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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-86622-007-1Irving FinkString Quartet Playing
  ''978-0-86622-010-1Samuel ApplebaumThe Way They Play Book 14
1985978-0-86622-027-9Joan M. BrearleyThe Book of the Bulldog
  ''978-0-86622-031-6Ernest HartGerman Shepherd Dog Ps 810
  ''978-0-86622-034-7Karl DiefenbachThe World of Cockatoos
1984978-0-86622-036-1Anna Katherine NicholasThe Book of the Shetland Sheepdog
1985978-0-86622-037-8Jack WattleyJack Wattley's Handbook of Discus/H1070
1986978-0-86622-047-7Rudolf Daber · Jochen HelmsFossils: The Oldest Treasures That Ever Lived
1987978-0-86622-051-4Kir N. NesisCephalopods of the World: Squids, Cuttlefishes, Octopuses, and Allies
1990978-0-86622-053-8Joan BrearleyBook of the Akita
1991978-0-86622-069-9Michael KellyYour First Lovebird (Your First Series)
  ''978-0-86622-070-5Martin GabinYour First Parrot (Your First Series)
1991978-0-86622-071-2Louise VernierYour First Rabbit (Your First Series)
  ''978-0-86622-076-7Maja Muller-BierlThe Professionals Book of Budgerigars
1990978-0-86622-077-4Eduard Schmidt-FockeSchmidt-Fockes Discus Book
  ''978-0-86622-080-4Joan McDonald BrearleyAll About Himalayan Cats
1993978-0-86622-081-1Michael TaylorPot-Bellied Pigs As a Family Pet
  ''978-0-86622-084-2Peter J. StaffordPythons and Boas
1991978-0-86622-090-3Herbert R. Axelrod · Lothar WischnathSwordtails and Platies
1990978-0-86622-091-0Andrew De Prisco · James B. JohnsonThe Mini-Atlas of Dog Breeds
1989978-0-86622-094-1Wolfgang De GrahlThe Grey Parrot
1983978-0-86622-096-5Sharyn P. BassThis Is the Maine Coon Cat
1985978-0-86622-101-6Manfred BrembachLivebearing Aquarium Fishes
1988978-0-86622-110-8Herbert R. Axelrod · William VordervinklerEncyclopedia of Tropical Fishes: With Special Emphasis on Techniques of Breeding
  ''978-0-86622-122-1Anna Katherine NicholasThe Great Dane
1986978-0-86622-123-8   ''World of Doberman Pinschers
1992978-0-86622-124-5   ''The World of Rottweilersers
1993978-0-86622-131-3Warren E. BurgessAn Atlas of Freshwater and Marine Catfishes: A Preliminary Survey of the Siluriformes
1985978-0-86622-135-1Ernest H. HartThe German Shepherd Dog
1989978-0-86622-137-5Sandy CrookLop Rabbits As Pets
1990978-0-86622-138-2Herbert R. Axelrod · Leonard P. SchultzHandbook of Tropical Aquarium Fishes
1982978-0-86622-141-2Jerry G. WallsThe Encyclopedia of Marine Invertebrates
1990978-0-86622-142-9Rosemary LowLories and Lorikeets
1988978-0-86622-143-6Karen ZeinertAll About Chinchillas
1987978-0-86622-158-0Anna Katherine Nicholas · Marcia A. FoyDachshund
1992978-0-86622-162-7Herbert R. AxelrodKoi Varieties: Japanese Colored Carp-Nishikigoi
1992978-0-86622-168-9Jack WattleyDiscus for the Perfectionist
  ''978-0-86622-170-2Dieter UntergasserDiscus Health: Selection, Care, Diet, Diseases & Treatments for Discus, Angelfish and Other Cichlids
  ''978-0-86622-171-9Clifford ChanDr. Clifford Chan's Book of Singapore Discus
  ''978-0-86622-185-6Armin GeusThe Proper Care of Snakes
  ''978-0-86622-192-4Dennis Kelsey-WoodThe Proper Care of Budgies
1992978-0-86622-197-9Ruth Cooke-ZimmermannAbyssinians (Kw Series)
1993978-0-86622-212-9Neal PronekOscars
1991978-0-86622-218-1Hermann SeuferKeeping and Breeding Geckos
1984978-0-86622-225-9TROPICAL FISH HOBBISTTropical Fish
1988978-0-86622-264-8Warren E. BurgessCorydoras and Related Catfishes (Complete Introduction Series)
1987978-0-86622-276-1John L CorbettComplete Introduction to Zebra Finches
1986978-0-86622-280-8Jo CobbComplete Introduction to Turtles and Terrapins
  ''978-0-86622-286-0Tony DavidComplete Introduction to Budgerigars
  ''978-0-86622-288-4Walt MaurusBettas: A Complete Introduction (Guide to Owning A...)
1987978-0-86622-294-5Herbert R. AxelrodComplete Introduction to Breeding Aquarium Fishes
  ''978-0-86622-296-9Al DavidConures: A Complete Introduction
1991978-0-86622-335-5Marie A. MooreMastiffs
1993978-0-86622-340-9Nick MaysThe Proper Care of Fancy Rats
1992978-0-86622-342-3Chris HenwoodFancy Mice
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1992978-0-86622-349-2David AldertonA Step-By-Step Book About Stick Insects
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1987978-0-86622-391-1Complete Introduction to Amazon Parrots
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1992978-0-86622-411-6Kenny LebretonLovebirds ...Getting Started (Save-Our-Planet Series)
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1990978-0-86622-479-6Chris HenwoodStep by Step Book About Dwarf Hamsters
1988978-0-86622-487-1Christine AdrianA Step-By-Step Book About Tortoises
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1990978-0-86622-527-4Ad KoningsKonings's Book of Cichlids and All the Other Fishes of Lake Malawi
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1993978-0-86622-530-4Richard PfarrMice As a New Pet
1992978-0-86622-535-9John CobornFrogs and Toads As a New Pet (As a New Pet Series)
  ''978-0-86622-536-6   ''Lizards As a New Pet
  ''978-0-86622-537-3Andrea Dieker · Jutta SteinkampDwarf Rabbits As a New Pet (As a New Pet Series)
1994978-0-86622-538-0John CobornSalamanders and Newts As a New Pet
1991978-0-86622-545-8Bernd DegenDiscus: A Reference Book
1993978-0-86622-548-9Bernd DegenThe Proper Care of Discus
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1993978-0-86622-565-6Roger SweeneyHandbook of Lories & Lorikeets
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1990978-0-86622-575-5Claude V. AlexanderJapanese Chin
1994978-0-86622-580-9Anna Katherine NicholasNorwich Terrier
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978-0-86622-594-6Staffordshire Bull Terriers
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1990978-0-86622-685-1Ernest H HartVizslas
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