Pippa Skotnes

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Claim to the Country: The Archive of Lucy Lloyd and Wilhelm Bleek978-1-77009-337-92007
Claim to the Country: The Archive of Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd978-0-8214-1778-22007
Heaven's things: A story of the /Xam: an extract from the story of the Day-Heart Star, told to Lucy Lloyd in 1873 by //Kabbo and recorded in her ...978-0-7992-1954-81999
The Courage of ¦¦kabbo: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Publication of Specimens of Bushman Folklore978-1-919895-46-82014Janette Deacon
Uncertain Curature: In and Out of the Archive978-1-4314-0629-62015Carolyn Hamilton
Unconquerable Spirit: George Stow's History Paintings of the San978-0-8214-1869-72009

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