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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-0-12-433507-3David A. DubnauThe Molecular Biology of the Bacilli, Volume II
  ''978-0-12-433508-0S. EhrenpreisChemical Approaches to Brain Function, Volume 5: Neurosciences Research
  ''978-0-12-433509-7Filippo PolvaniImmunological Properties of Protein Hormones
  ''978-0-12-433510-3Francis J. ClaussSolid Lubricants and Self-Lubricating Solids
  ''978-0-12-433511-0John D. DodgeThe Fine Structure of Algal Cells
2012978-0-12-433512-7Sami AhmadHerbivorous Insects: Host-seeking Behavior and mechanisms
  ''978-0-12-433513-4Neil G. BennettSex Selection of Children
  ''978-0-12-433514-1Peter G. BourneThe Psychology and Physiology of Stress
  ''978-0-12-433515-8Lemont B. KierMedicinal Chemistry A Series of Monographs, Volume 10: Molecular Orbital Theory in Drug Research
  ''978-0-12-433516-5Mohamed K. YousefPhysiological Adaptations: Desert and Mountain
2012978-0-12-433517-2Bengt LundqvistCollective Properties of Physical Systems: Medicine and Natural Sciences
  ''978-0-12-433518-9O. LowensteinAdvances in Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry, Volume 6
  ''978-0-12-433519-6Lemont B. KierMedicinal Chemistry A Series of Monographs, Volume 14: Molecular Connectivity in Chemistry and Drug Research
  ''978-0-12-433521-9C. L. BriantAuger Electron Spectroscopy
  ''978-0-12-433522-6Allen AlperHigh Temperature Oxides V 5-IV
2012978-0-12-433523-3S. H. LinMultiphoton Spectroscopy of Molecules
  ''978-0-12-433524-0Hudson HoaglandHormones, Brain Function and Behavior: Proceedings of a Conference on Neuroendocrinology Held at Arden House, Harriman, New York, 1956
  ''978-0-12-433526-4A G. SitenkoElectromagnetic Fluctuations in Plasma
  ''978-0-12-433527-1Paul F. SmithThe Biology of Mycoplasmas
  ''978-0-12-433528-8Anthony A. AlbaneseNewer Methods of Nutritional Biochemistry, Volume V: With Applications and Interpretations
2012978-0-12-433529-5Arthur F. ScottSurvey of Progress in Chemistry, Volume 7
  ''978-0-12-433530-1James R. BoltonSolar Power and Fuels
  ''978-0-12-433531-8Frank A. BoveyChain Structure and Conformation of Macromolecules
  ''978-0-12-433532-5Marc D. LevensonIntroduction to Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopy
  ''978-0-12-433533-2Henry WiseMaterial Concepts in Surface Reactivity and Catalysis
2012978-0-12-433534-9Michael C. CorballisHuman Laterality
  ''978-0-12-433535-6Ronald D. SekuraPertussis Toxin
  ''978-0-12-433536-3Alan D. RandolphTheory of Particulate Processes: Analysis and Techniques of Continuous Crystallization
  ''978-0-12-433537-0Ursula MittwochGenetics of Sex Differentiation
  ''978-0-12-433538-7Norman KharaschBiochemical Aspects of Prostaglandins and Thromboxanes: Proceedings of the 1976 Intra-Science Research Foundation Symposium December 1-3, Santa Monica, California
2012978-0-12-433539-4Edward G. PerkinsModification of Lipid Metabolism
  ''978-0-12-433540-0Barbara C. UckoStudent Guide for Living Chemistry
  ''978-0-12-433541-7Morris RocksteinMolecular Genetic Mechanisms in Development and Aging
  ''978-0-12-433542-4David A. TillmanWood as an Energy Resource
  ''978-0-12-433543-1T. T. KozlowskiAdditional Woody Crop Plants, Volume VII
2012978-0-12-433544-8Anthony H. C. HuangPlant Peroxisomes
  ''978-0-12-433545-5Hassan S. El KhademCarbohydrate Chemistry: Monosaccharides and Their Oligomers
  ''978-0-12-433546-2Kenneth M. SmithInsect Virology
  ''978-0-12-433547-9Walter HuberTitrations in Nonaqueous Solvents
