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1992978-0-201-56950-6Serope KalpakjianManufacturing Engineering and Technology (World Student)
  ''978-0-201-56989-6Kevin S. Bedell · Masahiko InuiPhenomenology and Applications of High Temperature Superconductors: The Los Alamos Symposium-1991: Proceedings
1990978-0-201-57003-8Terry WilliamsThe Cocaine Kids: The Inside Story Of A Teenage Drug Ring
1991978-0-201-57004-5Christopher S. Kilham · Rachel Reid · Johnna Albi · Bread & Circus (Firm)The Bread and Circus Whole Food Bible: How to Select and Prepare Safe Healthful Foods Without Pesticides or Chemical Additives
1992978-0-201-57012-0Mark Andrews · Neil RhodesProgrammer's Guide to Mpw: Mastering the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MACINTOSH INSIDE OUT)
1990978-0-201-57016-8Dave MarkMacintosh C Programming Primer: Mastering the Toolbox Using Think C
1992978-0-201-57032-8Robert X CringelyAccidental Empires: How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make Their Millions, Battle Foreign Competition, and Still Can't Get a Date
1990978-0-201-57044-1Adobe Systems IncAdobe Type 1 Font Format
1991978-0-201-57048-9Timothy James CastleThe Perfect Cup
1997978-0-201-57051-9Warren G. BennisOrganizing Genius: The Secrets Of Creative Collaboration
1991978-0-201-57056-4Tom ShanleyIBM Ps/2 from the Inside Out
1994978-0-201-57063-2Neil Asher SilbermanA Prophet from Amongst You: The Life of Yigael Yadin: Soldier, Scholar, and Mythmaker of Modern Israel
1990978-0-201-57064-9Andrew Schulman · Raymond J. Michels · Jim Kyle · Tim Paterson · David Maxey · Ralph BrownUndocumented DOS: Programmer's Guide to Reserved MS-DOS Functions and Data Structures
1991978-0-201-57065-6Neil Goldstein · Jeff AlgerDeveloping Object-Oriented Software for the Macintosh: Analysis, Design and Programming (Macintosh Inside Out Series)
1994978-0-201-57071-7Carol MithersTherapy Gone Mad: The True Story Of Hundreds Of Patients And A Generation Betrayed
1991978-0-201-57074-8Pamela M. HickmanBugwise: Thirty Incredible Insect Investigations and Arachnid Activities
  ''978-0-201-57084-7Dave Mark · Cartwright ReedMacintosh Pascal Programming Primer: Inside the Toolbox Using Think Pascal
  ''978-0-201-57088-5Sharon Anthony Bower · Gordon H. BowerAsserting Yourself: A Practical Guide For Positive Change, Updated Edition
1997978-0-201-57095-3Kathy KolbeConative Connection: Uncovering the Link Between Who You Are and How You Perform
1996978-0-201-57157-8Hugh D. YoungUniversity Physics
1998978-0-201-57168-4Grady Booch · James Rumbaugh · Ivar JacobsonThe Unified Modeling Language User Guide (Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series)
1999978-0-201-57169-1Ivar Jacobson · Grady Booch · James RumbaughThe Unified Software Development Process
1998978-0-201-57177-6Sherry PreissNorthstar: Focus on Listening and Speaking (Advanced)
1996978-0-201-57420-3Collins McConnellPassages 1 Student Book
1995978-0-201-57594-1FOSTERDesigning and Building Parallel Programs: Concepts and Tools for Parallel Software Engineering
1991978-0-201-57707-5Robert ColesAnna Freud: The Dream Of Psychoanalysis (Radcliffe Biography Series)
1993978-0-201-57710-5Dierdre DavisA Fresh Look At Saucing Foods: Pairing Great Foods With Contemporary Sauces
  ''978-0-201-57711-2Martin Moore-EdeThe Twenty-Four Hour Society: Understanding Human Limits in a World That Never Stops (A William Patrick Book)
1992978-0-201-57712-9Sam Deep · Lyle SussmanWhat To Say To Get What You Want: Strong Words For 44 Challenging Types Of Bosses, Employees, Coworkers, And Customers
