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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-903654-00-2Matt Jones · Mark Michalowski · Steven Moffat · Daniel O'Mahony · Kate Orman · Eddie Robson · Cavan Scott · Dave StoneThe Dead Men Diaries: A Short Story Collection (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
2000978-1-903654-01-9Stephen ColeThe Apocalypse Element (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-02-6Steve LyonsDoctor Who: Fires of Vulcan
  ''978-1-903654-03-3Justin RichardsDragons' Wrath (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
2005978-1-903654-04-0Justin RichardsThe Doomsday Manuscript (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
2001978-1-903654-05-7Gary Russell · Alan W. LearMinuet in Hell (Doctor Who)
1999978-1-903654-09-5Mark GatissPhantasmagoria (Doctor Who)
2000978-1-903654-10-1Robert ShearmanThe Holy Terror (Doctor Who)
2005978-1-903654-13-2Jacqueline RaynerThe Squire's Crystal (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
2001978-1-903654-15-6Nicholas BriggsSword of Orion (Doctor Who)
2005978-1-903654-16-3Dave StoneThe Infernal Nexus (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
2000978-1-903654-17-0Jacqueline RaynerThe Marian Conspiracy (Doctor Who)
1998978-1-903654-19-4Kate Orman · Lisa BowermanWalking to Babylon (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
2000978-1-903654-20-0Paul Cornell · Sylvester McCoy · Sophie Aldred · Lisa BowermanThe Shadow of the Scourge (Doctor Who)
2001978-1-903654-21-7Nicholas BriggsDoctor Who: The Mutant Phase
2005978-1-903654-23-1Stephen ColeThe Gods of the Underworld (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
2001978-1-903654-24-8Alan Barnes · Paul McGannStorm Warning (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-25-5Paul MagrsThe Stones of Venice (Doctor Who)
1999978-1-903654-28-6Nicholas BriggsThe Sirens of Time (Doctor Who)
2001978-1-903654-29-3Marc PlattLoups-Garoux (Doctor Who)
1998978-1-903654-30-9Paul CornellOh No it Isn't! (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
2001978-1-903654-32-3Jonathan MorrisBloodtide (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-33-0Mike TuckerDust Breeding (Doctor Who)
1998978-1-903654-34-7Matt JonesBeyond the Sun (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
1999978-1-903654-35-4Lance Parkin · Lisa BowermanJust War (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
2003978-1-903654-36-1Nigel RobinsonBirthright (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
2001978-1-903654-37-8Nicholas BriggsDalek Empire 1.1 - Invasion of the Daleks (Doctor Who S.)
2001978-1-903654-38-5Nicholas BriggsDalek Empire 1.2 - The Human Factor (Doctor Who S.)
  ''978-1-903654-39-2   ''Dalek Empire 1.3 - "Death to the Daleks!" (Doctor Who S.)
2002978-1-903654-40-8   ''Dalek Empire 1.4 - Project Infinity (Doctor Who S.)
2005978-1-903654-41-5Jacqueline RaynerProfessor Bernice Summerfield and the Glass Prison (Professor Bernice Summerfield Collection)
  ''978-1-903654-44-6Paul CornellA Life of Surprises (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
2001978-1-903654-45-3Cavan Scott · Mark WrightDoctor Who - Project: Twilight (Audio Book)
  ''978-1-903654-47-7Steve LyonsColditz (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-49-1Ian McLaughlinThe Eye of the Scorpion (Doctor Who)
978-1-903654-50-7Gary RussellDeadliest Species (Tomorrow People)
2001978-1-903654-51-4Lance ParkinPrimeval (Doctor Who)
2016978-1-903654-52-1James FollettMindwarp: Chapter One (Earthsearch)
2003978-1-903654-53-8James FollettMindwarp: Chapter Two (Earthsearch)
978-1-903654-54-5   ''Mindwarp - Chapter Three (Earthsearch)
2001978-1-903654-56-9Gareth Roberts · Clayton HickmanThe One Doctor (Doctor Who)
2002978-1-903654-57-6Mark GatissInvaders from Mars (Doctor Who)
2002978-1-903654-58-3Robert ShearmanThe Chimes of Midnight (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-59-0Paul Cornell · Caroline SymcoxSeasons of Fear (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-60-6Nicholas BriggsEmbrace the Darkness (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-61-3Justin RichardsThe Time of the Daleks (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-62-0Alan BarnesNeverland (Doctor Who)
2002978-1-903654-63-7Paul MagrsExcelis Dawns (Doctor Who - Excelis)
  ''978-1-903654-64-4David A. McInteeExcelis Rising (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-65-1Craig HintonExcelis Decays (Doctor Who)
978-1-903654-67-5Austen AtkinsonThe Ghosts of Mendez (Tomorrow People)
978-1-903654-68-2Mike TuckerThe Sign of Diolyx (Tomorrow People)
2002978-1-903654-70-5Steve Cole · Lisa BowermanThe Plague Herds of Excelis (Professor Bernice Summerfield)
  ''978-1-903654-72-9Marc PlattSpare Parts (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-73-6Phil Pascoe..Ish (Doctor Who)
2002978-1-903654-74-3Joseph LidsterThe Rapture (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-75-0Cavan Scott · Mark WrightThe Church and the Crown (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-76-7Simon A. ForwardThe Sandman (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-77-4Gareth Roberts · Clayton HickmanBang-bang-a-boom! (Doctor Who)
  ''978-1-903654-78-1Gary RussellReal Time (Doctor Who)
978-1-903654-83-5Dave StoneJudge Dredd Killing Zone (2000 AD)
2002978-1-903654-90-3Robert ShearmanThe Maltese Penguin (Doctor Who)
2002978-1-903654-91-0Paul McGannBig Finish Talks Back: A Conversation with the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann [DVD]
  ''978-1-903654-92-7Terrance DicksComeback (Sarah Jane Smith)
  ''978-1-903654-93-4Barry LettsThe Tao Connection (Sarah Jane Smith)
  ''978-1-903654-94-1David BishopTest of Nerve (Sarah Jane Smith)
  ''978-1-903654-95-8Rupert LaightGhost Town (Sarah Jane Smith)
2002978-1-903654-96-5Peter AnghelidesMirror, Signal, Manoeuvre (Sarah Jane Smith)