John SteinbeckIn Dubious Battle
978-0-318-82534-2Teaching and Learning with Magic
978-0-318-82758-2The Complete Guide to Bed & Breakfasts, Inns & Guesthouses in the United States & Canada
2009978-0-318-87293-3Fernando VelascoInteligencia y Seguridad n? 3 (Spanish Edition)