1991978-0-201-57717-4John ShieldsThe Chesapeake Bay Cookbook: Rediscovering The Pleasures Of A Great Regional Cuisine
1992978-0-201-57721-1Marimar TorresThe Catalan Country Kitchen: Food and Wine from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Seacoast of Barcelona
1991978-0-201-57757-0Commodore-Amiga · Dan Baker · Mark Green · David JunodAMIGA User Interface Style Guide
1991978-0-201-57760-0Phoenix TechnologiesSystem BIOS for IBM PCs, Compatibles, and EISA Computers (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-57763-1Robert Carr · Dan ShaferThe Power of Penpoint
  ''978-0-201-57775-4Apple Computer Inc.Inside Macintosh: Communications Toolbox
  ''978-0-201-57787-7Eastman Kodak Co.The Joy Of Photography
  ''978-0-201-57797-6Ralf BrownPC Interrupts: A Programmer's Reference to BIOS, DOS, and Third Party Calls
1991978-0-201-57888-1Wilfred KaplanAdvanced Calculus (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-201-57899-7Arthur BeiserModern Technical Physics (6th Edition)
1999978-0-201-57978-9James E. Purpura · Diane PinkleyOn Target, Book 1: Intermediate, Second Edition (Scott Foresman English Student Book)
  ''978-0-201-57979-6Barbara R. DenmanIn Contact, Book 1: Beginning, Second Edition (Scott Foresman English Student Book)
1994978-0-201-58042-6Patrick Henry WinstonOn to C
  ''978-0-201-58120-1Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot · Sara Lawrence LightfootI've Known Rivers: Lives Of Loss And Liberation
1993978-0-201-58123-2Sharman Apt RussellKill The Cowboy: A Battle Of Mythology In The New West
1992978-0-201-58133-1Ralph DavisWindows(TM) Network Programming
  ''978-0-201-58134-8Scott Knaster · Keith RollinMacintosh Programming Secrets (2nd Edition)
1991978-0-201-58146-1Next Computer Inc.Sound, Music, and Signal Processing on a Next Computer: Reference (Next Developer's Library)
1993978-0-201-58629-9Smoot Carl-Mitchell · John S. QuartermanPractical Internetworking with TCP/IP and UNIX(R)
1993978-0-201-58701-2Gerald A. EdgarClassics On Fractals (Studies in Nonlinearity)
1994978-0-201-58990-0Mario F. Triola · LeRoy A. FranklinBusiness Statistics
1996978-0-201-59044-9Muriel James · Dorothy JongewardBorn To Win: Transactional Analysis With Gestalt Experiments
  ''978-0-201-59065-4Ravi SethiProgramming Languages: Concepts and Constructs (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-201-59084-5Jeffrey O. Bennett · William L. BriggsStudent's Guide and Solutions Manual to Accompany Using and Understanding Mathematics: A Quantitive Reasoning Approach
1994978-0-201-59118-7Thomas A. StandishData Structures, Algorithms, and Software Principles in C
1996978-0-201-59151-4J. Michael O'Malley · Lorraine Valdez PierceAuthentic Assessment for English Language Learners: Practical Approaches for Teachers
1994978-0-201-59281-8Frances BoydMaking Business Decisions: Real Cases from Real Companies (English for Business Success) (Student Book)
1993978-0-201-59284-9Linda LaneFocus on Pronunciation: Principles and Practice for Effective Communication (Student's Book)
1994978-0-201-59291-7John B. FraleighA First Course in Abstract Algebra (World Student)
  ''978-0-201-59292-4Abraham Silberschatz · Peter Baer GalvinOperating System Concepts (World Student)
  ''978-0-201-59293-1John D. Daniels · etc. · Lee H. RadebaughInternational Business: Environments and Operations (World Student)
1996978-0-201-59339-6Marvin L. BittingerCalculus and Its Applications: Student's Solutions Manual
1994978-0-201-59371-6Ian GrahamObject Oriented Methods
