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2004978-0-216-87148-9Frances Goodrich · Albert Hackett · Anne FrankThe Diary of a Young Girl: Play (Student Drama S.)
1969978-0-216-87201-1William ShakespeareMacbeth (New Warwick Shakespeare S.)
1900978-0-216-87587-6William ShakespeareMacbeth (Warwick Shakespeare series)
978-0-216-87607-1   ''Midsummer Night's Dream
978-0-216-87930-0Louisa May AlcottLittle Women
978-0-216-87952-2Charlotte BronteJane Eyre
1972978-0-216-88014-6C.E.Lucas Phillips · John KennettCockleshell Heroes (The Kennett library)
1970978-0-216-88210-2William ShakespeareMidsummer Night's Dream, A (New Warwick Shakespeare S.)
  ''978-0-216-88211-9   ''Hamlet (New Warwick Shakespeare S.)
1971978-0-216-88224-9   ''Romeo and Juliet (New Warwick Shakespeare)
1966978-0-216-88398-7Amabel Williams-EllisDarwin's Moon: Alfred Russel Wallace
1979978-0-216-88516-5H. Rider HaggardKing Solomon's Mines (Allan Quatermain)
978-0-216-88527-1Charlotte BronteJane Eyre (Chosen Books)
978-0-216-88566-0Louisa May AlcottLittle Women (New Library of Famous Books)
1965978-0-216-88711-4Cicely Mary BarkerFlower Fairies of the Trees
1969978-0-216-89026-8Harry R. RicardoHigh Speed Internal Combustion Engine
  ''978-0-216-89077-0David CamptonLaughter and Fear (Student's Drama)
2004978-0-216-89099-2Alexandre DumasThe Man in the Iron Mask (The Kennett Library)
1972978-0-216-89308-5Mark TwainAdventures of Tom Sawyer (Chosen Books)
1989978-0-216-89450-1W. AbbotPractical Geometry and Engineering Graphics: A Textbook For Engineering And Other Students
1972978-0-216-89533-1Jane MacMichaelGhost of Crumbling Castle, The (Read Easy S.)
1973978-0-216-89559-1Christian WilcoxSnow White
  ''978-0-216-89623-9Jane MacMichaelFrog Prince (Dial-a-story)
  ''978-0-216-89690-1Charlotte BronteJane Eyre (Phoenix Library)
1974978-0-216-89708-3Margaret MorrisThe Art of J.D. Fergusson: A Biased Biography
1974978-0-216-89864-6Cicely Mary BarkerFlower Fairies of the Wayside
  ''978-0-216-89865-3   ''Flower Fairy Alphabet
1974978-0-216-89866-0Cicely Mary BarkerFlower Fairies of the Spring
  ''978-0-216-89867-7   ''Flower Fairies Of The Garden
  ''978-0-216-89868-4   ''Flower Fairies of the Trees
  ''978-0-216-89869-1   ''Flower Fairies of the Summer
1975978-0-216-90050-9Graham MeeAristocratic Enterprise
1976978-0-216-90230-5Amabel Williams-EllisBritish Fairy Tales
1978978-0-216-90544-3Jean Adamson · Gareth AdamsonTopsy and Tim's Picnic
  ''978-0-216-90620-4In the House (Little learners)
1979978-0-216-90715-7Muriel MacDonaldOffice Practice
2004978-0-216-90939-7Charlotte Bronte · John KennettJane Eyre (The Kennett Library)
1987978-0-216-90940-3H. Rider HaggardKing Solomon's Mines
1980978-0-216-91009-6G. J. Goldsworthy · etc. · John Robinson · William MordueEndocrinology (Tertiary Level Biology)
1982978-0-216-91259-5Jean Adamson · Gareth AdamsonTopsy and Tim's New Playground (Handy Books)
1984978-0-216-91419-3Martin WaddellMystery Squad and the Artful Dodger (Solve it yourself)
1984978-0-216-91420-9Martin WaddellThe Mystery Squad and Mr.Midnight (Solve it yourself)
  ''978-0-216-91422-3   ''The Mystery Squad and the Whistling Teeth (Solve it yourself)
1984978-0-216-91423-0Martin WaddellMystery Squad and the Whistling Teeth (Solve it yourself)
1983978-0-216-91465-0Brian FroudGoblins: Pop-up Book
1984978-0-216-91594-7P. V. E. McClintock · etc. · D. J. Meredith · J. K. WigmoreMatter at Low Temperatures
  ''978-0-216-91630-2Elizabeth LutzeierNo Shelter
  ''978-0-216-91633-3D.L. Hawksworth · D.J. HillThe Lichen-forming Fungi (Tertiary Level Biology)
1985978-0-216-91716-3Cicely Mary BarkerFlower Fairies of the Wayside
  ''978-0-216-91739-2David McKeeDay the Tide Went Out.and Out.
