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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2017978-0-8308-5101-0Evelyne A. ReisacherDynamics of Muslim Worlds: Regional, Theological, and Missiological Perspectives (Missiological Engagements)
2018978-0-8308-5103-4Wanjiru M. GitauMegachurch Christianity Reconsidered: Millennials and Social Change in African Perspective (Missiological Engagements)
2017978-0-8308-5123-2Tawa J. Anderson · W. Michael Clark · David K. NaugleAn Introduction to Christian Worldview: Pursuing God's Perspective in a Pluralistic World
2016978-0-8308-5124-9Glenn R. PaauwSaving the Bible from Ourselves: Learning to Read and Live the Bible Well
2015978-0-8308-5131-7Michael KibbeFrom Topic to Thesis: A Guide to Theological Research
2016978-0-8308-5138-6Gerald R. McDermottThe New Christian Zionism: Fresh Perspectives on Israel and the Land
  ''978-0-8308-5143-0Jack O. Balswick · Pamela Ebstyne King · Kevin S. ReimerThe Reciprocating Self: Human Development in Theological Perspective (Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books)
  ''978-0-8308-5145-4Brian Han GreggWhat Does the Bible Say About Suffering?
  ''978-0-8308-5150-8Justo L. GonzálezThe Mestizo Augustine: A Theologian Between Two Cultures
  ''978-0-8308-5152-2William EdgarCreated and Creating: A Biblical Theology of Culture
2016978-0-8308-5153-9John GoldingayBiblical Theology: The God of the Christian Scriptures
2017978-0-8308-5162-1James M. Todd IIISinai and the Saints: Reading Old Covenant Laws for the New Covenant Community
  ''978-0-8308-5169-0David L. BakerThe Decalogue: Living as the People of God
  ''978-0-8308-5170-6E. Randolph Richards · Joseph R. DodsonA Little Book for New Bible Scholars (Little Books)
  ''978-0-8308-5172-0Kenneth J. StewartIn Search of Ancient Roots: The Christian Past and the Evangelical Identity Crisis
  ''978-0-8308-5173-7Ben Witherington IIIA Week in the Fall of Jerusalem (Week in the Life)
2017978-0-8308-5183-6N. T. WrightExile: A Conversation with N. T. Wright
  ''978-0-8308-5185-0Robert H. SteinJesus the Messiah: A Survey of the Life of Christ
  ''978-0-8308-5188-1Christopher A. HallLiving Wisely with the Church Fathers
  ''978-0-8308-5191-1David B. Capes · Rodney Reeves · E. Randolph RichardsRediscovering Paul: An Introduction to His World, Letters, and Theology
  ''978-0-8308-5192-8John H. WaltonOld Testament Theology for Christians: From Ancient Context to Enduring Belief
2018978-0-8308-5198-0Alec HillJust Business: Christian Ethics for the Marketplace
2018978-0-8308-5199-7John GoldingayThe First Testament: A New Translation
  ''978-0-8308-5200-0Tremper Longman III · John H. WaltonThe Lost World of the Flood: Mythology, Theology, and the Deluge Debate
  ''978-0-8308-5201-7Craig D. AllertEarly Christian Readings of Genesis One: Patristic Exegesis and Literal Interpretation (Biologos Books on Science and Christianity)
  ''978-0-8308-5204-8Elaine StorkeyScars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women
  ''978-0-8308-5205-5Stephen D. Lowe · Mary E. LoweEcologies of Faith in a Digital Age: Spiritual Growth Through Online Education
2018978-0-8308-5209-3Matthew E. GordleyNew Testament Christological Hymns: Exploring Texts, Contexts, and Significance
  ''978-0-8308-5210-9Haley Goranson JacobConformed to the Image of His Son: Reconsidering Paul's Theology of Glory in Romans
  ''978-0-8308-5211-6Adam WinnReading Mark's Christology Under Caesar: Jesus the Messiah and Roman Imperial Ideology
  ''978-0-8308-5212-3F. F. BruceThe Canon of Scripture
  ''978-0-8308-5213-0Christopher J. H. WrightThe Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible's Grand Narrative
2018978-0-8308-5217-8David A. deSilvaAn Introduction to the New Testament: Contexts, Methods & Ministry Formation