  ''978-0-201-59372-3HickmanCase* Method: Business Interviewing
1994978-0-201-59376-1Jon White · Laura MazurStrategic Communications Management: Making Public Relations Work (The Eiu)
1993978-0-201-59378-5George Bickerstaffe · "The Economist" Intelligence UnitWhich MBA?: A Critical Guide to the World's Best Programmes
1996978-0-201-59388-4A. SiegertThe AIX Survival Guide
1994978-0-201-59561-1Marvin L. Bittinger · Mervin L. KeedyIntroductory Algebra
1999978-0-201-59604-5Fethi A. Rabhi · Guy LapalmeAlgorithms: A Functional Programming Approach (International Computer Science Series)
2000978-0-201-59607-6James Noble · Charles WeirSmall Memory Software: Patterns for systems with limited memory (Software Patterns Series)
2004978-0-201-59609-0Lon BarfieldDesign for New Media: Interaction design for multimedia and the web
2001978-0-201-59613-7Tom Redman · Adrian WilkinsonContemporary Human Resources Management: Text and Cases
1999978-0-201-59614-4Khalid A. Mughal · Rolf W. RasmussenA Programmer's Guide to Java (tm) Certification
2001978-0-201-59616-8Hans-Peter MessmerThe Indispensable PC Hardware Book (4th Edition)
1999978-0-201-59617-5Rudiger Buck-EmdenSAP R/3 System: Introduction & Fundamentals of R/3 Technology (2nd Edition)
2001978-0-201-59619-9Emmanuel Ifeachor · Barrie JervisDigital Signal Processing: A Practical Approach (2nd Edition)
2002978-0-201-59620-5Jim CoolingSoftware Engineering for Real-Time Systems
1999978-0-201-59622-9Greg SpenceSAP R/3 and Oracle: Backup & Recovery
2000978-0-201-59623-6Nick EffordDigital Image Processing: A Practical Introduction Using Java (With CD-ROM)
1999978-0-201-59624-3Tim Koomen · Martin PolTest Process Improvement: A step-by-step guide to structured testing
  ''978-0-201-59625-0Hakon Wium Lie · Bert BosCascading Style Sheets: Designing for the Web (2nd Edition)
2000978-0-201-59626-7Robert Spence · ACM PressInformation Visualization
  ''978-0-201-59627-4Michael JacksonProblem Frames: Analysing & Structuring Software Development Problems
1999978-0-201-59803-2Dsp Development Corp · DSP Development CorporationDADISP Student Manual Package
  ''978-0-201-59877-3Neil A. WeissIntroductory Statistics (5th Edition)
1995978-0-201-59880-3Dale A. Ostlie · Bradley W. CarrollAn Introduction to Modern Stellar Astrophysics
1994978-0-201-60010-0BittingerTrigonometry Update
  ''978-0-201-60071-1David K. (Centennial Professor Em ChengFundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics (World Student)
1992978-0-201-60078-0Rafael C. Gonzalez · Richard E. WoodsDigital Image Processing
978-0-201-60115-2Redes Neuronales (Spanish Edition)
1995978-0-201-60158-9J W Sontrop · K MacKenzieIntroduction To Technical Statistics with Quality Control
2002978-0-201-60209-8NormanStudents Solutions Manual to Introduction to Linear Algebra for S
1994978-0-201-60210-4Daniel NormanIntroduction to Linear Algebra for Science and Engineers
1999978-0-201-60322-4Hugh D. Young · Roger A. Freedman · T. R. Sandin · A. Lewis FordSears and Zemansky's University Physics (10th Edition)
1999978-0-201-60329-3Hugh D. Young · Roger A. FreedmanSears and Zemansky's UNIVERSITY PHYSICS (Volume One) (Tenth Edition)
2000978-0-201-60336-1Hugh D. Young · Roger A. Freedman · T. R. Sandin · A. Lewis FordSears and Zemansky's University Physics With Modern Physics (Addison-Wesley Series in Physics)
1999978-0-201-60427-6Mario Herrera · Theresa ZanattaNew Parade, Level 1, Second Edition
2000978-0-201-60429-0Mario Herrera · Theresa ZanattaNew Parade, Level 3, Second Edition
  ''978-0-201-60442-9Keith BrownProgramming Windows Security
