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2012978-0-12-431400-9Bruce A. BoltMethods in Computational Physics, Volume 12: Seismology: Body Waves and Sources
  ''978-0-12-431401-6Farish A. JenkinsPrimate Locomotion
  ''978-0-12-431402-3L. Nicholas OrnstonExperiences in Biochemical Perception
  ''978-0-12-431403-0Walter LovenbergBiological Properties I
  ''978-0-12-431404-7Wei-Kan ChuBackscattering Spectrometry
2012978-0-12-431405-4S. M. HerschdoerferQuality Control in the Food Industry, Volume 1
  ''978-0-12-431406-1Warren P. MasonPhysical Acoustics, Volume VII: Principles and Methods
  ''978-0-12-431407-8J. P. SuchetCrystal Chemistry and Semiconduction in Transition Metal Binary Compounds
  ''978-0-12-431408-5Ivan L. CameronDevelopmental Aspects of the Cell Cycle
  ''978-0-12-431409-2Robert John BellIntroductory Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
2012978-0-12-431412-2Daniel HillelApplications of Soil Physics
  ''978-0-12-431413-9Tilden Wayne PerryBeef Cattle Feeding and Nutrition
  ''978-0-12-431414-6Potu N. RaoPremature Chromosome Condensation: Application in Basic, Clinical, and Mutation Research
  ''978-0-12-431415-3Henry R. HermannSocial Insects, Volume IV
  ''978-0-12-431416-0Kenneth J. ButtonInfrared and Millimeter Waves, Volume 11: Millimeter Components and Techniques, Part III
2012978-0-12-431417-7K. KalyanasundaramPhotochemistry in Microheterogeneous Systems
  ''978-0-12-431418-4G. William PagePlanning for Groundwater Protection
  ''978-0-12-431419-1John B. Wachtman Jr.Structural Ceramics, Volume 29: Treatise on Materials Science and Technology
  ''978-0-12-431420-7William A. PryorFrontiers of Free Radical Chemistry
  ''978-0-12-431421-4Michael LockeCellular Membranes in Development
2012978-0-12-431423-8George M. Van DyneThe Ecosystem Concept in Natural Resource Management
  ''978-0-12-431424-5William I. GayMethods of Animal Experimentation, Volume IV: Environment and The Special Senses
  ''978-0-12-431425-2J. B. MuddResponses of Plants to Air Pollution
  ''978-0-12-431426-9T. T. KozlowskiWater Deficits and Plant Growth, Volume IV: Soil Water Measurement, Plant Responses, and Breeding for Drought Resistance
  ''978-0-12-431427-6Raymond C. LoehrPollution Control for Agriculture
2012978-0-12-431428-3D. M. P. ThomsonAssessment of Immune Status by the Leukocyte Adherence Inhibition Test
  ''978-0-12-431429-0Waldermar AdamChemical and Biological Generation of Excited States
  ''978-0-12-431430-6A. CiferriPolymer Liquid Crystals
  ''978-0-12-431431-3Peter P. McCannInhibition of Polyamine Metabolism: Biological Significance and Basis for New Therapies
  ''978-0-12-431432-0J. Donald CoonrodThe Direct Detection of Microorganisms in Clinical Samples
2012978-0-12-431433-7F. C. NachodDetermination of Organic Structures by Physical Methods: Volume 4
  ''978-0-12-431434-4James G. DicksonThe Role of Insectivorous Birds in Forest Ecosystems
  ''978-0-12-431435-1Robert R. ShannonApplied Optics and Optical Engineering, Volume IX
  ''978-0-12-431437-5Jacques Le MagnenNeurobiology of Feeding and Nutrition
  ''978-0-12-431438-2William V. MayerPhysiological Mammalogy, Volume I: Mammalian Populations
2012978-0-12-431439-9Martin JacobsonInsect Sex Pheromones
  ''978-0-12-431440-5John D. PalmerAn Introduction to Biological Rhythms
  ''978-0-12-431441-2Walter S. TrahanovskyOxidation in Organic Chemistry, Volume 5-C
  ''978-0-12-431442-9Henery C. AldrichCell Biology of Physarum and Didymium, Volum II: Differentiation, Metabolism, and Methodology
