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year of publicationISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-582-22370-7Josh BroomanThe World Remade: Results of the First World War (LONGMAN TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY SERIES)
  ''978-0-582-22372-1   ''Weimar Germany: Germany, 1918-33 (LONGMAN TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY SERIES)
  ''978-0-582-22373-8   ''Hitler's Germany: Germany, 1933-45 (LONGMAN TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY SERIES)
1986978-0-582-22374-5   ''The Age of Excess: America, 1920-32 (LONGMAN TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY SERIES)
  ''978-0-582-22375-2   ''The New Deal: America 1932-45 2nd Booklet of Second Set (LONGMAN TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY SERIES)
1986978-0-582-22376-9Josh BroomanRussia in War and Revolution: Russia 1900-24 3rd Booklet of Second Set (LONGMAN TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY SERIES)
1988978-0-582-22377-6   ''Stalin and the Soviet Union: U. S. S. R., 1924-53 (LONGMAN TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY SERIES)
  ''978-0-582-22378-3   ''China Since 1900: 5th Booklet of Second Set (LONGMAN TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY SERIES)
1987978-0-582-22382-0Gordon MartelThe Origins of the First World War (Seminar Studies in History)
1984978-0-582-22389-9Jack Rosenthal · Michael Marland · Alison LeakeP'Tang, Yang, Kipperbang and Other T.V.Plays (New Longman Literature 14-18)
1986978-0-582-22445-2Stuart BlandGraphical Communication: Bk.2
1991978-0-582-22525-1Eon Harper · Gerry Price · Joyce ChesterMathematics Matters Plus: Tchrs'.Gde (Maths matters plus)
1995978-0-582-22548-0Tessa CubittLatin American Society
1994978-0-582-22555-8B Abbs · Ingrid Freebairn · L. MarianiFlying Start for Poland: Fly St Poland 2 Sbk Abbs (Discoveries)
1995978-0-582-22556-5B Abbs · Ingrid Freebairn · L. MarianiNew Discoveries: Student's Book 3
  ''978-0-582-22564-0   ''New Discoveries: Discoveries New 3 Polish Abk Abbs
1996978-0-582-22574-9Ad PutterAn Introduction to The Gawain-Poet (Longman Medieval and Renaissance Library)
1994978-0-582-22581-7A SalkeyBrother Anancy and Other Stories (Horizons)
  ''978-0-582-22583-1William Shakespeare · Roy Blatchford · Jackie HeadThe Tempest (NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE 14-18)
  ''978-0-582-22585-5Adrian Tissier · Roy BlatchfordPoems from Other Centuries (NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE 14-18)
1999978-0-582-22628-9J. Mendham · R.C. Denney · J. D. Barnes · M.J.K. ThomasVogel's Quantitative Chemical Analysis
1995978-0-582-22629-6George William C. Kaye · T.H. Laby · John G. Noyes · Geoffrey F. Phillips · Owen Jones · Jim AsherTables of Physical and Chemical Constants (Kaye & Laby)
1994978-0-582-22652-4No AuthorGCSE Spanish (Longman Revise Guides)
2000978-0-582-22657-9David CrouchThe Reign of King Stephen: 1135-1154
2000978-0-582-22658-6David CrouchThe Reign of King Stephen, 1135-1154
1995978-0-582-22692-0Mark FarrellThe World of English (Longman Background Books)
  ''978-0-582-22693-7Mark FarrellThe World of English (Longman Background Books)
  ''978-0-582-22696-8Ian McKenzie-Smith · Edward HughesHughes Electrical Technology
  ''978-0-582-22708-8Eleanor LawrenceHenderson's Dictionary of Biological Terms