1986978-0-216-91840-5Janet CollinsBarty
  ''978-0-216-91852-8Martin WaddellMystery Squad and the Cannonball Kid, The (Solve it yourself)
1992978-0-216-91864-1Sally EmersonA Celebration of Babies: An Anthology of Poetry And Prose
2004978-0-216-91905-1L.D.R. WilfordChemistry for First Examinations
1989978-0-216-92005-7S. J. Moss · A. LedwithChemistry of the Semiconductor Industry
1987978-0-216-92151-1Cicely Mary BarkerFlower Fairies of the Winter
1995978-0-216-92247-1Frank A. PaineModern Processing, Packaging and Distribution Systems for Food
1994978-0-216-92376-8Joanna TroughtonThe Wizard Punchkin: A Folk Tale from India (Blackie folk tales of the world)
1992978-0-216-92456-7Jean Adamson · Gareth AdamsonTopsy + Tim Go to Hospital
1992978-0-216-92458-1Jean Adamson · Gareth AdamsonTopsy + Tim Go to the Doctor(Pb)
1990978-0-216-92503-8C.B. McArdleSide Chain Liquid Crystal Polymers
2004978-0-216-92545-8Derek McMonagleGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education Physics Questions
  ''978-0-216-92546-5Peter BorrowsGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education Questions on Everyday Chemistry
1989978-0-216-92574-8T. Suntola · M. SimpsonAtomic Layer Epitaxy
1992978-0-216-92594-6Jean Adamson · Gareth AdamsonTopsy + Tim have New Shoes
  ''978-0-216-92606-6Carus ZenaHunted!
1989978-0-216-92672-1Donald S. McLuskyThe Estuarine Ecosystem (Tertiary Level Biology S.) (2nd Edition)
1991978-0-216-92691-2R N SwamyThe Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete
  ''978-0-216-92693-6K.S. SorbiePolymer-Improved Oil Recovery
  ''978-0-216-92695-0F K KongReinforced Concrete Deep Beams
1992978-0-216-92718-6Baillie AllanHero
1992978-0-216-92720-9Jacqueline WilsonThe Left-Outs
  ''978-0-216-92793-3Bevan ClareMightier Than the Sword
2004978-0-216-92800-8David SimmondsGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education Questions in Religious Studies
  ''978-0-216-92882-4Rosemary Feasey · etc. · Ken Foulds · Richard Gott · Tony PrykeScience in Action 5-16: Key Stage 3, Bk. 1
  ''978-0-216-92883-1Ken Foulds · Richard Gott · Tony Pryke · Rosemary FeaseyScience in Action - 5 to 16: Key Stage 3 - Book 2
1990978-0-216-92903-6P.R. ThomasGeological Maps and Sections for Civil Engineers
2004978-0-216-92939-5T.H. HoeyUnderstanding Biology: w. answers: Through Problem Solving
1991978-0-216-92979-1P. V. E. McClintock · etc. · D. J. Meredith · J. K. WigmoreLow Temperature Physics
2004978-0-216-93000-1Peter Gowers · John SalisburyPaper Engineering Templates
  ''978-0-216-93021-6David R. Lewis · Derek McMonagle · Derek McGonagleComprehension Questions in Advanced Chemistry
1992978-0-216-93052-0Hagbrink BodilThe Children from Tibet (Blackie folk tales of the world)
2004978-0-216-93060-5A.C. GilogleyGerman Practice Tests: Tchrs'
2004978-0-216-93061-2A.C. GilogleyGerman Practice Tests: Cassette Pack
1992978-0-216-93062-9Tanno YukikoA Letter from Santa
  ''978-0-216-93076-6Breslin TheresaA Time to Reap
1991978-0-216-93102-2Peter JouclaAbsurd, Black and Comic Sketches (Drama S.)
2004978-0-216-93131-2B. Earl · L.D.R. WilfordChemistry Data Book
1991978-0-216-93141-1J.F.A. MooreMonitoring Building Structures
  ''978-0-216-93155-8M. Cable · J. M. ParkerHigh-Performance Glasses
  ''978-0-216-93157-2P. W. FranceOptical Fibre Lasers and Amplifiers
1992978-0-216-93200-5Joanna TroughtonHow the Seasons Came: A North American Indian Folk Tale (Folk Tales of the World S.)
1993978-0-216-93210-4Frank A. Paine · H.Y. PaineA Handbook of Food Packaging
1992978-0-216-93224-1D. F. Williams · W. H. SchmittChemistry and Technology of the Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry
1993978-0-216-93270-8Masters AnthonySpinner
  ''978-0-216-94054-3Jean Adamson · Gareth AdamsonTopsy And Tim Visit Granny And Granpa (Topsy & Tim)
1994978-0-216-94073-4Dunlop EileenFinn's Roman Fort
1994978-0-216-94074-1Roy JacquelineFat Chance
  ''978-0-216-94172-4Catherine MacPhailRun, Zan, Run
1970978-0-216-99605-2Gladys DavidsonArabian Nights (Stories Old & New)

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