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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-0-12-518411-3Jakob NielsenHypertext and Hypermedia
1994978-0-12-518420-5K. Jell NielsenSoftware Development with C++: Maximizing Reuse with Object Technology
1977978-0-12-518550-9Donald P.(Ed. Nierlich · etc.Molecular Mechanisms in the Control of Gene Expression: Symposium Proceedings (ICN-UCLA symposia on molecular and cellular biology)
1979978-0-12-518650-6Claude NicolauVirus Transformed Cell Membranes
1981978-0-12-518660-5C. NicolauLiposomes Drugs and Immunocompetent Cell Function
1979978-0-12-518750-3Brent B. NickolHost-parasite Interfaces
1981978-0-12-518850-0Karl L.E. NickelInterval Mathematics 1980: International Symposium Proceedings
1962978-0-12-519050-3R E NightingaleNuclear Graphite
1976978-0-12-519250-7Albert Nijenhuis · Herbert S. WilfCombinatorial Algorithms (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics)
1978978-0-12-519260-6Albert NijenhuisCombinatorial Algorithms for Computers and Calculators (Computer science and applied mathematics)
1969978-0-12-519450-1Hukukane NikaidoConvex Structures and Economic Theory (Mathematics in Science & Engineering)
1989978-0-12-519490-7I. Ninomiya · T. NaitoPhotochemical Synthesis (Best Synthetic Methods)
1984978-0-12-519550-8L. J. Nisbet · D. J. WinstanleyBioactive Microbial Products 2: Development and Production (Special Publications of the Society for General Microbiology)
1981978-0-12-519640-6Matthew H. NiteckiBiotic Crises in Ecological and Evolutionary Time
1963978-0-12-519750-2G. U. NikolskyEcology of Fishes
1981978-0-12-519780-9L. NinetThe Future of Antibiotherapy and Antibiotic Research
1986978-0-12-519930-8Kusuya Nishioka · Baruch S. Blumberg · Nakao Ishida · Katsuro KoikeHepatitis Viruses and Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Approaches Through Molecular Biology and Ecology
1975978-0-12-519950-6Alfred Nisonoff · John E. Hopper · Susan B. SpringThe Antibody Molecule (Immunology: An International Series of Monographs and Treatises)
2003978-0-12-519992-6Emmanuel NnadozieAfrican Economic Development
1991978-0-12-520020-2Park S. NobelPhysicochemical and Environmental Plant Physiology
1999978-0-12-520025-7Park S. NobelPhysicochemical and Environmental Plant Physiology
2005978-0-12-520026-4   ''Physicochemical and Environmental Plant Physiology
1987978-0-12-520040-0Denis Noble · Trevor PowellElectrophysiology of Single Cardiac Cells
1978978-0-12-520050-9W.G. NobleAssessment of Impaired Hearing: A Critique of New Method
1993978-0-12-520225-1Masaki NodaCellular and Molecular Biology of Bone
1961978-0-12-520450-7Henry J. Noebels · N. BrennerGas Chromatography: 2nd: Symposium of Instrument Society of America
2003978-0-12-520915-1Larry D. NoodenPlant Cell Death Processes
1978978-0-12-520950-2Abraham NoordergraafCirculatory System Dynamics (Bioengineering Series) (v. 1)
1987978-0-12-521040-9Anthony W. , Thomas C. Vanaman, Anthony R. Means, editors NormanCalcium-binding proteins in health and disease
1979978-0-12-521050-8A.W. NormanVitamin D: Calcium Homeostatic Steroid Hormone (Nutrition, basic and applied science)
1967978-0-12-521150-5Arthur Geoffrey NormanThe Soybean
1978978-0-12-521160-4   ''Soybean Physiology, Agronomy and Utilization
978-0-12-521326-4Dabur Luxurious Sandalwood Talcum Powder, 400 Gram
1970978-0-12-521350-9Donald A. NormanModels of Human Memory
1987978-0-12-521440-7Anthony W. Norman · Gerald LitwackHormones
1997978-0-12-521441-4Anthony W. Norman · Gerald LitwackHormones