1996978-0-582-22709-5Dr Andrew R.W. Jackson · Dr Julie M. JacksonEnvironmental Science: The Natural Environment and Human Impacts
1994978-0-582-22720-0J.P.D. DunbabinThe Post-Imperial Age: The Great Powers and the Wider World: International Relations Since 1945: a history in two volumes: Post-imperial Age: The ... and the Wider World v. 2 (The Postwar World)
  ''978-0-582-22732-3Dr Velma PollardHomestretch (Longman Caribbean Writers)
1998978-0-582-22775-0Dr. Paul BentleyThe Poetry of Ted Hughes: Language, Illusion & Beyond: Language, Illusion and Beyond (Longman Studies In Twentieth Century Literature)
2002978-0-582-22777-4David FairerEnglish Poetry of the Eighteenth Century, 1700-1789 (Longman Literature In English Series)
1994978-0-582-22785-9Helen Naylor · Stuart HaggerPaths to Proficiency: Practice Exams
1993978-0-582-22786-6Mr Brian Abbs · Ingrid Freebairn · Luciano MarianiFlying Start: Students' Bk. 1 (Discoveries)
1993978-0-582-22790-3Steve ElsworthFlying Start: Activity Bk. 1 (Discoveries)
1994978-0-582-22791-0Steve ElsworthFlying Start: Activity Bk. 2 (Discoveries)
1993978-0-582-22794-1Brian Abbs · Ingrid FreebairnFlying Start: Teachers' Bk. 1 (Discoveries)
1995978-0-582-22795-8Brian Abbs · Ingrid Freebairn · M LucianoFlying Start: Teachers' Bk.2 (Discoveries)
1994978-0-582-22798-9Julie GabrielZoology (Longman Handbooks)
1995978-0-582-22800-9Roy Kingsbury · Felicity O'Dell · Guy WellmanCAE Advantage: Workbook with Key
2002978-0-582-22816-0Roger MagrawFrance, 1800-1914: A Social History (Social History of Europe)
1994978-0-582-22817-7Paul JohnsonTwentieth-Century Britain: Economic, Social, and Cultural Change
1993978-0-582-22819-1W. BoltonLaplace and Z-Transforms (Mathematics For Engineers)
1997978-0-582-22857-3Prof Michael J. Benton · Dr David A.T. HarperBasic Palaeontology
1996978-0-582-22865-8Ian F. SpellerbergConservation Biology
1997978-0-582-22878-8Steve Elsworth · Michael Harris · Luciano MarianiGo!: Teacher's Book Level 3
1996978-0-582-22879-5Patricia Mugglestone · Michael Harris · Steve ElsworthGo!: Teacher's Book Level 2
  ''978-0-582-22880-1Steve Elsworth · Michael Harris · Luciano MarianiGo!: Teacher's Book Level 1
1997978-0-582-22882-5   ''Go!: Activity Book Level 3
1996978-0-582-22883-2Steve Elsworth · Michael Harris · Luciano MarianiGo! 2 Activity Book: Activity Book 2
1997978-0-582-22886-3   ''Go! 3 Students' Book: Students' Book Level 3
1996978-0-582-22887-0   ''Go!: Students' Book Level 2
  ''978-0-582-22888-7   ''Go!: Students' Book Level 1
  ''978-0-582-22895-5Ian Marsh · Mr Mike Keating · Anne Eyre · Dr Janet Mckenzie · Rosie Campbell · Tony FinneganMaking Sense of Society: Introduction to Sociology
1994978-0-582-22911-2G. C. LovedayElectronic Fault Diagnosis
  ''978-0-582-22913-6W. BoltonEngineering Science
  ''978-0-582-22941-9Chris Cook · John StevensonBritain in the Depression: Society and Politics 1929-39
2011978-0-582-22942-6Richard MiddletonThe War of American Independence: 1775-1783 (Modern Wars In Perspective)
1998978-0-582-22944-0M.S. AndersonThe Origins of the Modern European State System, 1494-1618
1998978-0-582-22945-7M.S. AndersonThe Origins of the Modern European State System, 1494-1618
1994978-0-582-22968-6F. HallBuilding Services and Equipment: Volume 2: v. 2
1996978-0-582-22971-6Roy KingsburyGrammar Plus: Bk. 1
