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1993978-0-7992-1489-5The De Loor Task Group Report on Housing Policy for South Africa: Some perspectives (Working paper)
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978-0-7992-1499-4The C of Cape Town 1918 -1948
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1994978-0-7992-1514-4David ChidesterReligion in public education: Options for a new South Africa
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1994978-0-7992-1520-5P. A BowenThe current practice of pre-tender price planning and price control in South Africa: An empirical study (Research paper series)
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1994978-0-7992-1569-4South Africans rich and poor: Baseline household statistics
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1994978-0-7992-1576-2Miriam AltmanAn industrial strategy for the clothing sector (Contemporary policy issues)
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978-0-7992-5441-9Blue Horse Latch Hook Kit (Create your Own Area Rug or Wall Hanging)
2011978-0-7992-5447-1Rawmazing Desserts (Raw Food Recipes)