1972978-0-12-521450-6NormanMarkov processes and learning models, Volume 84 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1983978-0-12-521480-3Reid L. NormanNeuroendocrine Aspects of Reproduction: A Volume in Orprc Symposia on Primate Reproductive Biology Series
1994978-0-12-521490-2James R. Norris · David J. Read · A. K. VarmaTechniques for Mycorrhizal Research, Volume 23-24
1969978-0-12-521501-5Author UnknownMETHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 1, Volume 1 (v. 1)
1970978-0-12-521502-2Author UnknownNorris Methods in Microbiology V2
  ''978-0-12-521503-9   ''METHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 3A, Volume 3A (v. 3A)
1971978-0-12-521504-6   ''METHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 4, Volume 4 (v. 4)
1971978-0-12-521505-3Author UnknownMETHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 5A, Volume 5A (v. 5A)
  ''978-0-12-521506-0   ''METHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 6A, Volume 6A (v. 6A)
1972978-0-12-521507-7   ''METHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 7A, Volume 7A (v. 7A)
1973978-0-12-521508-4   ''METHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 8, Volume 8 (v. 8)
1976978-0-12-521509-1   ''METHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 9, Volume 9 (v. 9)
1978978-0-12-521510-7Author UnknownMETHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 10, Volume 10 (v. 10)
1979978-0-12-521511-4T. Bergan · J. R. NorrisMethods in Microbiology, Volume 11
  ''978-0-12-521512-1T. Bergan · J. R. NorrisMethods in Microbiology, Volume 12
1980978-0-12-521513-8T. Bergan · James R. NorrisMethods in Microbiology, Volume 13
1984978-0-12-521514-5T. BerganMethods in Microbiology, Volume 14
  ''978-0-12-521515-2Author UnknownMethods in Microbiology, Volume 15
1985978-0-12-521516-9T. BerganMethods in Microbiology, Volume 16
1984978-0-12-521517-6Author UnknownMETHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 17, Volume 17
1985978-0-12-521518-3Gerhard GottschalkMethods in Microbiology, Volume 18
1988978-0-12-521519-0Author UnknownMethods in Microbiology, Volume 19
  ''978-0-12-521520-6Frank MayerElectron Microscopy in Microbiology, Volume 20 (Methods in Microbiology)
  ''978-0-12-521521-3Author UnknownMETHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 21, Volume 21
1990978-0-12-521522-0   ''METHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 22, Volume 22
1992978-0-12-521523-7James R. Norris · David J. Read · A. K. VarmaMethods in Microbiology (Techniques for the Study of Mycorrhiza, Volume 23)
1992978-0-12-521524-4James R. Norris · David J. Read · A. K. VarmaTechniques for the Study of Mycorrhiza, Part II, Volume 24 (Methods in Microbiology)
1998978-0-12-521525-1Peter H. Williams · Julian Ketley · George SalmondBacterial Pathogenesis, Volume 27 (Methods in Microbiology)
  ''978-0-12-521526-8Mick F. TuiteYeast Gene Analysis
1999978-0-12-521527-5Alister G. Craig · Jörg D. HoheiselAutomation: Genomic and Functional Analyses, Volume 28 (Methods in Microbiology)
1998978-0-12-521528-2Stefan H.E. Kaufmann · Dieter KabelitzImmunology of Infection, Volume 25 (Methods in Microbiology)
1999978-0-12-521529-9Margaret C.M. Smith · Elizabeth SockettGenetic Methods for Diverse Prokaryotes, Volume 29 (Methods in Microbiology)
2001978-0-12-521530-5John PaulMarine Microbiology, Volume 30 (Methods in Microbiology)
2002978-0-12-521531-2Philippe Sansonetti · Arturo ZychlinskyMolecular Cellular Microbiology, Volume 31 (Methods in Microbiology)
2003978-0-12-521532-9Stefan H.E. Kaufmann · Dieter KabelitzImmunology of Infection, Volume 32 (Methods in Microbiology)
