Stefan Petrucha

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Big Book of Kolchak the Night StalkerPaperback978-1-936814-14-52012Jeff Rice · Stuart M. Kaminsky
BlindSighted   "978-1-59514-079-12006
Children of Gaia & Uktena   "978-1-58846-812-32002Richard Lee Byers · Steve Prescott · Sherilyn Van Valkenburg
Dark Ages: Assamite   "978-1-58846-818-52002
Dead Mann Running: A Hessius Mann Novel   "978-0-451-46474-32012
Dead Mann Walking: A Hessius Mann Novel   "978-0-451-46421-72011
Deadpool, Apocalypse Chiots, un roman de l'univers MarvelBroché978-2-36480-425-82016
Deadpool: Paws Prose NovelHardcover978-0-7851-9327-22015
Disney Fairies Graphic Novel #1: Prilla's TalentPaperback978-1-59707-186-42010
Doggone Town   "978-1-59707-098-02008
Donald Duck Adventures Volume 15   "978-0-911903-99-72005Lars Jensen · Pat McGreal
Donald Duck Adventures Volume 18   "978-1-888472-30-12006Lars Jensen · Andreas Pihl
Donald Duck Adventures Volume 20   "978-1-888472-49-32006Michael T. Gilbert · John Blair Moore
Donald Duck Adventures Volume 21   "978-1-888472-50-92006Michael T. Gilbert
Dress Reversal   "978-1-59707-086-72008Sarah Kinney
Frankenstein: The Shadow Of Frankenstein Volume 1   "978-1-59582-037-22006
FutureImperfect   "978-1-59514-087-62007
Ghost in the Machinery   "978-1-59707-058-42007
Ghost in the MachineryHardcover978-1-59707-061-42007
Global WarningPaperback978-1-59707-051-52007
InRage   "978-1-59514-077-72006
Kolchak Night Stalker: Devil In The Details   "978-0-9726443-7-22003
Kolchak The Night Stalker Volume 1   "978-0-9726443-9-62004Joe Gentile · Stuart M. Kaminsky · Jeff Rice
LurkerLibrary Binding978-1-4352-2447-62008Thomas Pendleton
Mickey Mouse Adventures 11Paperback978-1-888472-33-22006Romano Scarpa · Donald D. Markstein
Mickey Mouse Adventures Volume 3   "978-0-911903-90-42005Michael T. Gilbert
Mickey Mouse Adventures Volume 7   "978-0-911903-92-82006Mark Shaw · Rudy Salvagnini
Mickey Mouse and Friends: 300 Mickeys   "978-1-60886-627-42011Floyd Gottfredson
Monkey-Wrench Blues   "978-1-59707-076-82007
Monkey-Wrench BluesHardcover978-1-59707-077-52007
Moonstone Noir: Boston BlackiePaperback978-0-9721668-0-52002
Mr. Cheeters is Missing   "978-1-59707-030-02006
Mr. Cheeters is MissingHardcover978-1-59707-031-72006
Nancy Drew #12: Dress Reversal   "978-1-59707-087-42008Sarah Kinney
Nancy Drew #14: Sleight of DanPaperback978-1-59707-107-92008   "
Nancy Drew #15: Tiger Counter   "978-1-59707-118-52008   "
Nancy Drew #18: City Under the Basement   "978-1-59707-154-32009   "
Nancy Drew #19: Cliffhanger   "978-1-59707-165-92009   "
Nancy Drew #20: High School Musical Mystery   "978-1-59707-178-92010
Nancy Drew #21: High School Musical Mystery II - The Lost Verse   "978-1-59707-195-62010
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew #1: Small Volcanoes   "978-1-59707-354-72012Sarah Kinney
Nancy Drew Boxed Set: Vol. #9 - 12Hardcover978-1-59707-126-02008
Nancy Drew Boxed Set: Vol. #13 - 16Paperback978-1-59707-174-12009Sarah Kinney
Nancy Drew Boxed Set Vol. #17-21   "978-1-59707-211-32010   "
Nancy Drew The New Case Files #1: Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer   "978-1-59707-213-72010   "
Nancy Drew The New Case Files Vampire Slayer, Part 2   "978-1-59707-233-52011   "
Orpheus Haunting the Dead   "978-1-58846-837-62003Seth Lindberg · Allen Rausch
Papercutz Slices #1: Harry Potty and the Deathly Boring   "978-1-59707-217-52011
Papercutz Slices #2: Breaking Down   "978-1-59707-244-12011
Papercutz Slices #3: Percy Jerkson and the Ovolactovegetarians   "978-1-59707-264-92011
Papercutz Slices #4: The Hunger Pains   "978-1-59707-312-72012
Paranormal State: My Journey into the Unknown   "978-0-06-176794-42010Ryan Buell
Tales from the Crypt #2: Can You Fear Me Now?   "978-1-59707-084-32007Neil Kleid
Tales from the Crypt #2: Can You Fear Me Now?Hardcover978-1-59707-085-02007   "
Tales from the Crypt #8: Diary of a Stinky Dead KidPaperback978-1-59707-163-52009Maia Kinney-Petrucha · John L. Lansdale
Tales from the Crypt #8: Diary of a Stinky Dead KidHardcover978-1-59707-164-22009Maia Kinney-Petrucha · John L. Lansdale
Tales from the Crypt #9: WickederPaperback978-1-59707-215-12010David Gerrold · Jim Salicrup
