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American SymbolsLibrary Binding978-1-4048-2764-62006Norman Pearl
Architecture and Biology of Soils: Life in Inner SpaceHardcover978-1-84593-532-02010Karl Ritz · Iain Young · Philippe Baveye · Richard Bewley · Claire Chenu · Jim Harris · Iain James
Dayton's Department StorePaperback978-0-7385-5061-92007
Nintendo: The Company and Its FoundersLibrary Binding978-1-61714-809-52011
Our American Flag   "978-1-4048-2212-22006
Our American FlagPaperback978-1-4048-2218-42006
Our National AnthemTaschenbuch978-1-4048-2221-42007
Our National AnthemLibrary Binding978-1-4048-2215-32006Norman Pearl
The Liberty Bell   "978-1-4048-3101-82007
The Liberty BellPaperback978-1-4048-3467-52007
The Lincoln MemorialLibrary Binding978-1-4048-3718-82007
The Statue of Liberty   "978-1-4048-2216-02006
The Statue of LibertyPaperback978-1-4048-2222-12006
The White HouseLibrary Binding978-1-4048-2217-72006
The White HousePaperback978-1-4048-2223-82006

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