  ''978-0-12-431444-3Frank LoewusBiogenesis of Plant Cell Wall Polysaccharides
2012978-0-12-431445-0Sergey FedorffAstrocytes: Development, Morphology, and Regional Specialization of Astrocytes
  ''978-0-12-431446-7I. MalekContinuous Cultivation of Microorganisms
  ''978-0-12-431447-4Joseph CallawayQuantum Theory of the Solid State, Part A
  ''978-0-12-431448-1M. R. DroopAdvances in Aquatic Microbiology: Volume One
  ''978-0-12-431449-8Warren P. MasonPhysical Acoustics, Volume XV: Principles and Methods
2012978-0-12-431450-4David A. DubnauBacillus Subtilis V1
  ''978-0-12-431451-1C. T. LeonidesControl and Dynamic Systems V19: Advances in Theory and Applications
  ''978-0-12-431452-8James D. MorrisonAsymmetric Synthesis: Volume 4
  ''978-0-12-431453-5Gebhard KochRegulation of Macromolecular Synthesis by Low Molecular Weight Mediators
  ''978-0-12-431454-2Philip M. KeehnCyclophanes, Volume I
2012978-0-12-431455-9Isadore B. BerlmanEnergy Transfer Parameters of Aromatic Compounds
  ''978-0-12-431457-3Melvin B. RobinHigher Excited States of Polyatomic Molecules V1
  ''978-0-12-431458-0K. VenkataramanThe Chemistry of Synthetic Dyes V7
  ''978-0-12-431459-7Larry S. UnderwoodComparative Mechanisms of Cold Adaptation
  ''978-0-12-431460-3C. T. LeonidesControl and Dynamic Systems V16: Advances in Theory and Applications
2012978-0-12-431461-0Martin I. HorowitzThe Glycoconjugates, Volume III: Glycoproteins, Glycolipids and Proteoglycans Part A
  ''978-0-12-431462-7Jeffery D. FisherNew Directions in Helping V1: Recipient Reactions to Aid
  ''978-0-12-431463-4John GrahamNuclear Science and Technology, Volume 8: Fast Reactor Safety
  ''978-0-12-431464-1A. D. JohnsonThe Oviduct and its Functions
  ''978-0-12-431465-8W. D. SteinThe Movement of Molecules Across Cell Membranes
2012978-0-12-431466-5Silvano BonottoBiology and Radiobiology of Anucleate Systems, Volume II: Plant Cells
  ''978-0-12-431467-2D. H. BergelCardiovascular Fluid Dynamics
  ''978-0-12-431468-9Arthur C. GieseReproduction of Marine Invertebrates, Volume V: Molluscs: Pelecypods and Lesser Classes
  ''978-0-12-431469-6C. R. AlmliEarly Brain Damage: Research Orientations and Clinical Observations, Volume 1
  ''978-0-12-431470-2C. T. LeondesControl and Dynamic Systems, Volume 27: Advances in Theory and Applications, System Identification and Adaptive Control Part 3 of 3
2012978-0-12-431471-9Anthony R. BellveMolecular Mechanisms in Cellular Growth and Differentiation
  ''978-0-12-431473-3Michael M. PattersonElectrical Stimulation Research Techniques
  ''978-0-12-431474-0Manuel KrauskopfMolecular Approaches to Gene Expression and Protein Structure
  ''978-0-12-431475-7Kenneth J. ButtonInfrared and Millimeter Waves, Volume 13: Millimeter Components and Techniques, Part IV
  ''978-0-12-431476-4Eugene P. WignerGroup Theory: And its Application to the Quantum Mechanics of Atomic Spectra
2012978-0-12-431477-1Richard N. MariscalExperimental Marine Biology
  ''978-0-12-431478-8Paul J. MarangosBrain Receptor Methodologies, Part A: General Methods and Concepts. Amines and Acetylcholine
  ''978-0-12-431479-5Edward CrothersExperiments in Second-Language Learning
  ''978-0-12-431480-1Paco A. LagerstromFluid Mechanics and Singular Perturbations
  ''978-0-12-431481-8Malcolm DoleThe Radiation Chemistry of Macromolecules, Volume I
2012978-0-12-431482-5F. C. NachodDetermination of Organic Structures by Physical Methods V5
  ''978-0-12-431483-2J. H. RichardsonSystematic Materials Analysis V1
  ''978-0-12-431485-6C. T. LeonidesControl and Dynamic Systems V13: Advances in Theory and Applications