Tales from the Crypt #9: WickederHardcover978-1-59707-216-82010David Gerrold · Jim Salicrup
Tales from the Crypt Boxed Set: Vol. #5 - 8Paperback978-1-59707-175-82009John L. Lansdale · Joe R. Lansdale · Greg Farshtey · Jim Salicrup · Fred Van Lente
The Charmed Bracelet   "978-1-59707-036-22006
The Charmed BraceletHardcover978-1-59707-037-92006
The Demon of River HeightsPaperback978-1-59707-000-32005Sho Murase
The Demon of River HeightsHardcover978-1-59707-004-12005
The Demon of River Heights/Writ in Stone/The Haunted Dollhouse/The Girl Who Wasn't TherePaperback978-1-59707-038-62006
The Disoriented Express   "978-1-59707-066-92007
The Eye of Gehenna   "978-1-58846-846-82003Stewart Wieck
The Fake HeirLibrary Binding978-1-4177-4644-62006
The Fake HeirPaperback978-1-59707-024-92006
The Fake HeirHardcover978-1-59707-025-62006
The Fake Heir/Mr Cheeter is Missing/The Charmed Bracelet/Global WarningPaperback978-1-59707-074-42007
The Girl Who Wasn't There   "978-1-59707-012-62006
The Girl Who Wasn't ThereHardcover978-1-59707-013-32006
The Girl Who Wasn't There (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)Library Binding978-1-4176-8844-92006
The Haunted DollhousePaperback978-1-59707-008-92005
The Haunted DollhouseHardcover978-1-59707-009-62005
The Three Stooges Graphic Novels #2: Ebenezer Stooge   "978-1-59707-337-02012George Gladir · Jim Salicrup
The Tunnel at the End of the LightAudio CD978-1-906263-12-62009
The Tunnel at the End of the LightPaperback978-1-903889-37-42004
The Tunnel at the End of the LightHardcover978-1-903889-38-12004
The X-FilesPaperback978-1-883313-23-41997Charlie Adlard · Miran Kim
The X Files Collection: Seven Stories from the Best-Selling Topps Comics Series   "978-1-883313-10-41996Charlie Adlard · Miran Kim
The X-Files, Vol. 1 (X-Files)   "978-1-933160-02-32005John Rozum
The X-Files Volume One: 1   "978-1-84856-128-12008John Rozum · Charlie Adlard
Timetripper Book One: Yestermorrow   "978-1-59514-076-02006
Uncle Scrooge #361 (Uncle Scrooge )   "978-1-888472-44-82007Carl Barks · Peter Hardfeldt · John Lustig · Gorm Transgaard
Uncle Scrooge #368   "978-1-888472-82-02007Janet Gilbert · Evert Geradts
Vampire The Masquerade Volume 2: Blood and Shadows   "978-0-9726443-5-82004Robert Weinberg · Eric Griffin · Richard Clark · Jerry DeCaire · Vince Locke · James Lowder · David Gallaher
Walt Disney's Christmas Parade 5Taschenbuch978-1-60360-005-72009Carl Barks · Pat Block · Shelly Block · Kari Korhonen
Walt Disney's Christmas Parade #5Paperback978-1-60360-047-72008Carl Barks · Pat and Shelly Block · Kari Korhonen
Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #664   "978-1-888472-17-22006William Van Horn · Don Rosa
Walt Disney's Comics And Stories #669   "978-1-888472-27-12006Fred Milton · Don Markstein · Merrill De Maris · Floyd Gottfredson
Walt Disney's Comics And Stories #670   "978-1-888472-28-82006Fred Milton · Daan Jippes · Merrill De Maris · Floyd Gottfredson · Gil Turner · Per Hedman
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #675   "978-1-888472-47-92006William Van Horn · Pat McGreal · Carol McGreal · Floyd Gottfredson · Ted Osborne
Walt Disney's Comics And Stories #682   "978-1-888472-79-02007William Van Horn · Mark Shaw · Laura Shaw · Carl Barks
Walt Disney's Comics And Stories #684   "978-1-888472-95-02007Carl Barks · Bill Walsh · William Van Horn · Unn Printz-Påhlson
Walt Disney's Comics And Stories #692   "978-1-60360-037-82008Carl Barks · Pat McGreal · Carol McGreal · Cesar Ferioli · Pascal Oost
Walt Disney's Spring Fever Volume 2   "978-1-60360-030-92008Carl Barks · Sarah Kinney
Wicked Dead: Crush   "978-0-06-113852-22008Thomas Pendleton
Wicked Dead: Lurker   "978-0-06-113849-22007   "
Wicked Dead: Prey   "978-0-06-113853-92008   "
Wicked Dead: Snared   "978-0-06-113851-52008   "
Wicked Dead: Torn   "978-0-06-113850-82007   "
Writ in Stone   "978-1-59707-002-72005
Writ in StoneHardcover978-1-59707-006-52005
"X-files": AfterflightPaperback978-1-85286-860-41997
"X-files": Dead to the World   "978-1-900097-24-61997
"X-files": Firebird   "978-1-900097-08-62003C. Adlard
"X-files": Haunting   "978-1-900097-23-91996

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