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April AdventureLibrary Binding978-0-606-12465-22010
A to Z MysteriesPaperback978-0-439-86778-82006
A to Z Mysteries: Books A-C: The Absent Author, The Bald Bandit, The Canary CaperAudio CD978-0-307-91631-02011
A to Z Mysteries: Books D-G: The Deadly Dungeon, The Empty Envelope, The Falcon's Feathers, The Goose's Gold   "978-0-307-91632-72011
A to Z Mysteries: Collection #1Paperback978-0-375-85946-52010
A to Z Mysteries Collection: Volume A-D978-0-375-82868-32003
A to Z Mysteries Complete 29-Book Set: Books A to Z and Super Editions 1-3 (The Absent Author, The BPaperback978-0-545-22049-12009
A to Z Mysteries: H-J (the Haunted Hotel, the Invisible Island, the Jaguar's JewelAudio CD978-0-7393-5140-62004
A to Z Mysteries Spooky 3 Pack: The Missing Mummy / The School Skeleton / The Zombie ZonePaperback978-0-545-22468-02009
A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #4: Sleepy Hollow Sleepover   "978-0-375-86669-22010
A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #5: The New Year Dragon Dilemma   "978-0-375-86880-12011
A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #6: The Castle Crime   "978-0-385-37159-92014
A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #7: Operation Orca   "978-0-553-52396-62015
A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #7: Operation OrcaLibrary Binding978-0-553-52397-32015
A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #8: Secret AdmirerPaperback978-0-553-52399-72015
A to Z Mysteries: The Haunted HotelLibrary Binding978-0-679-99079-61999
A to Z Mysteries: The Jaguar's JewelPaperback978-0-545-08538-02001
A to Z Mysteries: The Jaguar's JewelLibrary Binding978-0-679-99458-92000
A to Z Mysteries: The Ninth Nugget   "978-0-375-90269-72001
A to Z Mysteries: The Orange Outlaw   "978-0-375-90270-32001
A to Z Mysteries: The Orange OutlawPaperback978-0-439-51683-92001
A to Z Mysteries: The Runaway RacehorseLibrary Binding978-0-375-91367-92002
A to Z Mysteries: The Talking T. Rex   "978-0-375-91369-32003
Calendar Mysteries #1: January Joker   "978-0-375-95661-42009
Calendar Mysteries #2: February FriendPaperback978-0-375-85662-42009
Calendar Mysteries #2: February FriendLibrary Binding978-0-375-95662-12009
Calendar Mysteries #3: March MischiefPaperback978-0-375-85663-12010
Calendar Mysteries #3: March MischiefLibrary Binding978-0-375-95663-82010
Calendar Mysteries #4: April AdventurePaperback978-0-375-86116-12010
Calendar Mysteries #4: April AdventureLibrary Binding978-0-375-96116-82010
Calendar Mysteries #5: May Magic   "978-0-375-96111-32011
Calendar Mysteries #6: June JamPaperback978-0-375-86112-32011
Calendar Mysteries #6: June JamLibrary Binding978-0-375-96112-02011
Calendar Mysteries #7: July JittersPaperback978-0-375-86882-52012
Calendar Mysteries #8: August Acrobat   "978-0-375-86886-32012
Calendar Mysteries #9: September Sneakers   "978-0-375-86887-02013
Calendar Mysteries #11: November Night   "978-0-385-37165-02014
Calendar Mysteries #12: December Dog   "978-0-385-37168-12014
Calendar Mysteries #13: New Year's Eve Thieves   "978-0-385-37171-12014
Calendar Mysteries Books 1-6 By Ron Roy   "978-0-545-44771-32011
Calendar Mysteries January through June   "978-0-545-23076-62009
Capital Mysteries #1: Who Cloned the President?   "978-0-307-26510-42001
Capital Mysteries #1: Who Cloned the President?Hardcover978-0-307-46510-82001
Capital Mysteries #2: Kidnapped at the CapitalPaperback978-0-307-26514-22002