  ''978-0-12-431486-3O. LowensteinAdvances in Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry V7
  ''978-0-12-431487-0   ''Advances in Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry V8
2012978-0-12-431488-7Bert W. O'MalleyGene Regulation
  ''978-0-12-431489-4Malcolm A. GrantGeothermal Reservoir Engineering
  ''978-0-12-431490-0Louis RosenfeldOrigins of Clinical Chemistry: The Evolution of Protein Analysis
  ''978-0-12-431493-1Gerald LitwackBiochemical Actions of Hormones V14
  ''978-0-12-431494-8F. C. StewardPlant Physiology V6B: A Treatise
2012978-0-12-431495-5Kenneth J. ButtonInfrared and Millimeter Waves, Volume 4: Millimeter Systems
  ''978-0-12-431496-2Carl M. FeldherrNuclear Trafficking
  ''978-0-12-431497-9Keith YatesHuckel Molecular Orbital Theory
  ''978-0-12-431498-6James L. McGaughPsychobiology: Behavior from a Biological Perspective
  ''978-0-12-431499-3T. T. KozlowskiWater Deficits and Plant Growth, Volume III: Plant Responses and Control of Water Balance
2012978-0-12-431500-6J. SchultzThe Molecular Basis of Electron Transport: Volume 4
  ''978-0-12-431501-3Jack D. MaserEfferent Organization and the Integration of Behavior
  ''978-0-12-431502-0A. J. FreemanThe Actinides: Electronic Structure and Related Properties
  ''978-0-12-431503-7Arthur C. GieseReproduction of Marine Invertebrates, Volume IV: Molluscs: Gastropods and Cephalopods
  ''978-0-12-431504-4John RichardsRecombinant DNA: Science, Ethics and Politics
2012978-0-12-431505-1Olagoke OlabisiPolymer-Polymer Miscibility
  ''978-0-12-431506-8George E. Lewis Jr.Biomedical Aspects of Botulism
  ''978-0-12-431507-5A. T. GanesanMolecular Cloning and Gene Regulation in Bacilli
  ''978-0-12-431508-2Martin I. HorowitzThe Glycoconjugates, Volume IV: Glycoproteins, Glycolipids and Proteoglycans Part B
  ''978-0-12-431511-2Norman G. EinspruchAdvanced MOS Device Physics
2012978-0-12-431513-6George A. Baker Jr.Quantitative Theory of Critical Phenomena
  ''978-0-12-431514-3Kenneth J. ButtonInfrared and Millimeter Waves, Volume 2: Instrumentation
  ''978-0-12-431515-0K. C. HayesPrimates in Nutritional Research
  ''978-0-12-431516-7S. S. PennerDetonation and Two-Phase Flow
  ''978-0-12-431517-4E.Y. C. LeeBiology and Chemistry of Eukaryotic Cell Surfaces: Volume 7
2012978-0-12-431518-1Karl MaramoroschPlant Diseases and Vectors: Ecology and Epidemiology
  ''978-0-12-431519-8Dennis E. BuetowPhysiology Vol.3
  ''978-0-12-431520-4W. Steven AdairOrganization and Assembly of Plant and Animal Extracellular Matrix
  ''978-0-12-431521-1Norman G. EinspruchApplication Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Technology
  ''978-0-12-431522-8Michael LockeThe Emergence of Order in Developing Systems
2012978-0-12-431523-5L. FishbeinEnvironmental Sciences An Interdisciplinary Monograph Series: Chemical Mutagens Environmental Effects on Biological Systems
  ''978-0-12-431524-2Karl MaramoroschInvertebrate Immunity
  ''978-0-12-431525-9Joseph CernyNuclear Spectroscopy and Reactions 40-D: Part D
  ''978-0-12-431526-6Warren P. MasonPhysical Acoustics V11: Principles and Methods
  ''978-0-12-431527-3N. LakshminarayanaiahMembrane Electrodes
2012978-0-12-431528-0Charles LiottaPhase Transfer Catalysis: Principles and Techniques
  ''978-0-12-431529-7Mervyn GriffithsThe Biology of the Monotremes
  ''978-0-12-431530-3J. J. LagowskiThe Chemistry of Nonaqueous Solvents: Acid and Aprotic Solvents
  ''978-0-12-431531-0C. T. LeonidesControl and Dynamic Systems V15: Advances in Theory and Applications