1994978-0-582-22983-9Mr Brian Abbs · Ingrid Freebairn · Marcia Fisk OngAmerican Blueprint: Bk. 1
  ''978-0-582-22989-1Mr Brian Abbs · Ingrid FreebairnAmerican Blueprint: 4 Level Version Workbook 1
1995978-0-582-22994-5Nina O'Driscoll · Fiona Scott-BarrettBusiness Challenges: Course Book
1996978-0-582-22995-2Nina O'Driscoll · Fiona Scott-BarrettBusiness Challenges: Teacher's Resource Book (Longman Business English Skills)
1995978-0-582-22996-9Nina O'Driscoll · Fiona Scott-Barrett · Fiona Scott-BarrattBusiness Challenges: Study Book
1996978-0-582-22998-3   ''Business Challenges: Study Cassette (Longman Business English Skills)
  ''978-0-582-22999-0Nina O'Driscoll · Fiona Scott-BarrettBusiness Challenges: Class Cassette Set (Longman Business English Skills)
  ''978-0-582-23037-8Mr Brian Abbs · Ingrid FreebairnNew Discoveries
1995978-0-582-23070-5A. M. NevilleProperties of Concrete
1996978-0-582-23080-4Dr A. HallIgneous Petrology
1994978-0-582-23139-9F. HallBuilding Services and Equipment: Volume 3: v. 3
1998978-0-582-23154-2Graeme KennedyAn Introduction to Corpus Linguistics (Studies in Language and Linguistics)
  ''978-0-582-23182-5Margaret PellingThe Common Lot: Sickness, Medical Occupations and the Urban Poor in Early Modern England (Readers in Urban History)
1994978-0-582-23199-3Derek W. UrwinThe Community of Europe: A History of European Integration Since 1945 (The Postwar World)
1995978-0-582-23349-2NCCT · Michael VokinsNuffield Advanced Science: Chemistry (NUFFIELD ADVANCE SCIENCE - REVISED EDITIONS)
1970978-0-582-23368-3Sid ChaplinLeaping Lad and Other Stories (Imprint Books)
1994978-0-582-23399-7W. BoltonOrdinary Differential Equations (Mathematics For Engineers)
2001978-0-582-23415-4Andreas KappelerThe Russian Empire: A Multi-ethnic History
1994978-0-582-23421-5John O. Bird · A.J.C. MayMathematics for Electrical Technicians: Level 4-5 (Longman Technician)
1994978-0-582-23424-6J.O. Bird · A.J.C. MayTechnician Mathematics: Level 3
  ''978-0-582-23425-3John Bird · A.J.C. MayTechnician Mathematics: Level 4/5 (Longman Technician Series. Mathematics & Sciences)
  ''978-0-582-23426-0J.O. Bird · A.J.C. MayTechnician Mathematics: Level 1
1994978-0-582-23427-7J.O. Bird · A.J.C. MayTechnician Mathematics: Level 2
1996978-0-582-23469-7Nuffield FoundationNuffield Design and Technology: Product Design
1994978-0-582-23472-7Alastair PennycookThe Cultural Politics of English as an International Language (Language In Social Life)
  ''978-0-582-23473-4Alastair PennycookThe Cultural Politics of English as an International Language (Language in Social Life)
1997978-0-582-23496-3Dr Eleanor MorrisBritish Town Planning and Urban Design: Principles and Policy
1986978-0-582-23561-8K.A. HesseBasic Multiple Tables (Longman Learn at Home Books)
  ''978-0-582-23596-0E. Adams · A. RossBasic Joined-up Handwriting: Bk. 1 (Longman Learn At Home Books)
  ''978-0-582-23597-7E. Adams · A. RossBasic Joined-Up Handwriting: Bk. 2 (Longman Learn At Home Books)
1996978-0-582-23632-5H. Cohen · Prof G.F.C. Rogers · H.I.H. SaravanamuttooGas Turbine Theory
1994978-0-582-23644-8A. BannisterSolving Problems in Surveying
  ''978-0-582-23652-3F. HallBuilding Services and Equipment: Volume 1: v. 1
1995978-0-582-23654-7Frank J. Giannasi · Robert J. LowMaths for Computing and Information Technology (Essential Maths For Students)