  ''978-0-8308-5218-5Craig G. Bartholomew · Ryan P. O'DowdOld Testament Wisdom Literature: A Theological Introduction
  ''978-0-8308-5220-8Craig M. GayModern Technology and the Human Future: A Christian Appraisal
  ''978-0-8308-5221-5James E. PlueddemannTeaching Across Cultures: Contextualizing Education for Global Mission
2019978-0-8308-5223-9Jackson W.Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes: Honor and Shame in Paul's Message and Mission
  ''978-0-8308-5225-3Christopher J.H. WrightThe Old Testament in Seven Sentences: A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic (Introductions in Seven Sentences)
2020978-0-8308-5226-0Catherine J. WrightSpiritual Practices of Jesus: Learning Simplicity, Humility, and Prayer with Luke's Earliest Readers
2019978-0-8308-5227-7Amanda W. BenckhuysenThe Gospel According to Eve: A History of Women's Interpretation
2019978-0-8308-5228-4Joseph R. Dodson · David E. Briones · John M. G. BarclayPaul and the Giants of Philosophy: Reading the Apostle in Greco-Roman Context
  ''978-0-8308-5229-1Kevin KinghornBut What About God's Wrath?: The Compelling Love Story of Divine Anger
2020978-0-8308-5231-4Ben Witherington III · Jason A. MyersVoices and Views on Paul: Exploring Scholarly Trends
2019978-0-8308-5232-1David R. BauerThe Gospel of the Son of God: An Introduction to Matthew
  ''978-0-8308-5234-5John P. Burgess · Jerry Andrews · Joseph D. SmallA Pastoral Rule for Today: Reviving an Ancient Practice
  ''978-0-8308-5235-2Scott M. ManetschThe Reformation and the Irrepressible Word of God: Interpretation, Theology, and Practice
  ''978-0-8308-5239-0Bethany McKinney FoxDisability and the Way of Jesus: Holistic Healing in the Gospels and the Church
2019978-0-8308-5240-6Oscar García-JohnsonSpirit Outside the Gate: Decolonial Pneumatologies of the American Global South (Missiological Engagements)
  ''978-0-8308-5241-3John H. Walton · J. Harvey WaltonThe Lost World of the Torah: Law as Covenant and Wisdom in Ancient Context
  ''978-0-8308-5247-5Jayson GeorgesMinistering in Patronage Cultures: Biblical Models and Missional Implications
  ''978-0-8308-5248-2Ben Witherington IIIPriscilla: The Life of an Early Christian
  ''978-0-8308-5249-9William J. Webb · Gordan K. OesteBloody, Brutal, and Barbaric?: Wrestling with Troubling War Texts
2019978-0-8308-5250-5Jacob ShatzerTranshumanism and the Image of God: Today's Technology and the Future of Christian Discipleship
  ''978-0-8308-5255-0Wm. Curtis HoltzenThe God Who Trusts: A Relational Theology of Divine Faith, Hope, and Love
  ''978-0-8308-5257-4Elijah Hixson · Peter J. Gurry · Daniel B. WallaceMyths and Mistakes in New Testament Textual Criticism
  ''978-0-8308-5258-1Matthew Y. Emerson"He Descended to the Dead": An Evangelical Theology of Holy Saturday
  ''978-0-8308-5261-1John A. BernbaumOpening the Red Door: The Inside Story of Russia's First Christian Liberal Arts University
2019978-0-8308-5262-8Michael LeFebvreThe Liturgy of Creation: Understanding Calendars in Old Testament Context
  ''978-0-8308-5263-5S. Joshua SwamidassThe Genealogical Adam and Eve: The Surprising Science of Universal Ancestry
  ''978-0-8308-5264-2Kevin S. ChenThe Messianic Vision of the Pentateuch
2020978-0-8308-5266-6G. K. Beale · Benjamin L. GladdThe Story Retold: A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament
  ''978-0-8308-5270-3Thomas R. SchreinerPaul, Apostle of God's Glory in Christ: A Pauline Theology
  ''978-0-8308-5272-7Hak Joon Lee · Tim Dearborn · Mark LabbertonDiscerning Ethics: Diverse Christian Responses to Divisive Moral Issues
2020978-0-8308-5275-8E. Randolph Richards · Richard JamesMisreading Scripture with Individualist Eyes: Patronage, Honor, and Shame in the Biblical World
