Rafe Martin

Martin Rafe · R. M. · R. Martin

titlemedia typeISBN-13year of publication
10 contes du JaponPoche978-2-08-126742-82012
A Storyteller's StoryHardcover978-0-913461-03-71992
Endless Path: Awakening Within the Buddhist Imagination: Jataka Tales, Zen Practice, and Daily Life   "978-1-55643-932-22010
Glodna tygrysica i inne bajki buddyjskie   "978-83-62620-02-92015
Glodna tygrysica i inne bajki buddyjskieGebunden978-83-916749-4-92005
Hungry TigressPaperback978-0-87773-261-71984
One Hand Clapping: Zen Stories for All AgesHardcover978-0-8478-1853-21995
The Banyan Deer: A Parable of Courage and Compassion   "978-0-86171-625-82010
The Brave Little Parrot   "978-0-399-22825-41998
The Hungry Tigress: Buddhist Myths, Legends, and Jataka TalesPaperback978-0-938756-52-11999
The Rough-Face Girl   "978-0-698-11626-91998
The Rough-Face GirlHardcover978-0-399-21859-01992
The Rough-Face GirlPaperback978-0-590-46932-61992
The Storytelling Princess   "978-0-14-250085-92006
The Storytelling PrincessHardcover978-0-399-22924-42001
The Twelve Months   "978-0-7737-3249-02000
The World Before This OnePaperback978-0-590-37980-92005
The World Before This OneHardcover978-0-590-37976-22002
Will's Mammoth   "978-0-399-21627-51989

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