2002978-0-12-521533-6Brendan Wren · Nick DorrellFunctional Microbial Genomics, Volume 33 (Methods in Microbiology)
2005978-0-12-521534-3Tor Savidge · Charalabos PothulakisMicrobial Imaging, Volume 34 (Methods in Microbiology)
  ''978-0-12-521535-0   ''Microbial Imaging, Volume 34 (Methods in Microbiology)
2006978-0-12-521536-7Fred Rainey · Aharon OrenExtremophiles, Volume 35 (Methods in Microbiology)
  ''978-0-12-521537-4Fred Rainey · Aharon OrenExtremophiles, Volume 35 (Methods in Microbiology)
1969978-0-12-521543-5Author UnknownMETHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 3B, Volume 3B (v. 3B)
2001978-0-12-521544-2John PaulMarine Microbiology, Volume 30 (Methods in Microbiology (Paper), 30)
1971978-0-12-521545-9Author UnknownMETHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 5B, Volume 5B (v. 5B)
1972978-0-12-521546-6   ''METHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 6B, Volume 6B (v. 6B)
  ''978-0-12-521547-3   ''METHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY,VOLUME 7B, Volume 7B (v. 7B)
1973978-0-12-521650-0Douglas H. Norrie · Gerard de VriesFinite Element Method: Fundamentals and Applications
1978978-0-12-521660-9D. H NorrieAn introduction to finite element analysis
1996978-0-12-521670-8David O. NorrisVertebrate Endocrinology, Third Edition
1992978-0-12-521685-2Deryl NorthcottCapital Investment Decision-Making (ADVANCED MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE SERIES)
1987978-0-12-521690-6J. Duane NorthcuttMechanisms for Reliable Distributed Real-Time Operating Systems: The Alpha Kernel (Perspectives in Computing) (Vol 16)
1986978-0-12-521730-9J. P. NortonIntroduction to Identification
1992978-0-12-521740-8Author UnknownThe Epidemiology of Theileriosis in Africa
1977978-0-12-521750-7Allen Noshay · James E. McGrathBlock Copolymers: Overview and Critical Survey
1979978-0-12-521850-4R. D. NortonCity Life-Cycles and American Urban Policy (Studies in Urban Economics)
1993978-0-12-521890-0Kenneth H. NorwichInformation, Sensation, and Perception
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1982978-0-12-521980-8Hymie NosselPathobiology of the Endothelial Cell (P & S biomedical sciences symposia series)
1976978-0-12-522050-7Abner Louis NotkinsViral Immunology and Immunopathology
1976978-0-12-522350-8A.A. NoujaimLiquid scintillation: Science and technology: [proceedings of the International Conference on Liquid Scintillation--Science and Technology, held at ... in Alberta, Canada on June 14-17, 1976]
1998978-0-12-522450-5Ap ProfessionalSgml Handbook
1967978-0-12-522556-4J. Novak (ed)General Topology and its Relations to Modern Analysis and Algebra II: Proceedings of the Second Prague Topological Symposium, 1966
1971978-0-12-522566-3J. Venkataraman, M. Whyburn, G.T. (Eds.) NovakGeneral topology and its relations to modern analysis and algebra III; proceedings
978-0-12-522567-0Novotny · HechtOptics on the Nanometer Scale
2009978-0-12-522568-7William NovshekMathematics for Economists, Revised Edition, Second Edition (Economic Theory, Econometrics, and Mathematical Economics)
1993978-0-12-522575-5William NovshekMathematics for Economists (Economic Theory, Econometrics, and Mathematical Economics) (Economic Theory, Econometrics, and Mathematical Economics) ... Econometrics, & Mathematical Economics)
1982978-0-12-522601-1Miles J. Novy · John A. ReskoFetal Endocrinology (ORPRC symposia on primate reproductive biology)
1986978-0-12-522620-2NowakowskaCognitive Sciences