  ''978-0-12-433548-6Arthur F. ScottSurvey of Progress in Chemistry, Volume 5
2012978-0-12-433549-3Isidore GershSubmicroscopic Cytochemistry, Volume II: Membranes, Mitochondria, and Connective Tissues
  ''978-0-12-433550-9Gerald W. EschRegulation of Parasite Populations
  ''978-0-12-433551-6Martin HarwitHadamard Transform Optics
  ''978-0-12-433552-3John R. CannInteracting Macromolecules: The Theory and Practice of Their Electrophoresis, Ultracentrifugation, and Chromatography
  ''978-0-12-433553-0George J. JanzThermodynamic Properties of Organic Compounds: Estimation Methods, Principles and Practice
2012978-0-12-433554-7R. M. KenediAdvances in Biomedical Engineering
  ''978-0-12-433555-4G. Alan TurnerHeat and Concentration Waves: Analysis and Application
  ''978-0-12-433556-1Ian M. TorrensInteratomic Potentials
  ''978-0-12-433557-8Daniel HillelOptimizing The Soil Physical Environment Toward Greater Crop Yields
  ''978-0-12-433558-5Walter S. TrahanovskyOrganic Chemistry A Series of Monographs, Volume 5-B: Oxidation in Organic Chemistry 5-B
2012978-0-12-433559-2W. A. ScottMolecular of Cloning of Recombinant DNA, Volume 13: Miami Winter Symposia
  ''978-0-12-433560-8George E. InglettMaize: Recent Progress in Chemistry and Technology
  ''978-0-12-433561-5E. W. JohnsThe HMG Chromosomal Proteins
  ''978-0-12-433562-2A. Geoffrey NormanSoybean Physiology, Agronomy, and Utilization
  ''978-0-12-433563-9Andre LwoffOrigins of Molecular Biology: A Tribute to Jacques Monod
2012978-0-12-433564-6Ivan G. DraganicThe Radiation Chemistry of Water
  ''978-0-12-433565-3Samuel S. ButcherAn Introduction to Air Chemistry
  ''978-0-12-433566-0Elizabeth D. HayMacromolecules Regulating Growth and Development
  ''978-0-12-433567-7Yoh-Han PaoOptoacoustic Spectroscopy and Detection
  ''978-0-12-433568-4Willett KemptonThe Folk Classification of Ceramics: A Study Of Cognitive Prototypes
2012978-0-12-433569-1Karl MaramoroschInvertebrate Cell Culture Applications
  ''978-0-12-433570-7Maurice MortonAnionic Polymerization: Principles and Practice
  ''978-0-12-433571-4Rodney E. LangmanThe Immune system
  ''978-0-12-433573-8R. M. CramMicrocomputer Busses
  ''978-0-12-433575-2Anthony A. AlbaneseNewer Methods of Nutritional Biochemistry, Volume IV: With Applications and Interpretations
2012978-0-12-433576-9Reginald A. ShipleyTracer Methods for in Vivo Kinetics: Theory and Applications
  ''978-0-12-433577-6M. MladjenovicRadioisotope and Radiation Physics: An Introduction
  ''978-0-12-433578-3C. David ChaffeeThe Rewiring of America the Fiber Optics Revolution
  ''978-0-12-433579-0Salvatore D. MorgeraDigital Signal Processing: Applications to Communications and Algebraic Coding Theories
  ''978-0-12-433580-6C. T. MorrowBallistic Missile and Aerospace Technology, Volume IV: Re-entry
2012978-0-12-433581-3J. H. SimonsFluorine Chemistry, Volume III: Biological Effects of Organic Fluorides
  ''978-0-12-433582-0N.A. M. EskinBiochemistry of Foods
  ''978-0-12-433583-7Berni AlderRadio Astronomy V14
  ''978-0-12-433584-4S. HufnerOptical Spectra of Transparent Rare Earth Compounds
  ''978-0-12-433585-1Holger UrsinPsychobiology of Stress: A Study of Coping Men
2012978-0-12-433586-8Henry EyringTheoretical Chemistry Advances and Perspectives V3
  ''978-0-12-433587-5John A. TrollerWater Activity and Food
  ''978-0-12-433588-2R. T. SandersonPolar Covalence
  ''978-0-12-433589-9P. A. EgelstaffAn Introduction to the Liquid State
  ''978-0-12-433590-5Gottfried SchmerCoagulation: Current Research and Clinical Applications