1994978-0-582-23656-1Dr R.H. Barnard · Dr D.R. PhilpottAircraft Flight: A Description of the Physical Principles of Aircraft Flight
1994978-0-582-23658-5Bryan J.B. GauldStructures for Architects
1995978-0-582-23659-2Gordon BlowerPlumbing: Bk. 1: Mechanical Services
1994978-0-582-23664-6Charles Dickens · Roy Blatchford · Geoff BartonA Christmas Carol (NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE 11-14)
1995978-0-582-23694-3Act Multimedia LongmanLongman Interactive English Dictionary: Disc (Windows) Global Edition (CD-ROM Longman)
1994978-0-582-23699-8Ken Saro-WiwaSozaboy: A Novel in Rotten English (Longman African Writers/Classics)
1999978-0-582-23706-3Prof Richard WilsonChristopher Marlowe (Longman Critical Readers)
1996978-0-582-23714-8David PunterThe Literature of Terror: A History of Gothic Fiction from 1765 to the Edwardian Age [Volume 1]
1993978-0-582-23720-9Addison Wesley Longman · LongmanLongman Dictionary of English Language and Culture
1999978-0-582-23725-4Prof Douglas Biber · Edward Finegan · Stig Johansson · Dr Susan Conrad · Geoffrey LeechLongman Grammar of Spoken and Written English
2002978-0-582-23726-1Prof Douglas Biber · Dr Susan Conrad · Geoffrey LeechLongman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English (Grammar Reference)
  ''978-0-582-23727-8Prof Douglas Biber · Geoffrey Leech · Dr Susan ConradThe Longman's Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English (Grammar Reference)
1995978-0-582-23740-7Mr A.C. KermodeMechanics of Flight
1994978-0-582-23741-4W. BoltonComplex Numbers (Mathematics For Engineers)
1995978-0-582-23748-3A C KermodeLongman Dictionary of Contemporary English
  ''978-0-582-23749-0Della SummersLongman Dictionary of Contemporary English: Low-Priced Edition
  ''978-0-582-23750-6LongmanLongman Dictionary of Contemporary English
1996978-0-582-23752-0N D Turton · J B HeatonLongman Dictionary of Common Errors
1997978-0-582-23753-7Miriam Jacob · Peter StruttEnglish for International Tourism Coursebook (English for Tourism)
  ''978-0-582-23754-4Miriam Jacob · Peter StruttEnglish for International Tourism: Teacher's Resource Book (English for Tourism)
1997978-0-582-23755-1Miriam Jacob · Peter StruttEnglish for International Tourism: Coursebook Cassettes 1-2 (English for Tourism)
1994978-0-582-23757-5Robert M.L.S. O'NeillLongman English Works: Level 1 CD-Rom Disk (LEW)
1995978-0-582-23766-7J. RhysYork Notes on "Wide Sargasso Sea" by Jean Rhys
2000978-0-582-23852-7Jennifer MoriBritain in the Age of the French Revolution: 1785 - 1820
1995978-0-582-23853-4Prof Hugh CunninghamChildren and Childhood in Western Society Since 1500 (Studies In Modern History)
  ''978-0-582-23854-1   ''Children and Childhood in Western Society Since 1500 (Studies In Modern History)
1994978-0-582-23865-7Brian Abel-SmithAn Introduction To Health: Policy, Planning and Financing
1995978-0-582-23869-5K. R. Trethewey · Kenneth R. TretheweyCorrosion for Science and Engineering: For Students of Science and Engineering
  ''978-0-582-23881-7Luciano Cheles · Ronald Ferguson · Michalina VaughanThe Far Right in Western and Eastern Europe
1997978-0-582-23888-6Alan G. R. SmithThe Emergence of a Nation State: The Commonwealth of England 1529-1660 (Foundations of Modern Britain)
1998978-0-582-23889-3James A SharpeCrime in Early Modern England 1550-1750 (Themes In British Social History)
