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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-0-399-59680-3HeloiseHel Hsehld Hnts Sin8c
  ''978-0-399-59681-0Carmine DesenaLies 8ccp W/riser
  ''978-0-399-59682-7E. Cathy CrimminsCurse of Mommy 8ccpr
  ''978-0-399-59684-1David OliveGenderbabble 5ccd W/R
  ''978-0-399-59685-8I'm Still Peeved1401 More Things That P**s Me Off 8-Copy
1993978-0-399-59686-5Magazine Editors BubbaBubba Handbook 12ccpr
  ''978-0-399-59687-2Seth GodinFoolproof 24ccp W/R
  ''978-0-399-59690-2Tony TallaricoDrawing/Cart Dino 6cc
  ''978-0-399-59691-9H. Winter GriffithComp Gde Pres94 6c Nc
1994978-0-399-59695-7David ConnollyIn Search of Angels 6-Copy Counter Display
1987978-0-399-59999-6Bill CosbyFatherhood
1970978-0-399-60029-6Margery W. BrownAnimals Made by Me.
1966978-0-399-60085-2B. MasonCat Called Room 8
1970978-0-399-60229-0J.W. TibbleHelen Keller
  ''978-0-399-60315-0Jesse OwensThe Jesse Owens Story.
2001978-0-399-60388-4Lynn. PerkinsLet's Go to a Paper Mill.
2000978-0-399-60391-4M. J. BorresonLet's Go to Plymouth With the Pilgrims
2000978-0-399-60392-1L. SootinLet's Go to a Police Station
  ''978-0-399-60393-8Naomi BuchheimerLet's Go to a Post Office
  ''978-0-399-60394-5M. ChesterLet's Go to a Rocket Base
1971978-0-399-60580-2Louis. WolfeShips That Explore the Deep.
2000978-0-399-60584-0Marian TalmadgeSix Great Horse Rides
1968978-0-399-60585-7Syd HoffSlithers,
1970978-0-399-60587-1Robert J. LeydenfrostThe Snake That Sneezed
  ''978-0-399-60589-5Miriam YoungSomething Small,
1973978-0-399-60803-2Al HirshbergFrank Howard: The Gentle Giant
1974978-0-399-60849-0Robert E. HoodLet's Go to a Stock Car Race,
1975978-0-399-60889-6Jerome CoopersmithA Chanukah Fable for Christmas
1976978-0-399-61033-2Ralph WhitlockEveryday life of the Maya
  ''978-0-399-61034-9Louis SabinPele, Soccer Superstar
1976978-0-399-61037-0Lynn HaneyChris Evert, the young champion
1978978-0-399-61117-9Hal HigdonHitting, Pitching and Fielding
1980978-0-399-61136-0Hal HigdonJohnny Rutherford, Indy champ (Putnam sport shelf)
1982978-0-399-61172-8Eric Carle1, 2, 3 to the Zoo: A Counting Book
978-0-399-61259-6Tomie dePaolaUC The Story of the Three Wise Kings
1980978-0-399-90001-3Robert LudlumThe Holcroft Covenant
1978978-0-399-90003-7Gahan Wilson"...and then we'll get him!"
  ''978-0-399-90014-3Gahan WilsonAnd Then We'll Get Him
1979978-0-399-90019-8Madeline GrayMargaret Sanger
1978978-0-399-90023-5Samuel ShemThe House of God
1979978-0-399-90043-3Robert LudlumThe Matarese Circle
1983978-0-399-90051-8Irving Howe · Kenneth LiboHow We Lived: A Documentary History of Immigrant Jews in America, 1880-1930
1979978-0-399-90057-0Thomas BlockMayday
  ''978-0-399-90062-4Gahan WilsonNuts
1980978-0-399-90070-9Robert LudlumThe Bourne Identity
  ''978-0-399-90088-4Arthur HerzogAries Rising: A Novel
  ''978-0-399-90092-1James D'AdamoOne Man's Food... is Someone Else's Poison
1987978-0-399-90096-9Elizabeth Bidwell Bates · Jonathan FairbanksAmerican Furniture: 1620 To the Present
1981978-0-399-90097-6Ralph PetersBravo Romeo: A novel
1981978-0-399-90102-7Budd HopkinsMissing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions
  ''978-0-399-90118-8John GardnerLicense Renewed
1983978-0-399-90124-9Howard M. SacharEgypt and Israel
1981978-0-399-90128-7Faith Stewart-Gordon · Nika HazeltonThe Russian Tea Room Cookbook
  ''978-0-399-90129-4A. E MaxwellSteal the sun