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Desperate Housemaids978-0-620-34459-32005Rico Francis
Gin and Tonic for the Soul978-0-620-30000-12004
Gin and Tonic for the Soul978-0-620-32575-22004
Irvine Ranch978-0-9709085-0-62004Visual Reference Publications · Tom Lamb · John Connell
Madam & Eve: The Maidtrix978-0-620-30709-32003Rico
Madam & Eve: The Pothole at the End of the Rainbow978-1-4314-0252-62011
Madam and Eve: It's a Jungle Out There978-0-86486-411-61998"Rico" · Harry Dugmore
Madams of the Caribbean978-0-620-37052-32006
Mother Anderson's Secret Book of Wit & Wisdom978-1-4314-0107-92011
Strike While the Iron Is Hot: A New Madam & Eve Collection978-1-77009-779-72010
Twilight of the Vuvuzelas978-1-77009-878-72011

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