1994978-0-582-23908-1Mr Brian Abbs · Anne Worrall · Ms Ann WardSplash!: Teachers' Book Bk. 4
2004978-0-582-23925-8Gwynne LewisFrance 1715-1804: Power and the People (Social History of Europe)
1997978-0-582-23932-6Dr S.R. Buxton · Prof S.M. RobertsGuide to Organic Stereochemistry: From Methane to Macromolecules
1994978-0-582-23934-0W. BoltonFourier Series (Mathematics For Engineers)
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1995978-0-582-24197-8F. OpenshawHairdressing Science
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1996978-0-582-24313-2Dr James A. Harris · Dr John Palmer · Prof Paul BirchLand Restoration and Reclamation: Principles and Practice
1994978-0-582-24357-6A SteinherrThirty Years of European Monetary Integration: From the Werner Plan to EMU
1994978-0-582-24476-4Ian Marcouse · David Lines · Ian MarcourseBusiness Case Studies: Answer Guide
  ''978-0-582-24478-8S. HammondBusiness Studies: Teachers' Guide
  ''978-0-582-24481-8Ian Marcouse · David LinesBusiness Case Studies for Advanced Level
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1997978-0-582-24521-1Peter BurberryEnvironment and Services (Mitchells Building Series)
2000978-0-582-24559-4Christopher (St Catherine'S College University Of Cambridge) ClarkKaiser Wilhelm II (Profiles In Power)
  ''978-0-582-24560-0Dr Christopher ClarkKaiser Wilhelm (Profiles In Power)
  ''978-0-582-24562-4J.M. DennisThe Rise and Fall of the German Democratic Republic 1945-1990
1995978-0-582-24574-7Susan HalliwellEnseigner l'anglais à l'école primaire
1994978-0-582-24578-5Stephen Barnes · David Lines · J. Wales · N. WallNuffield Economics and Business (Nuffield economics & business)
1994978-0-582-24591-4William Shakespeare · Roy BlatchfordRomeo and Juliet (NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE)
  ''978-0-582-24592-1   ''Macbeth (NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE)
1996978-0-582-24632-4Dr Michael CommonEnvironmental and Resource Economics: an Introduction
1997978-0-582-24691-1Prof William O'Grady · Prof Michael Dobrovolsky · Prof Francis KatambaContemporary Linguistics: An Introduction (Learning About Language)
1996978-0-582-24732-1Dr C.F. MasonBiology of Freshwater Pollution
2002978-0-582-24737-6John A. ThompsonWoodrow Wilson (Profiles In Power)
1997978-0-582-24742-0LongmanLongman Essential Activator: Put Your Ideas into Words
1995978-0-582-24745-1Herbert Puchta · Gunter Gerngross · Robin Davis · Christian HolzmannMagic Time: Teacher's Book Bk. 1
  ''978-0-582-24746-8Herbert Puchta · Gunter Gerngross · Robin Davis · Christian HolzmannMagic Time: Class Cassette Set Level 1
1996978-0-582-24751-2   ''Magic Time: Teacher's Book Bk. 2
  ''978-0-582-24752-9   ''Magic Time: Class Cassette Set Level 2
  ''978-0-582-24790-1Gaynor (Formerly Chair Winyard · G. WinyardA Guide for Health and Beauty Therapists: Volume 1: Face, Hands and Feet: Face, Hands and Feet Vol 1
1995978-0-582-24791-8Mr Brian Abbs · Ingrid FreebairnNew Blueprint Intermediate Class (2 Cassette Set): Class Cassette Set
1997978-0-582-24795-6Longman Interactive American Dictionary: IBM - Global Edition
1997978-0-582-24807-6Ms Ann Ward · Anne WorrallKeskidee Integrated Language Arts for the Caribbean: Teacher's Guide 6
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1996978-0-582-24879-3Leo Van LierInteraction in the Language Curriculum: Awareness, Autonomy and Authenticity (Applied Linguistics and Language Study)