  ''978-0-12-431532-7Choh Hao LiHormonal Proteins and Peptides, Volume 10: B-Endorphin
2012978-0-12-431533-4Morton I. GrossmanCellular Basis of Chemical Messengers in the Digestive System
  ''978-0-12-431534-1Gary S. SteinRecombinant Dna and Cell Proliferation
  ''978-0-12-431535-8Roger M. RowellModified Cellulosics
  ''978-0-12-431536-5Ronald C. DavidsonMethods in Nonlinear Plasma Theory
  ''978-0-12-431537-2Gilbert GottliebEarly Influences, Volume 4
2012978-0-12-431538-9Rene A. FrenkelCarnitine Biosynthesis Metabolism, and Functions
  ''978-0-12-431539-6George R. BrewerElectron-Beam Technology in Microelectronic Fabrication
  ''978-0-12-431540-2Stavros N. BusenbergDifferential Equations and Applications in Ecology, Epidemics, and Population Problems
  ''978-0-12-431542-6Gerald LitwackBiochemical Actions of Hormones, Volume IX
  ''978-0-12-431543-3Kunio YagiLipid Peroxides in Biology and Medicine
2012978-0-12-431544-0Walter S. TrahanovskyOxidation in Organic Chemistry, Volume 5-D: Organic Chemistry A Series of Monographs
  ''978-0-12-431545-7Tingye LiOptical Fiber Communications, Volume 1: Fiber Fabrication
  ''978-0-12-431549-5W. J. KleenElectronics of Microwave Tubes
  ''978-0-12-431550-1Carter LitchfieldAnalysis of Triglycerides
  ''978-0-12-431551-8Richard W. JonesPrinciples of Biological Regulation: An Introduction to Feedback Systems
2012978-0-12-431552-5Paul N. RylanderCatalysis in Organic Syntheses 1976
  ''978-0-12-431553-2David W. DeamerLight Transducing Membranes: Structure, Function, and Evolution
  ''978-0-12-431554-9Karl MaramoroschMycoplasma Diseases of Trees and Shrubs
  ''978-0-12-431556-3Anne Fischer LentPractical Applications Circuits Handbook
  ''978-0-12-431557-0J. M. BlackledgeQuantitative Coherent Imaging: Theory, Methods and Some Applications
2012978-0-12-431558-7Allen M. AlperPhase Diagrams: Materials Science and Technology, Volume 6-II
  ''978-0-12-431559-4Thomas OnakOrganoborane Chemistry
  ''978-0-12-431560-0Gilbert GottfriedNeural and Behavioral Specificity
  ''978-0-12-431561-7Hsueh Jei LiChromatin and Chromosome Structure
  ''978-0-12-431562-4Roy WhistlerGeneral Methods V8
2012978-0-12-431563-1Anthony A. FuscaldoLaboratory Safety Theory and Practice
  ''978-0-12-431564-8Jeannine HerronNeuropsychology of Left-Handedness
  ''978-0-12-431565-5Joseph A. ErwinLipids and Biomembranes of Eukaryotic Microorganisms
  ''978-0-12-431566-2D. P. BurkittRefined Carbohydrate Foods and Disease
  ''978-0-12-431567-9Dietrich MarcusePrinciples of Optical Fiber Measurements
2012978-0-12-431568-6C. H. WangSpectroscopy of Condensed Media: Dynamics of Molecular Interactions
  ''978-0-12-431569-3F. E. CunninghamThe Microbiology of Poultry Meat Products
  ''978-0-12-431570-9William A. PryorFree Radicals in Biology: Volume IV
  ''978-0-12-431571-6M. ConversiEvolution of Particle Physics: A Volume Dedicated to Eduardo Amaldi on his Sixtieth Birthday
  ''978-0-12-431572-3Robert C. RitterFeeding Behavior Neural and Humoral Controls
2012978-0-12-431573-0George H. BeatonNutrition: A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume III: Nutritional Status: Assessment and Application
  ''978-0-12-431574-7Maurice FriedThe Soil-Plant System: In Relation to Inorganic Nutrition
  ''978-0-12-431575-4Frederick W. HarrisonAspects of Sponge Biology
  ''978-0-12-431576-1J. FriendBiochemical Aspects of Plant-Parasite Relationships: Proceedings of The Phytochemical Society Symposium University of Hull, England April, 1975
  ''978-0-12-431578-5George A. VanasseSpectrometric Techniques: Volume I