  ''978-0-12-522621-9Author UnknownCognitive Sciences: Basic Problems, New Perspectives and Implications for Artificial Intelligence
1970978-0-12-522750-6W.W. Nowinski · Richard Johnson GossCompensatory Renal Hypertrophy
1982978-0-12-522780-3Mitsuhiro NozakiOxygenases and Oxygen Metabolism: A Symposium in Honor of Osamu Hayaishi
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1968978-0-12-522950-0Anthony G. · Nuttin, Joseph R. GreenwaldReward and Punishment in Human Learning
1972978-0-12-523050-6NussenzveigCausality and dispersion relations, Volume 95 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1961978-0-12-523250-0S. C. NyburgX-Ray Analysis of Organic Structures
1991978-0-12-523270-8James M. Nyce · Paul KahnFrom Memex To Hypertext: Vannevar Bush and the Mind's Machine
1982978-0-12-523280-7Author UnknownImmunochemotherapy: A Guide to Immunoglobulin Prophylaxis & Therapy
1986978-0-12-523282-1   ''Clinical Use of intravenous Immunoglobulins
1975978-0-12-523350-7Oddvar F NygaardRadiation research: Biomedical, chemical, and physical perspectives: proceedings of the fifth International Congress of Radiation Research held at Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., July 14-20, 1974
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1983978-0-12-523360-6Oddvar F. Nygaard · Michael G. SimicRadioprotectors and Anticarcinogens
1996978-0-12-523444-3Richard A. Nyquist · Ronald O. Kagel · Curtis L. Putzig · M. Anne LeugersHandbook of Infrared and Raman Spectra of Inorganic Compounds and Organic Salts, Four-Volume Set
  ''978-0-12-523445-0Richard A. Nyquist · Curtis L. Putzig · M. Anne LeugersHandbook of Infrared and Raman Spectra of Inorganic Compounds and Organic Salts: Text and Explanations (Infrared Raman Spectral Analysis of Inorganic Compunds & Org)
  ''978-0-12-523446-7   ''Handbook of Infrared and Raman Spectra of Inorganic Compounds and Organic Salts: Raman Spectra, Vol. 2
  ''978-0-12-523447-4   ''Handbook of Infrared and Raman Spectra of Inorganic Compounds and Organic Salts, Four-Volume Set: Handbook of Infrared and Raman Spectra of Inorganic ... Spectral Analysis of Inorganic Compounds)
1972978-0-12-523450-4Richard A. Nyquist · Ronald O. KagelHandbook of Infrared and Raman Spectra of Inorganic Compounds and Organic Salts, Four-Volume Set: Infrared Spectra of Inorganic Compounds (3800-45cm-1)
978-0-12-523470-2Interpreting Infrared, Raman, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra
2001978-0-12-523475-7Richard A. NyquistInterpreting Infrared, Raman, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra (2 volume set) (Vol 1)
1981978-0-12-523480-1Martin NystrandWhat Writers Know: The Language, Process, and Structure of Written Discourse
1986978-0-12-523482-5Martin NystrandThe Structure of Written Communication: Studies in Reciprocity between Writers and Readers
1995978-0-12-523485-6Ronald Powell · Abraham UlmanOrganic Thin Films and Surfaces, Volume 20: Directions for the Nineties
1994978-0-12-523515-0Glenn Brown · Michael OaksfordNeurodynamics and Psychology
1983978-0-12-523520-4William M. O'BarrLinguistic Evidence: Language, Power, and Strategy in the Courtroom (STUDIES ON LAW AND SOCIAL CONTROL)
1995978-0-12-523521-1William M. O'BarrLinguistic Evidence: Language, Power, and Strategy in the Courtroom (Studies on Law and Social Control)
1972978-0-12-523550-1Oceanology International, 1972
1973978-0-12-523640-9Fritz OberhettingerFourier Expansions: A Collection of Formulas
1973978-0-12-523650-8Fritz OberhettingerFourier Transforms of Distributions and Their Inverses: A Collection of Tables (Probability and mathematical statistics)
