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Cogito ergo brand. Da Eraclito a Popper: breve storia filosofica del branding978-88-453-1285-42005
Como crear marcas inspirados en los grandes filosofos / How to create trademarks inspired by the great philosophers978-607-452-049-12010
Disraeli the Novelist978-1-138-67053-22016
Disraeli: The Novelist978-0-04-809017-11981
Free Spirits978-0-551-02973-61996
Holy Orders978-0-551-02926-21995 A Cautionary Tale978-1-85311-554-72003
Kingdom Come978-0-551-03140-12009
Sybil: Or the Two Nations978-0-14-043134-61980Benjamin Disraeli · R. Butler
The Philosophy of Branding: Great Philosophers Think Brands978-0-7494-4193-72004

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