2012978-0-12-433591-2Brian R. JuddAngular Momentum Theory for Diatomic Molecules
  ''978-0-12-433592-9Edward H. FriedenChemical Endocrinology
  ''978-0-12-433593-6Anne Pomeroy AutorBiochemical Mechanisms of Paraquat Toxicity
  ''978-0-12-433594-3Sidney C. PortBrownian Motion and Classical Potential Theory
  ''978-0-12-433595-0George CharalambousLiquid Chromatographic Analysis of Food and Beverages, Volume 1
2012978-0-12-433596-7Andrew W. YoungFunctions of the Right Cerebral Hemisphere
  ''978-0-12-433597-4Joseph W. HardingAngiotensin and Blood Pressure Regulation
2014978-0-12-433598-1A. J. G. H. KostermansThe Mangoes: Their Botany, Nomenclature, Horticulture and Utilization
2012978-0-12-433599-8Walter G. EganOptical Properties of Inhomogeneous Materials: Applications to geology, astronomy chemistry, and engineering
  ''978-0-12-433600-1Kenneth J. KlabundeChemistry of Free Atoms and Particles
  ''978-0-12-433601-8Robert WestOxocarbons
  ''978-0-12-433602-5Edouard KurstakEnzyme Immunodiagnosis
2012978-0-12-433603-2J. F. SnellBiosynthesis of Antibiotics: Volume I
  ''978-0-12-433604-9Herbert M. HershensonUltraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectra, Index for 1960-1963
  ''978-0-12-433605-6K. Narahari RaoWavelength Standards in the Infrared
  ''978-0-12-433606-3Frederick M. FowkesHydrophobic Surfaces
  ''978-0-12-433607-0George R. StarkBiochemical Aspects of Reactions on Solid Supports
2012978-0-12-433608-7Anthony San PietroBiochemical and Photosynthetic Aspects of Energy Production
  ''978-0-12-433609-4Choh Hao LiHormonal Proteins and Peptides, Volume 8: Prolactin
  ''978-0-12-433610-0S. TanimotoStructured Computer Vision: Machine Perception through Hierarchical Computation Structures
  ''978-0-12-433611-7Herbert E. SpiegelClinical Biochemistry, 1: Contemporary Theories and Techniques
  ''978-0-12-433612-4D. GiesekerThe Geometry of Algebraic Fermi Curves
2012978-0-12-433614-8F. C. StewardPlants, Chemicals and Growth
  ''978-0-12-433615-5Paul J. ScheuerMarine Natural Products: Chemical and Biological Perspectives, Volume III
2015978-0-12-433616-2Jules DavidoffDifferences in Visual Perception: The Individual Eye
2012978-0-12-433618-6Donald L. HillThe Biochemistry and Physiology of Tetrahymena
  ''978-0-12-433619-3Richard M.F.S. SadleirThe Reproduction of Vertebrates
  ''978-0-12-433620-9Terrell L. HillFree Energy Transduction in Biology: The Steady-State Kinetic and Thermodynamic Formalism
  ''978-0-12-433621-6Kenneth J. ButtonInfrared and Millimeter Waves, Volume 16: Electromagnetic Waves in Matter, Part III
2012978-0-12-433622-3R. K. EverettMetal Matrix Composites: Processing and Interfaces
  ''978-0-12-433623-0Wolfgang ZemanCarigie's Neuroanatomy of the Rat
  ''978-0-12-433624-7F. A. BerazinThe Method of Second Quantization (Pure and Applied Physics)
  ''978-0-12-433625-4Pierre CrabbeORD and CD in Chemistry and Biochemistry: An Introduction
  ''978-0-12-433627-8Friedhelm KorteMethodicum Chimicum, Natural Compounds, Volume 11: Part 1: Nucleic Acids, Proteins and Carbohydrates
2012978-0-12-433629-2Melvin CutlerLiquid Semiconductors
  ''978-0-12-433630-8Mary P. WiedemanAn Introduction to Microcirculation V2
  ''978-0-12-433631-5Marko V. JaricIntroduction to the Mathematics of Quasicrystals
  ''978-0-12-433632-2D. Allan BromleyFacets of Physics
  ''978-0-12-433633-9Maurice HoltBasic Developments in Fluid Dynamics V2
2012978-0-12-433634-6Kenneth V. ThimannAction of Hormones in Plants and Invertebrates