1982978-0-12-523680-5Loraine Obler · Lise MennExceptional Language and Linguistics (Perspectives in Neurolinguistics, Neuropsychology, and Psycholinguistics)
1980978-0-12-523701-7D. OborneResearch in Psychology and Medicine
  ''978-0-12-523702-4   ''Research in Psychology and Medicine: Social Aspects: Attitudes, Communication, Care and Training
1981978-0-12-523801-4Wales) International Conference on Ergonomics and Transport (1980 : Swansea · David J. Oborne · J. A. Levis · Ergonomics Research SocietyHuman Factors in Transport Research
  ''978-0-12-523802-1Wales) International Conference on Ergonomics and Transport (1980 : Swansea · David J. Oborne · J. A. Levis · Ergonomics Research SocietyHuman Factors in Transport Research
1970978-0-12-523935-6Richard Desmond O'Brien · I. YamamotoBiochemical Toxicology of Insecticides
1967978-0-12-523940-0Richard Desmond O'BrienInsecticides: Action and Metabolism
978-0-12-523960-8O'Brien Ask Mr Protocol: the Collected Writings
1986978-0-12-523970-7O'brienPineal/retinal Relationships
1996978-0-12-524039-0John E. Obrzut · George W. HyndNeuropsychological Foundations of Learning Disabilities: A Handbook of Issues, Methods, and Practice
1986978-0-12-524041-3John E. ObrzutChild Neuropsychology: Theory and Practice (Perspectives in Neurolinguistics, Neuropsychology, and Psycholinguistics)
1986978-0-12-524042-0John E. ObrzutChild Neuropsychology: Clinical Practice (Perspectives in Neurolinguistics, Neuropsychology, and Psycholinguistics Series)
  ''978-0-12-524043-7Author UnknownChild Neuropsychology, Volume 1: Volume 1: Theory and Research
  ''978-0-12-524044-4John E. ObrzutChild Neuropsychology: Clinical Practice (Perspectives in Neurolinguistics, Neuropsychology, and Psycholinguistics Series)
1970978-0-12-524050-5S. OchoaMacromolecules: Biosynthesis and Function (FEBS Proceedings)
1997978-0-12-524135-9Kevin John O'Connor · Sue AmmenPlay Therapy Treatment Planning and Interventions: The Ecosystemic Model and Workbook (Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional)
  ''978-0-12-524136-6Play Therapy Treatment Planning and Interventions **REPLACEMNT** DISK
1984978-0-12-524140-3Desmond V. O'Connor · David PhillipsTime-Correlated Single Photon Counting
1978978-0-12-524150-2Neil O'Connor · Beate HermelinSeeing and Hearing and Space and Time
1982978-0-12-524160-1Danton H. O'Day · Paula HorgenSexual Interactions in Eukaryotic Microbes (Cell biology)
2000978-0-12-524170-0Howard T. Odum · Elisabeth C. OdumModeling for All Scales: An Introduction to System Simulation
1999978-0-12-524171-7OdumModeling for All Scales: Replacement CD
1983978-0-12-524180-9Stewart Odend'halGeographical Distribution of Animal Virus Diseases (Experimental Virology)
1998978-0-12-524190-8William O'Donohue · Richard KitchenerHandbook of Behaviorism
1999978-0-12-524195-3William O'Donohue · Jane E. FisherManagement and Administration Skills for the Mental Health Professional (Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional)
2003978-0-12-524196-0William O'Donohue · Eric R. LevenskyHandbook of Forensic Psychology: Resource for Mental Health and Legal Professionals
1990978-0-12-524220-2Piergiorgio OdifreddiLogic and Computer Science (Apic Studies in Data Processing)
1978978-0-12-524250-9John U. OgbuMinority Education and Caste: The American System in Cross-Cultural Perspective (A CARNEGIE COUNCIL ON CHILDREN MONOGRAPH)
  ''978-0-12-524350-6R.E. Offord · C.Di BelloSemisynthetic Peptides and Proteins
1998978-0-12-524420-6J.F. OgilvieVibrational and Rotational Spectrometry of Diatomic Molecules (THEORETICAL CHEMISTRY; A SERIES OF MONOGRAPHS)
