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Body Work: Objects of Desire in Modern NarrativePaperback978-0-674-07725-61993
Cley: Living with Memories of Greatness   "978-0-946148-07-31984
Enigmas of Identity   "978-0-691-15953-92013
Enigmas of IdentityHardcover978-0-691-15158-82011
Evidence-Based Rheumatology   "978-0-7279-1446-02003Peter Tugwell · Beverley Shea · Maarten Boers · Lee Simon · Vibeke Strand · George Wells
Genet: A Collection of Critical EssaysPaperback978-0-13-351130-71980Joseph Halpern
Genet: A Collection of Critical EssaysHardcover978-0-13-351148-21980   "
Henry James Goes to ParisPaperback978-0-691-13842-82008
Henry James Goes to ParisHardcover978-0-691-12954-92007
Holt: Georgian Market TownPaperback978-0-946148-53-02001
Imitations of Life: A Reader on Film & Television Melodrama   "978-0-8143-2065-51991Charles Affron · Daniel Gerould · John G. Cawelti · Marcia Landy · Raymond Durgnat · Thomas Elsaesser
Law's Stories: Narrative and Rhetoric in the Law   "978-0-300-07490-11998Paul Gewirtz
Lesson of Paul De Man   "978-0-300-03409-71986
Metrics for IT Service Management   "978-90-77212-69-12006
Psychoanalysis and Storytelling   "978-0-631-19008-01994
Reading for the Plot: Design and Intention in Narrative   "978-0-674-74892-71992
Realist Vision   "978-0-300-13896-22008
Realist VisionHardcover978-0-300-10680-02005
Sheringham The story of a townPaperback978-1-909796-01-02013
The Emperor's Body: A NovelHardcover978-0-393-07958-62011
The Humanities and Public LifePaperback978-0-8232-5705-82014Hilary Jewett
The Melodramatic Imagination: Balzac, Henry James, Melodrama, and the Mode of Excess   "978-0-300-06553-41995
The Novels of Worldliness: Crebillon, Marivaux, Laclos, StendhalHardcover978-0-691-06154-21969
The Wings of the DovePaperback978-0-19-283861-21998Henry James
Trame. Intenzionalità e progetto nel discorso narrativoCopertina flessibile978-88-06-16905-32004
Troubling Confessions: Speaking Guilt in Law and LiteratureHardcover978-0-226-07585-32000
Variability in Response to Anti-Rheumatic DrugsPaperback978-0-8176-2869-71993R. O. Day · Gerald G. Graham
Weybourne: Peaceful Mirror of a Turbulent Past   "978-0-946148-05-91984
Whose Freud?: The Place of Psychoanalysis in Contemporary CultureHardcover978-0-300-08116-92000Alex Woloch
Whose Freud?: The Place of Psychoanalysis in Contemporary CulturePaperback978-0-300-08745-12000   "

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