1999978-0-201-60443-6John MianoCompressed Image File Formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, XBM, BMP
  ''978-0-201-60444-3William A. Florac · Anita D. CarletonMeasuring the Software Process: Statistical Process Control for Software Process Improvement
2001978-0-201-60445-0Bill Curtis · William E. Hefley · Sally A. MillerThe People Capability Maturity Model: Guidelines for Improving the Workforce
1999978-0-201-60446-7Thomas B. ValeskyEnterprise JavaBeans(TM): Developing Component-Based Distributed Applications
  ''978-0-201-60448-1Richard SheaL2TP: Implementation and Operation
2002978-0-201-60456-6Jim McCarthy · Michele McCarthySoftware for Your Head: Core Protocols for Creating and Maintaining Shared Vision
1999978-0-201-60458-0Mason Woo · Jackie Neider · Tom Davis · Dave Shreiner · OpenGL Architecture Review BoardOpenGL(R) Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Version 1.2 (3rd Edition)
1998978-0-201-60461-0Alan R. FeuerThe C Puzzle Book
2001978-0-201-60464-1Douglas Schmidt · Stephen D. HustonC++ Network Programming, Volume I: Mastering Complexity with ACE and Patterns
  ''978-0-201-60473-3Alex ZininCisco IP Routing: Packet Forwarding and Intra-domain Routing Protocols
2000978-0-201-60478-8Brian WhiteSoftware Configuration Management Strategies and Rational ClearCase(R): A Practical Introduction (Addison-wesley Object Technology Series)
1992978-0-201-60640-9Dave CurryUNIX System Security: A Guide for Users and System Administrators (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing (Paperback))
978-0-201-60658-4Donald E. KnuthComputers and Typesetting: LPI v. D
1986978-0-201-60660-7Donald Ervin KnuthComputer Modern Typefaces
1994978-0-201-60733-8M. Ali OmarElementary Solid State Physics: Principles and Applications
1995978-0-201-60734-5James O. Coplien · Douglas SchmidtPattern Languages of Program Design
1993978-0-201-60809-0Sheldon Paul Blau · Dodi SchultzLiving With Lupus: All The Knowledge You Need To Help Yourself
1992978-0-201-60811-3J CoatesIn Mormon Circles: Gentiles, Jack Mormons, And Latter Day Saints
1991978-0-201-60813-7R. C. WhiteleyThe Customer-Driven Company: Moving from Talk to Action
1992978-0-201-60815-1Sissela BokAlva Myrdal: A Daughter's Memoir (Radcliffe Biography Series)
1992978-0-201-60816-8Marie Balter · Richard KatzNobody's Child
  ''978-0-201-60817-5Christopher HibbertThe Virgin Queen
  ''978-0-201-60821-2Sharman Apt RussellSongs Of The Fluteplayer: Seasons Of Life In The Southwest
  ''978-0-201-60829-8Stephen R. DavisC++ Programmer's Companion: Designing, Testing, and Debugging
  ''978-0-201-60832-8Woody LeonardWindows 3.1 Programming for Mere Mortals (Andrew Schulman Programming Series)
1992978-0-201-60833-5Andy NovobilskiPenpoint Programming (The GO Technical Library)
  ''978-0-201-60834-2Andrew Schulman · David Maxey · Matt PietrekUndocumented Windows: A Programmers Guide to Reserved Microsoft Windows Api Functions (The Andrew Schulman Programming Series/Book and Disk)
1994978-0-201-60835-9RochesterDOS Internals
1992978-0-201-60837-3Robert S. Lai · Waite Group. TheWriting MS-Dos Device Drivers
  ''978-0-201-60838-0Dave Mark · Cartwritght ReedMacintosh C Programming Primer: Inside the Toolbox Using THINK C(TM) (Volume 1)
  ''978-0-201-60842-7Bruce TognazziniTog on Interface
  ''978-0-201-60845-8Unicode ConsortiumUnicode Standard: Worldwide Character Encoding, Version 1.0
1993978-0-201-60864-9Bill NyeBill Nye The Science Guy's Big Blast Of Science
1994978-0-201-60865-6Stephen Goldbart · David WallinMapping The Terrain Of The Heart: The Six Capacities That Guide The Journey Of Love