Capital Mysteries #2: Kidnapped at the CapitalLibrary Binding978-0-307-46514-62002
Capital Mysteries #3: The Skeleton in the SmithsonianPaperback978-0-307-26517-32003
Capital Mysteries #4: A Spy in the White House   "978-0-375-82557-62004
Capital Mysteries #5: Who Broke Lincoln's Thumb?   "978-0-375-82558-32005
Capital Mysteries #6: Fireworks at the FBI   "978-0-375-87527-42006
Capital Mysteries #7: Trouble at the Treasury   "978-0-375-83969-62006
Capital Mysteries #8: Mystery at the Washington Monument   "978-0-375-83970-22007
Capital Mysteries #9: A Thief at the National Zoo   "978-0-375-84804-92007
Capital Mysteries #10: The Election-Day Disaster   "978-0-375-84805-62008
Capital Mysteries #11: The Secret at Jefferson's Mansion   "978-0-375-84533-82009
Capital Mysteries #12: The Ghost at Camp David   "978-0-375-85925-02010
Capital Mysteries #13: Trapped on the D.C. Train!   "978-0-375-85926-72011
Capital Mysteries Collection   "978-0-375-85801-72009
Detective Camp   "978-0-375-83534-62006
Favorite Series Starters Boxed Set: A collection of first books from five favorite series for early chapter book readers   "978-0-375-85834-52009J. C. Greenburg · Mary Pope Osborne · Barbara Park · Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
I Am a ThiefHardcover978-0-525-45114-31982
January JokerPaperback978-0-375-85661-72009
Kidnapped at the CapitalLibrary Binding978-0-7569-7635-42002
March Mischief Calendar MysteriesPaperback978-0-545-25310-92010
Mayflower Treasure Hunt   "978-0-375-83937-52007
Mayflower Treasure Hunt   "978-0-545-04870-52007
May Magic   "978-0-375-86111-62011
Million Dollar JeansHardcover978-0-525-44047-51983
Nightmare Island   "978-0-525-35905-01981
Passing TimePaperback978-0-9827136-1-72011
The Absent AuthorLibrary Binding978-0-606-12612-01997
The Absent AuthorPaperback978-0-679-88168-11997
The Bald Bandit   "978-0-679-88449-11997
The Canary Caper   "978-0-679-88593-11998
The Deadly Dungeon   "978-0-679-88755-31998
The Empty Envelope   "978-0-679-89054-61998
The Falcon's Feathers   "978-0-439-05203-01998
The Falcon's Feathers   "978-0-679-89055-31998
The Goose's Gold   "978-0-679-89078-21998
The Haunted Hotel   "978-0-679-89079-91999
The Invisible Island   "978-0-679-89457-51999
The Invisible IslandLibrary Binding978-0-679-99457-21999
The Jaguar's JewelPaperback978-0-679-89458-22000
The Kidnapped King   "978-0-679-89459-92000
The Lucky Lottery   "978-0-439-33293-42002
The Lucky Lottery   "978-0-679-89460-52000
The Missing Mummy   "978-0-375-80268-32001
The New Year Dragon Dilemma   "978-0-545-43180-42011
The Ninth Nugget   "978-0-375-80269-02001
The Orange Outlaw   "978-0-375-80270-62001
The Panda Puzzle   "978-0-375-80271-32002
The Quicksand Question   "978-0-375-80272-02002
The Runaway Racehorse   "978-0-439-44476-72003
The Runaway Racehorse   "978-0-375-81367-22002
The School Skeleton   "978-0-375-81368-92003
The Skeleton in the SmithsonianLibrary Binding978-0-307-46517-72003
The Talking T. RexPaperback978-0-375-81369-62003
The Unwilling Umpire   "978-0-375-81370-22004
The Vampire's Vacation   "978-0-375-82479-12004
The White Wolf   "978-0-375-82480-72004
The X'ed-Out X-Ray   "978-0-375-82481-42005
The Yellow Yacht   "978-0-375-82482-12005
The Zombie Zone   "978-0-375-82483-82005
to Z Mysteries: the Haunted Hotel   "978-0-09-941097-32000
White House White-Out   "978-0-375-84721-92008
White House White-Out978-1-4178-2916-32008
Whose Shoes Are TheseHardcover978-0-318-35963-21988

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