2002978-0-582-24883-0R. J. CramptonThe Balkans Since the Second World War (The Postwar World)
1995978-0-582-24888-5Virginia EvansRound-up: Teachers' Book Bk.4: English Grammar Practice (Round Up Grammar Practice)
  ''978-0-582-24889-2Virginia EvansRound-up: Teachers' Book Bk.3: English Grammar Practice (Round Up Grammar Practice)
1995978-0-582-24890-8Virginia EvansRound-up: Teachers' Book Bk.1: English Grammar Practice (Round Up Grammar Practice)
  ''978-0-582-24891-5   ''Round-up: Teachers' Book Bk.2: English Grammar Practice (Round Up Grammar Practice)
1996978-0-582-24917-2John D. HargreavesDecolonization in Africa (The Postwar World)
1995978-0-582-24949-3Ad De BontMirad, a Boy from Bosnia (New Longman Dictionary)
1996978-0-582-24993-6Dr Robin J. WilsonIntroduction to Graph Theory
1997978-0-582-24994-3R.H. RobinsA Short History of Linguistics (Longman Linguistics Library)
1987978-0-582-25071-0Ellen Blance · Ann CookMonster Books: Monster Makes Music Bk. 29
1988978-0-582-25109-0J. HoenschA History of Modern Hungary, 1867-1986
2001978-0-582-25111-3John MoorheadThe Roman Empire Divided: 400-700: The Post-Roman World, 400-700
1996978-0-582-25146-5Clive EmsleyCrime and Society in England, 1750-1900 (Themes In British Social History)
1998978-0-582-25161-8Paul Boyle · Keith H. (University Of Wales Swansea) Halfacree · Vaughan (University Of Wales Swansea) RobinsonExploring Contemporary Migration
1996978-0-582-25164-9P.P. Benham · Prof R.J. Crawford · Dr C.G. ArmstrongMechanics of Engineering Materials
  ''978-0-582-25185-4Dr S.R. LoganFundamentals of Chemical Kinetics
1995978-0-582-25242-4Mr G. LovedayElectronic Testing and Fault Diagnosis
  ''978-0-582-25332-2Roger Gower · Jan BellPre-Intermediate Matters: Class Cassette Set
  ''978-0-582-25335-3Roger Gower · Jan BellPre-Intermediate Matters: Student's Book (Matters Series)
1995978-0-582-25336-0Sarah CunninghamPre-intermediate Matters: Workbook with Key
  ''978-0-582-25338-4Sarah CunninghamPre-intermediate Matters: Teachers' Book
  ''978-0-582-25339-1   ''Pre-Intermediate Matters: Workbook Cassette
1996978-0-582-25346-9Arthur Aughey · Duncan MorrowNorthern Ireland Politics
1998978-0-582-25356-8Eleanor LawrenceLongman Dictionary of Environmental Science
1997978-0-582-25374-2Derek W. UrwinA Political History of Western Europe Since 1945
1995978-0-582-25386-5Linda Marsh · Michael MarlandTravel Writing: Major Writers Travel the World (NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE 14-18)
1996978-0-582-25391-9Geoff Barton · Michael MarlandGenres: A Collection of Styles and Forms (NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE 14-18)
1994978-0-582-25396-4Richard B Sheridan · Roy Blatchford · Jacqueline FisherThe Rivals: AND The School for Scandal (NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE 14-18)
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1995978-0-582-25398-8Ruth Prawer Jhabvala · Roy Blatchford · Barbara BleimanHeat and Dust (NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE 14-18)
  ''978-0-582-25399-5Susan Hill · Roy Blatchford · Jackie HeadThe Mist in the Mirror (NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE 14-18)
1995978-0-582-25401-5Julia Markus · Dr Paul Jordan · Roy BlatchfordPoems 2 (NEW LONGMAN LITERATURE 14-18)