1993978-0-201-60870-0Howard RheingoldThe Virtual Community: Homesteading On The Electronic Frontier The Edge
1992978-0-201-60891-5Paul DilasciaWindows ++: Writing Reusable Windows Code in C++ (The Andrew Schulman Programming Series)
1993978-0-201-60893-9D. W. WinnicottTalking To Parents (A Merloyd Lawrence Book)
1995978-0-201-60895-3Karen LindseyDivorced, Beheaded, Survived: A Feminist Reinterpretation Of The Wives Of Henry Viii
1994978-0-201-60898-4Mark KurlanskyA Chosen Few: The Resurrection Of European Jewry
1993978-0-201-60921-9James D. Foley · Andries van Dam · Steven K. Feiner · John F. Hughes · Richard L. PhillipsIntroduction to Computer Graphics
1995978-0-201-60999-8Allan Leinwand · Karen FangNetwork Management: A Practical Perspective (2nd Edition)
2001978-0-201-61087-1Safa O. KasapOptoelectronics and Photonics: Principles and Practices
2005978-0-201-61089-5Thomas W. MathewsIntroduction to Electronics
2001978-0-201-61091-8B. D. Cullity · S. R. StockElements of X-Ray Diffraction (3rd Edition)
2003978-0-201-61137-3Sheldon P. GordonStudent Solutions Manual for Functioning in the Real World: A Precalculus Experience
1999978-0-201-61176-2David L. AndersonManaging Information Systems: Using Cases within an Industry Context to Solve Business Problems with Information Technology
2000978-0-201-61243-1Gary NuttKernel Projects for Linux
1999978-0-201-61244-8Sara Baase · Allen Van GelderComputer Algorithms: Introduction to Design and Analysis (3rd Edition)
1999978-0-201-61250-9Mark A. WeissData Structures and Problem Solving Using C++ (2nd Edition)
2000978-0-201-61253-0John D. CarpinelliComputer Systems Organization and Architecture
1999978-0-201-61259-2Ramez Elmasri · Shamkant B. Navathe · NavatheFundamentals of Database Systems 3/e with Oracle Programming
  ''978-0-201-61272-1David Arnow · Gerald WeissIntroduction to Programming Using Java: An Object-Oriented Approach: Java 2 Update
  ''978-0-201-61273-8Timothy BuddUnderstanding Object-Oriented Programming With Java: Updated Edition (New Java 2 Coverage)
2000978-0-201-61277-6Frank L. Friedman · Elliot B. KoffmanProblem Solving, Abstraction, and Design Using C++ (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-61294-3C. J. DateThe Database Relational Model: A Retrospective Review and Analysis
978-0-201-61319-3InterAct Math - A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers
978-0-201-61390-2Contemporary Engineering Economics: A Canadian Perspective
1999978-0-201-61540-1Robert N. Anthony · Leslie K. PearlmanEssentials of Accounting (7th Edition)
2001978-0-201-61545-6Lee J. Krajewski · Larry P. RitzmanOperations Management: Strategy and Analysis (6th Edition)
1999978-0-201-61562-3Herb SutterExceptional C++: 47 Engineering Puzzles, Programming Problems, and Solutions
  ''978-0-201-61569-2David E. SimonAn Embedded Software Primer
2001978-0-201-61570-8Michael Rabinovich · Oliver SpatscheckWeb Caching and Replication
2001978-0-201-61571-5Lincoln D. SteinNetwork Programming with Perl
1999978-0-201-61575-3Raffaele Piemonte · Scott JamisonDeveloping Applications Using Outlook 2000, CDO, Exchange, and Visual Basic
2000978-0-201-61576-0Ken HendersonThe Guru's Guide to Transact-SQL
1999978-0-201-61583-8David S. LinthicumEnterprise Application Integration
  ''978-0-201-61584-5Tom ClarkDesigning Storage Area Networks
  ''978-0-201-61586-9Brian W. Kernighan · Rob PikeThe Practice of Programming (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)