2012978-0-12-431579-2Tony J. CunhaSwine Feeding and Nutrition
  ''978-0-12-431580-8John H. CroweDry Biological Systems
  ''978-0-12-431581-5R. F. WhitcombThe Mycoplasmas, Volume III: Plant and Insects Mycoplasmas
  ''978-0-12-431582-2George CharalambousThe Analysis and Control of Less Desirable Flavors in Foods and Beverages
  ''978-0-12-431583-9Kenneth J. ButtonInfrared and Millimeter Waves, Volume 5: Coherent Sources and Applications, Part I
2012978-0-12-431584-6Joe M. RegensteinFood Protein Chemistry: An Introduction for Food Scientists
  ''978-0-12-431585-3Walter M. UrbainFood Irradiation
2014978-0-12-431586-0Makoto OgawaDrug Resistance As a Biochemical Target in Cancer Chemotherapy
2012978-0-12-431587-7Charles E. Carraher Jr.Organometallic Polymers
  ''978-0-12-431588-4Harry V. GelboinPolycyclic Hydrocarbons and Cancer, Volume 3
  ''978-0-12-431589-1James C. W. ChienCoordination Polymerization: A Memorial to Karl Ziegler
  ''978-0-12-431591-4G. M. HidyAerosols and Atmospheric Chemistry: The Kendall Award Symposium Honoring Milton Kerker
2012978-0-12-431592-1Fred M. SnellProgress in Theoretical Biology: Volume 2
  ''978-0-12-431593-8E. E. SmithMolecular Approaches to Immunology: Volume 9
  ''978-0-12-431594-5Clement L. MarkertThe Developmental Biology of Reproduction
  ''978-0-12-431595-2Hillel I. ShuvalWater Quality Management Under Conditions of Scarcity: Israel as a Case Study
  ''978-0-12-431596-9Kenneth J. ButtonInfrared and Millimeter Waves, Volume 9: Millimeter Components and Techniques, Part I
2012978-0-12-431597-6Theodore KuwanaPhysical Methods in Modern Chemical Analysis: Volume 3
  ''978-0-12-431598-3Shigeyuki SomiyaAdvanced Technical Ceramics
  ''978-0-12-431599-0Indra K. VasilThe Molecular Biology of Plastids, Volume 7A: Cell Culture and Somatic Cell Genetics of Plants
  ''978-0-12-431600-3M. LilerReaction Mechanisms in Sulphuric Acid and other Strong Acid Solutions
  ''978-0-12-431601-0Raymond GablerElectrical Interactions in Molecular Biophysics: An Introduction
2012978-0-12-431602-7Harold J. MorowitzFoundations of Bioenergetics
  ''978-0-12-431603-4P. MansfieldNMR Imaging in Biomedicine: Supplement 2 Advances in Magnetic Resonance
  ''978-0-12-431604-1Ichiji TasakiPhysiology and Electrochemistry of Nerve Fibers
  ''978-0-12-431605-8Vladilen S. LetokhovLaser Photoionization Spectroscopy
  ''978-0-12-431606-5Richard L. CohenApplications of Mossbauer Spectroscopy, Volume I
2012978-0-12-431607-2Sohan L. ManochaMacaca Mulatta: Enzyme Histochemistry of the Nervous System
  ''978-0-12-431608-9Israel ZelitchPhotosynthesis, Photorespiration, and Plant Productivity
  ''978-0-12-431610-2Donald L. HorrocksApplications of Liquid Scintillation Counting
  ''978-0-12-431611-9Edward C. LimExcited States, Volume 3
  ''978-0-12-431612-6Robert R. ShannonApplied Optics and Optical Engineering, Volume VII
2012978-0-12-431613-3John OremPhysiology in Sleep
  ''978-0-12-431614-0Roger F.C. BrownPyrolytic Methods in Organic Chemistry: Application of Flow and Flash Vacuum Pyrolytic Techniques, Volume 41
  ''978-0-12-431615-7Joseph G. GallThe Molecular Biology of Ciliated Protozoa
  ''978-0-12-431617-1N. H. TolkInelastic Ion-Surface Collisions
  ''978-0-12-431618-8Gebhard KochBiosynthesis, Modification, and Processing of Cellular and Viral Polyproteins
2012978-0-12-431619-5Jeffrey A. SellPhotothermal Investigations of Solids and Fluids
  ''978-0-12-431620-1Katherine Brehme WarrenFormation and Fate of Cell Organelles
  ''978-0-12-431621-8B. M. ZuckermanMorphology, Anatomy, Taxonomy, and Ecology V1