Margaret Sayers Peden

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A Woman of Genius The Intellectual Autobiography of Sor Juana Ines de la CruzPaperback978-0-915998-15-91982
City of the Beasts   "978-0-06-077645-92005Isabel Allende
City of the BeastsHardcover978-0-06-050918-72002   "
Daughter of FortunePaperback978-0-06-093275-62000   "
Eva Luna   "978-0-14-029951-92001   "
Eva Luna   "978-0-14-024442-71994   "
Forest of the Pygmies   "978-0-06-076198-12006   "
Forest of the PygmiesHardcover978-0-06-076196-72005   "
Infinite Plan: A NovelPaperback978-0-06-092498-01994   "
Juan Rulfo's MexicoHardcover978-1-58834-097-92002Carlos Fuentes · Margo Glantz · Jorge Alberto Lozoya · Eduardo Rivero · Victor Jimenez · Erika Billeter · Juan Rulfo
Kingdom of the Golden DragonPaperback978-0-06-058944-82005Isabel Allende
Martin Chambi Photographs, 1920-1950   "978-1-56098-244-91993Edward Ranney · Publio Lopez Mondejar · Mario Vargas Llosa
Mexican Writers on WritingLibrary Binding978-1-59534-028-32007
Mexican Writers on WritingPaperback978-1-59534-034-42007
My Invented Country: A Memoir   "978-0-06-054567-32004Isabel Allende
My Invented Country A Memoir   "978-0-00-773642-32003Allende Isabel · Isabel Allende
Paula   "978-0-00-654856-01996Isabel Allende
Paula   "978-0-06-092721-91996   "
Pedro Paramo   "978-1-85242-726-92000Juan Rulfo
Pedro Paramo   "978-0-8021-3390-81994   "
Portrait in Sepia   "978-0-00-712301-82008Isabel Allende
Portrait in Sepia: A Novel   "978-0-06-093636-52002   "
Senora Honeycomb: A NovelHardcover978-0-06-017365-41996Fanny Buitrago
Terra NostraPaperback978-1-56478-287-82003Jorge Volpi · Milan Kundera
The Decapitated Chicken and Other Stories   "978-0-299-19834-32004Horacio Quiroga
The Infinite Plan   "978-0-00-654684-92008Isabel Allende
The Latin American Short Story: A Critical HistoryHardcover978-0-8057-9351-21983
The Nautical ChartPaperback978-0-15-601305-52002Arturo Perez-Reverte
The Stories of Eva Luna   "978-0-14-014558-81992Isabel Allende
The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly   "978-0-439-40187-62004Luis Sepulveda

M.P. · M. Peden · M S. · Margaret Peden · S. P.

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Margaret Sayers Penden