  ''978-0-8308-5276-5Douglas HarinkResurrecting Justice: Reading Romans for the Life of the World
  ''978-0-8308-5277-2Adam WinnKilling a Messiah: A Novel
  ''978-0-8308-5282-6Charles E. CothermanTo Think Christianly: A History of L'Abri, Regent College, and the Christian Study Center Movement
  ''978-0-8308-5283-3Matthew Nelson HillEmbracing Evolution: How Understanding Science Can Strengthen Your Christian Life
2020978-0-8308-5284-0Christina Bieber LakeThe Flourishing Teacher: Vocational Renewal for a Sacred Profession
  ''978-0-8308-5285-7Robert Chao RomeroBrown Church: Five Centuries of Latina/o Social Justice, Theology, and Identity
  ''978-0-8308-5287-1J.B. Stump · Chad MeisterOriginal Sin and the Fall: Five Views (Spectrum Multiview Book)
2018978-0-8308-5291-8Robert C. Bishop · Larry L. Funck · Raymond J. Lewis · Stephen O. Moshier · John H. WaltonUnderstanding Scientific Theories of Origins: Cosmology, Geology, and Biology in Christian Perspective (Biologos Books on Science and Christianity)
2016978-0-8308-5307-6David Wenham · Steve WaltonExploring the New Testament: A Guide to the Gospels and Acts (Exploring the Bible)
  ''978-0-8308-5308-3I. Howard Marshall · Stephen Travis · Ian PaulExploring the New Testament: A Guide to the Letters and Revelation (Exploring the Bible)
  ''978-0-8308-5309-0Gordon J. WenhamExploring the Old Testament: A Guide to the Pentateuch (Exploring the Bible)
2016978-0-8308-5310-6Philip E. Satterthwaite · J. Gordon McConvilleExploring the Old Testament: A Guide to the Historical Books (Exploring the Bible)
  ''978-0-8308-5311-3Ernest C. LucasExploring the Old Testament: A Guide to the Psalms and Wisdom Literature (Exploring the Bible)
  ''978-0-8308-5312-0J. Gordon McConvilleExploring the Old Testament: A Guide to the Prophets (Exploring the Bible)
2020978-0-8308-5320-5Tremper Longman IIIHow to Read Daniel
  ''978-0-8308-5324-3Gavin OrtlundRetrieving Augustine's Doctrine of Creation: Ancient Wisdom for Current Controversy
  ''978-0-8308-5332-8Gary M. Burge · David LauberLife Questions Every Student Asks: Faithful Responses to Common Issues
2020978-0-8308-5335-9Christopher J. H. Wright"Here Are Your Gods": Faithful Discipleship in Idolatrous Times
2003978-0-8308-5364-9Vaughan RobertsGod's Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible
2004978-0-8308-5366-3Graeme GoldsworthyPrayer and the Knowledge of God: What the Whole Bible Teaches
2005978-0-8308-5367-0Vaughan RobertsLife's Big Questions: Six Major Themes Traced Through the Bible
2006978-0-8308-5368-7Stephen SizerChristian Zionism: Road-map to Armageddon?
2008978-0-8308-5369-4Stephen SizerZion's Christian Soldiers?: The Bible, Israel and the Church
2020978-0-8308-5383-0Muriel I. Elmer · Duane H. ElmerThe Learning Cycle: Insights for Faithful Teaching from Neuroscience and the Social Sciences
2019978-0-8308-5387-8Gerald L. Hiestand · Todd WilsonTending Soul, Mind, and Body: The Art and Science of Spiritual Formation (Center for Pastor Theologians)
  ''978-0-8308-5476-9Gary M. BurgeThe New Testament in Seven Sentences: A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic (Introductions in Seven Sentences)
2020978-0-8308-5539-1L. Michael MoralesExodus Old and New: A Biblical Theology of Redemption (Essential Studies in Biblical Theology)
2019978-0-8308-5543-8Benjamin L. GladdFrom Adam and Israel to the Church: A Biblical Theology of the People of God (Essential Studies in Biblical Theology)
2020978-0-8308-5590-2John StottThe Beatitudes: Developing Spiritual Character
2005978-0-8308-5606-0Brother Yun · Peter Xu Yongze · Enoch WangBack To Jerusalem: Three Chinese House Church Leaders Share Their Vision to Complete the Great Commission