  ''978-0-12-433635-3Jules DuchesnePhysico-Chemical Properties of Nucleic Acids, Volume 3: Intra- and Intermolecular Interactions, Radiation Effects in DNA Cells, and Repair Mechanisms
  ''978-0-12-433636-0Ilana FriedThe Chemistry of Electrode Processes
  ''978-0-12-433637-7N.A. M. EskinPlant Pigments, Flavors and Textures: The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Selected Compounds
  ''978-0-12-433638-4Herbert WeissbachDimensions in Health Research: Search for the Medicines of Tomorrow
2012978-0-12-433639-1F. V. DeFeudisCentral Cholinergic Systems and Behaviour
  ''978-0-12-433640-7J. PhilipsAutomatic Titrators
  ''978-0-12-433641-4Allen CostoffUltrastructure of Rat Adenohypophysis: Correlation with Function
  ''978-0-12-433642-1Henry EyringTheoretical Chemistry Advances and Perspectives, Volume 1
  ''978-0-12-433643-8M. FranconOptical Image Formation and Processing
2012978-0-12-433645-2Peter M. MaitlisThe Organic Chemistry of Palladium, Volume II: Catalytic Reactions
  ''978-0-12-433646-9Irvin E. LienerToxic Constituents of Animal Foodstuffs
  ''978-0-12-433647-6Maxwell GordonMedicinal Chemistry A Series of Monographs, Volume 4-IV: Psychopharmacological Agents
  ''978-0-12-433648-3Brian A. HazlettQuantitative Methods in the Study of Animal Behavior
  ''978-0-12-433649-0R. C. KochActivation Analysis Handbook
2012978-0-12-433650-6Morris RocksteinDevelopment and Aging in the Nervous System
  ''978-0-12-433651-3J. E. Van Der PlankPrinciples of Plant Infection
  ''978-0-12-433652-0F. R. FarmerNuclear Reactor Safety, Volume 12
  ''978-0-12-433653-7Chr. Klixbull JorgensenInorganic Complexes
  ''978-0-12-433654-4George MetzgerTransmission Lines with Pulse Excitation
2012978-0-12-433655-1P. Charles-DominiqueNocturnal Malagasy Primates: Ecology, Physiology, and Behavior
  ''978-0-12-433656-8Morton E. GurtinPhase Transformations and Material Instabilities in Solids
  ''978-0-12-433657-5Hans MeierExperimental Pharmacogenetics: Physiopathology of Heredity and Pharmacologic Responses
  ''978-0-12-433658-2Howard E. ZimmermanQuantum Mechanics for Organic Chemists
  ''978-0-12-433659-9Choh Hao LiHormonal Proteins and Peptides, Volume 4: Growth Hormone and Related Proteins
2012978-0-12-433660-5Constantin A. BonaIdiotypes and Lymphocytes
  ''978-0-12-433661-2Herbert M. HershensonUltraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectra: Index for 1930-1954
  ''978-0-12-433662-9Gordon B. SkinnerIntroduction to Chemical Kinetics
  ''978-0-12-433663-6R. E. TaylorRadiocarbon Dating an Archaeological Perspective
  ''978-0-12-433664-3William F. LoomisDictyostelium Discoideum: A Developmental System
2012978-0-12-433665-0Theodosios PavlidisBiological Oscillators: Their Mathematical Analysis
  ''978-0-12-433666-7Alfred ClarkThe Chemisorptive Bond: Basic Concepts
  ''978-0-12-433667-4Howard A. KuhnPowder Metallurgy Processing: New Techniques and Analyses
  ''978-0-12-433668-1Bertram G. Murray Jr.Population Dynamics: Alternative Models
  ''978-0-12-433669-8Harold SandlerInactivity: Physiological Effects
2012978-0-12-433670-4M. F. Crass IIIVascular Smooth Muscle: Metabolic, Ionic, and Contractile Mechanisms
  ''978-0-12-433671-1Dan P. MankaAutomated Stream Analysis for Process Control, Volume 2
  ''978-0-12-433672-8Gerald H. JacobsComparative Color Vision
  ''978-0-12-433673-5Choh Hao LiHormonal Proteins and Peptides, Volume 5: Lipotropin and Related Peptides
  ''978-0-12-433674-2David A. TillmanWood Combustion: Principles, Processes, and Economics
2012978-0-12-433675-9James W. ClarkAC Power Conditioners: Design and Application