1972978-0-12-524450-3International Symposium on River Ecology and the Impact of ManRiver Ecology and Man: Proceedings (Environmental Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Monograph)
1979978-0-12-524550-0Elinor OchsDevelopmental Pragmatics
1966978-0-12-524650-7M. Namik OguztoreliTime-lag control systems, Volume 24 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1994978-0-12-524730-6Pearay L. Ogra · Jiri Mestecky · Michael E. Lamm · Warren Strober · Jerry R. McGhee · John BienenstockHandbook of Mucosal Immunology
1994978-0-12-524731-3Pearay L. OgraMucosal Immunology
  ''978-0-12-524732-0   ''Handbook of Mucosal Immunology
2002978-0-12-524733-7Thomas E. Ogden · Israel A. GoldbergResearch Proposals: A Guide to Success
1981978-0-12-524750-4Francis O'Grady · Harry SmithMicrobial Perturbation of Host Defenses
1987978-0-12-524755-9Francis W. O'GradyPrediction and Assessment of Antibiotic Clinical Efficacy
1986978-0-12-524940-9John J. OhalaExperimental Phonology
  ''978-0-12-524941-6John J. OhalaExperimental Phonology
1997978-0-12-524945-4Roger Ohayon · Christian SoizeStructural Acoustics and Vibration: Mechanical Models, Variational Formulations and Discretization
1971978-0-12-524950-8G. Ohloff · Alan Francis ThomasGustation and Olfaction: International Symposium (Food science and technology)
2000978-0-12-524965-2Paul O'Higgins · Martin J. CohnDevelopment, Growth and Evolution, Volume 20: Implications for the Study of the Hominid Skeleton (Linnean Society Symposium)
2001978-0-12-524975-1Milton OhringMaterials Science of Thin Films
1998978-0-12-524985-0Milton OhringReliability and Failure of Electronic Materials and Devices
1991978-0-12-524990-4   ''The Materials Science of Thin Films
1995978-0-12-524995-9   ''Engineering Materials Science
  ''978-0-12-524998-0   ''Solutions Manual to accompany Engineering Materials Science
1979978-0-12-525050-4Olagoke OlabisiPolymer-Polymer Miscibility
1998978-0-12-525090-0Teruo OkanoBiorelated Polymers and Gels: Controlled Release and Applications in Biomedical Engineering (Polymers, Interfaces and Biomaterials)
2000978-0-12-525095-5Katsunari OkamotoFundamentals of Optical Waveguides (Optics and Photonics)
2005978-0-12-525096-2Katsunari OkamotoFundamentals of Optical Waveguides (Optics & Photonics Series)
1988978-0-12-525100-6K. Okamoto · T. OshimaRepresentations of Lie Groups, Kyoto, Hiroshima, 1986. Advanced Studies in Pure and Mathematics, Volume 14
1981978-0-12-525101-3Michael O'Keeffe · Alexandra NavrotskyStructure and Bonding in Crystals: Volume I
1982978-0-12-525102-0Michael O'Keeffe · Alexandra NavrotskyStructure and Bonding in Crystals - Volume 2
1971978-0-12-525150-1G.O. OkikioluAspects of Bounded Integral Operators in Lp Spaces
2003978-0-12-525251-5Isao Okazaki · Yosifumi Ninomiya · Tanikawa Kyuichi · Scott I. FriedmanExtracellular Matrix and The Liver: Approach to Gene Therapy
1982978-0-12-525260-7Takanori OkoshiOptical Fibers
1961978-0-12-525301-7E.C. OkressCrossed-Field Microwave Devices, Vol. 1: Principal Elements of Crossed-Field Devices
  ''978-0-12-525302-4E. C. OkressCrossed-Field Microwave Devices, Vol. 2: Principal Types of Crossed-Field Devices- Analysis of Oscillator System Performance / Regional Progress and Trends
1968978-0-12-525350-5E C OkressMICROWAVE POWER ENGINEERING, Volume 2: APPLICATIONS
1968978-0-12-525352-9E C OkressMicrowave Power Engineering: v. 2
1998978-0-12-525435-9OlahSuperacids in Organic Synthesis
1991978-0-12-525440-3George A. Olah · David R. SquireChemistry of Energetic Materials