2000978-0-201-61588-3Adobe Systems Inc · Adobe Systems IncorporatedPDF Reference (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-61589-0Jon C. SnaderEffective TCP/IP Programming: 44 Tips to Improve Your Network Programs: 44 Tips to Improve Your Network Programs
2001978-0-201-61592-0Frank Armour · Granville MillerAdvanced Use Case Modeling: Software Systems (v. 1)
1999978-0-201-61593-7Dean Leffingwell · Don WidrigManaging Software Requirements: A Unified Approach (The Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series)
2001978-0-201-61594-4Tim EwaldTransactional COM+: Building Scalable Applications
2000978-0-201-61595-1Martin GudginEssential IDL: Interface Design for COM (The DevelopMentor Series)
  ''978-0-201-61598-2Eric RescorlaSSL and TLS: Designing and Building Secure Systems
2001978-0-201-61599-9Richard E. SmithAuthentication: From Passwords to Public Keys
2002978-0-201-61613-2Craig Tunstall · Gwyn ColeDeveloping WMI Solutions: A Guide to Windows Management Instrumentation
2002978-0-201-61616-3Richard HightowerPython Programming with the Java¿ Class Libraries: A Tutorial for Building Web and Enterprise Applications with Jython
2001978-0-201-61617-0Kyle Brown · Jamie Niswonger · Greg Hester · David Pitt · Gary Craig · Russell StinehourEnterprise Java Programming with IBM WebSphere
2000978-0-201-61618-7Jon FlandersASP Internals
2001978-0-201-61621-7Sakari Kouti · Mika SeitsonenInside Active Directory: A System Administrator's Guide (Microsoft Windows Server System Series)
1999978-0-201-61622-4Andrew Hunt · David ThomasThe Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master
  ''978-0-201-61626-2Pankaj JaloteCMM in Practice: Processes for Executing Software Projects at Infosys
2000978-0-201-61633-0Unicode Consortium · Joan Aliprand · Julie Allen · Rick McGowan · Joe Becker · Michael Everson · Mike Ksar · Lisa MooreThe Unicode Standard, Version 3.0
1999978-0-201-61634-7Ken Arnold · Robert W. Scheifler · Jim Waldo · Ann Wollrath · Robert Scheifler · Bryan O'SullivanThe Jini(TM) Specification (The Jini(TM) Technology Series)
2000978-0-201-61635-4Sid AdelmanData Warehouse Project Management
2001978-0-201-61636-1James Y. Wilson · Aspi HavewalaBuilding Powerful Platforms with Windows CE
2000978-0-201-61638-5Judith S. BowmanPractical SQL The Sequel (With CD-ROM)
2001978-0-201-61640-8Ken Auer · Roy MillerExtreme Programming Applied: Playing to Win
1999978-0-201-61641-5Kent BeckExtreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change
2000978-0-201-61642-2Chris MuenchThe Windows CE Technology Tutorial: Windows Powered Solutions for the Developer
  ''978-0-201-61646-0Peter HaggarPractical Java¿ Programming Language Guide
  ''978-0-201-61647-7H. X. Mel · Doris M. BakerCryptography Decrypted
2003978-0-201-61657-6John MianoThe Programmer's Guide to Compressed Image Files: Jpeg, Png, Gif, Xbm, Bmp
2000978-0-201-61675-0Marvin L. BittingerPrecalculus: Graphs and Models: A Unit Circle Approach
1999978-0-201-61835-8Hugh D. Young · Roger A. FreedmanSears and Zemansky's University Physics 10th edition (Study Guide, Chapters 1-21)
2002978-0-201-61854-9Zoran GajicLinear Dynamic Systems and Signals
2000978-0-201-61860-0David R Smith · Paul D FranzonVerilog Styles for Synthesis of Digital Systems
2005978-0-201-61904-1Bill NealeBusiness Finance: A Value-Based Approach
1999978-0-201-61908-9Andre ClarkOrganisations, competition, and the business environment
  ''978-0-201-61910-2Olivier HersentIP Telephony
2000978-0-201-61918-8G Coulouris · Jean Dollimore · Tim KindbergDistributed Systems: Concepts and Design (3rd Edition)