2008978-0-8308-5607-7Adrian PlassBacon Sandwiches & Salvation: A Humorous Antidote for the Pharisee in All of Us
  ''978-0-8308-5616-9Rob ParsonsBringing Home the Prodigals
2007978-0-8308-5617-6Marion KnellBurn Up or Splash Down: Surviving the Culture Shock of Re-Entry
2003978-0-8308-5621-3Bob Sjogren · Gerald RobisonCat & Dog Theology: Rethinking Our Relationship with Our Master
2008978-0-8308-5626-8Udo MiddelmannChristianity versus Fatalistic Religions in the War Against Poverty
2009978-0-8308-5634-3J. D. PayneDiscovering Church Planting: An Introduction to the Whats, Whys, and Hows of Global Church Planting
2012978-0-8308-5640-4David CowanEconomic Parables: The Monetary Teachings of Jesus Christ
2005978-0-8308-5644-2Keith E. SwartleyEncountering the World of Islam
2006978-0-8308-5648-0Kenneth Boa · Robert M. Bowman Jr.Faith Has Its Reasons: Integrative Approaches to Defending the Christian Faith
2011978-0-8308-5659-6Patrick JohnstoneThe Future of the Global Church: History, Trends and Possiblities
2008978-0-8308-5674-9Matthew S. StanfordGrace for the Afflicted: A Clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness
2011978-0-8308-5690-9Joanne J. JungKnowing Grace: Cultivating a Lifestyle of Godliness
2005978-0-8308-5699-2George MileyLoving the Church . . . Blessing the Nations: Pursuing the Role of Local Churches in Global Mission
2008978-0-8308-5721-0Kay Marshall StromOnce Blind: The Life of John Newton
2010978-0-8308-5724-1Jason MandrykOperation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation (Operation World Resources)
2008978-0-8308-5730-2Cheryl Savageau · Diane StortzParents of Missionaries: How to Thrive and Stay Connected When Your Children and Grandchildren Serve Cross-Culturally
2009978-0-8308-5744-9Walter C. Wright Jr.Relational Leadership: A Biblical Model for Influence and Service
2010978-0-8308-5745-6Louis MarkosRestoring Beauty: The Good, the True, and the Beautiful in the Writings of C.S. Lewis
  ''978-0-8308-5751-7R. Todd Mangum · Mark S. SweetnamThe Scofield Bible: Its History and Impact on the Evangelical Church
2007978-0-8308-5755-5Dale Hanson BourkeThe Skeptic's Guide to the Global AIDS Crisis: Tough Questions, Direct Answers
2010978-0-8308-5776-0Gregg Lewis · Deborah Shaw LewisTrue to His Word: The Story of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)
2011978-0-8308-5777-7Jeffrey Jay MortonTwo Messiahs: The Jesus of Christianity and the Jesus of Islam
2007978-0-8308-5782-1Daphne Spraggett · Jill JohnstoneWindow on the World: When We Pray God Works
2018978-0-8308-5783-8Molly Wall · Jason MandrykWindow on the World: An Operation World Prayer Resource (Operation World Resources)
2011978-0-8308-5825-5Ivp BooksOperation World Prayer Map (UV Coated) (Operation World Set)
978-0-8308-6482-9Ex-Gay?: A Longitudinal Study of Religiously-Mediated Change in Sexual Orientation
2008978-0-8308-6537-6James ChoungBased on a True Story 5-Pack
1999978-0-8308-6539-0Marie LittleAffirming the Will of God (5-Pack)
978-0-8308-6546-8Bill HybelsFinding God in the Life Storms of Life
2001978-0-8308-6549-9Robert Boyd MungerTitle: My Heart, Christ's Home: Retold for Children (5 Pa
2010978-0-8308-6559-8InterVarsity Press Bill HybelsHow to Hear God
1986978-0-8308-6575-8Robert Boyd MungerMy Heart Christ's Home [MY HEART CHRISTS HOME 5PK] [Paperback]
1999978-0-8308-6584-0Lori ThornkelsonEmotional Dependency
  ''978-0-8308-6586-4Charles E. HummelThe Prosperity Gospel
2011978-0-8308-6592-5Hummel CharlesTyranny of the Urgent
1999978-0-8308-6597-0Richard J. FosterMeditative Prayer 5-pack
2017978-0-8308-8015-7Jason K. LeeMatthew
978-0-8308-8021-8In Search of Moral Knowledge: Overcoming the Fact-Value Dichotomy
2017978-0-8308-9235-8Timothy R. JenningsThe God-Shaped Brain: How Changing Your View of God Transforms Your Life