  ''978-0-12-433676-6Edmund B. SandbornLight and Electron Microscopy of Cells and Tissues: An Atlas for Students in Biology and Medicine
  ''978-0-12-433677-3P.M. B. WalkerNew Approaches in Cell Biology: Proceedings of a Symposium Held At Imperial College, London, July 1958
  ''978-0-12-433678-0Salamon EskinaziModern Developments in the Mechanics of Continua
  ''978-0-12-433679-7R. Bruce KingTransition-Metal Organometallic Chemistry: An Introduction
2012978-0-12-433680-3Richard S. MonsonAdvanced Organic Synthesis: Methods and Techniques
  ''978-0-12-433681-0Edward C. LimExcited States, Volume 5
  ''978-0-12-433682-7Trygg EngenThe Perception of Odors
  ''978-0-12-433683-4James D. MorrisonAsymmetric Synthesis, Volume 1: Analytical Methods
  ''978-0-12-433684-1M. ZanderPhosphorimetry
2012978-0-12-433685-8Paul J. ScheuerChemistry of Marine Natural Products
  ''978-0-12-433686-5Phyllis R. BrownHigh Pressure Liquid Chromatography: Biochemical and Biomedical Applications
  ''978-0-12-433687-2E. A. NesbittRare Earth Permanent Magnets
  ''978-0-12-433688-9Robert S. MullikenDiatomic Molecules: Results of ab Initio Calculations
  ''978-0-12-433689-6Clair L. WyattRadiometric Calibration: Theory and Methods
2012978-0-12-433690-2H. Eldon SuttonMutagenic Effects of Environmental Contaminants
  ''978-0-12-433691-9Efraim RackerA New Look at Mechanisms in Bioenergetics
  ''978-0-12-433692-6Choh Hao LiHormonal Proteins and Peptides, Volume XIII: Corticotropin (ACTH)
  ''978-0-12-433693-3A. D. LindeInflation and Quantum Cosmology
  ''978-0-12-433694-0O. LowensteinAdvances in Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry V5
2012978-0-12-433695-7M. M. Taqui KhanHomogenous Catalysis by Metal Complexes, Volume II: Activation of Alkenes and Alkynes
  ''978-0-12-433696-4John J. EischOrganometallic Syntheses, Volume 2: Nontransition-Metal Compounds
  ''978-0-12-433697-1John HappelIsotopic Assessment of Heterogeneous Catalysis
  ''978-0-12-433698-8Hidesaburo HanafusaRetroviruses and Disease
  ''978-0-12-433699-5Karl MaramoroschBiological Transmission of Disease Agents
2012978-0-12-433700-8Yutaka KobayashiBiological Applications of Liquid Scintillation Counting
  ''978-0-12-433701-5Morris RocksteinTheoretical of Aspects of Aging
  ''978-0-12-433702-2Robert W. MotleyQ Machines
  ''978-0-12-433703-9Ulrich HaeberlenHigh Resolution NMR in Solids Selective Averaging: Supplement 1 Advances in Magnetic Resonance
  ''978-0-12-433704-6Takahiro MiyaoDynamic Analysis of the Urban Economy
2012978-0-12-433705-3Choh Hao LiHormonal Proteins and Peptides, Volume 11: Gonadotropic Hormones
  ''978-0-12-433706-0Gunnar Von HeijneSequence Analysis in Molecular Biology: Treasure Trove or Trivial Pursuit
  ''978-0-12-433707-7Leonard E. JarrardCognitive Processes of Nonhuman Primates
  ''978-0-12-433708-4Glenn H. BrownLiquid Crystals and Biological Structures
  ''978-0-12-433709-1Frances BauerThe Beta Equilibrium, Stability, and Transport Codes: Applications of the Design of Stellarators
2012978-0-12-433710-7Thomas F. Irvine Jr.Steam and Gas Tables with Computer Equations
  ''978-0-12-433711-4Immanuel EstermannRecent Research in Molecular Beams
  ''978-0-12-433712-1D. F. ParsonsSome Biological Techniques in Electron Microscopy
  ''978-0-12-433713-8Bernard BenjaminPopulation and the New Biology
  ''978-0-12-433714-5David NachmansohnMolecular Biology: Elementary Processes of Nerve Conduction and Muscle Contraction
2012978-0-12-433715-2Flemming TopsoeSpontaneous Phenomena: A Mathematical Analysis