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1969978-0-87474-080-6Donald H. Karshan · S. Dillon Ripley · David W. Scott · Guy HabasqueArchipenko: International Visionary
  ''978-0-87474-092-9John Reed SwantonThe Indian tribes of North America (Bureau of American Ethnology. Bulletin 145)
  ''978-0-87474-098-1American School of Classical Studies at AthensLerna, a preclassical site in the Argolid: Results of excavations conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens
1971978-0-87474-107-0L. Perry CurtisApes and angels;: The Irishman in Victorian caricature
1970978-0-87474-116-2J. MeesterMammals of Africa: An Identification Manual
1974978-0-87474-138-4James M GoodeThe outdoor sculpture of Washington, D.C: A comprehensive historical guide (Smithsonian Institution Press publication no. 4829)
  ''978-0-87474-149-0James M. GoodeThe Outdoor Sculpture of Washington, D.C.: A Comprehensive Historical Guide (Smithsonian Institution Press Publication No. 4829)
1978978-0-87474-166-7Don H. BerkebileCarriage Terminology: An Historical Dictionary
1977978-0-87474-172-8Bill Blackbeard · Martin Williams · John CanadayThe Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics
1995978-0-87474-179-7John Swanton Jr.Indian Tribes of North America
1989978-0-87474-184-1Wilcomb E. Washburn · William C. SturtevantHandbook of North American Indians, Volume 4: History of Indian-White Relations
1985978-0-87474-185-8David Damas · William C. SturtevantHandbook of North American Indians Volume 5 Arctic
1982978-0-87474-186-5June Helm · William C. SturtevantHandbook of North American Indians: Subarctic (Vol.6)
1990978-0-87474-187-2Wayne SuttlesHandbook of North American Indians, Vol. 7: Northwest Coast
1978978-0-87474-188-9Robert F. HeizerHandbook of North American Indians, Vol. 8: California
2001978-0-87474-193-3Raymond J. Demallie · William C. SturtevantPlains (Handbook of North American Indians) Part 1 & 2 Volume13
1979978-0-87474-195-7Bruce G. TriggerHandbook of North American Indians, Volume 15: Northeast
2006978-0-87474-197-1Ives Goddard · William C. SturtevantHandbook of North American Indians, Volume 17: Languages
1981978-0-87474-216-9Esin AtilKalila Wa Dimna: Fables from a Fourteenth-Century Arabic Manuscript (English and Arabic Edition)
1982978-0-87474-228-2J. Michael Barrier · Martin T WilliamsA Smithsonian Book of Comic-Book Comics
1989978-0-87474-231-2Ellen Perry Berkeley · Matilda McQuaidArchitecture: A Place for Women
1988978-0-87474-268-8Peter W. BrooksCIERVA AUTOGIROS
1980978-0-87474-275-6Walter J BoyneMesserschmitt Me 262: Arrow to the Future
1985978-0-87474-280-0Walter J. BoynePhantom in Combat
1979978-0-87474-284-8Adelyn Dohme BreeskinMary Cassatt: A Catalogue Raisonne of the Graphic Work
1986978-0-87474-287-9   ''Romaine Brooks: In the National Museum of American Art
1980978-0-87474-290-9M. L. BrownFirearms in Colonial America: The Impact on History and Technology 1492-1792
1990978-0-87474-293-0Lynda Roscoe HartiganMADE W/PASSION
1988978-0-87474-300-5Thomas R. Soderstrom · Khidir W.Hilu · Christopher S. Champbell · Mary E. BarkworthGrass: Systematics and Evolution
1990978-0-87474-320-3Herbert M. ColeIcons: Ideals and Power in the Art of Africa
1989978-0-87474-327-2Elizabeth BrounAlbert Pinkham Ryder
1983978-0-87474-338-8COSENTINO AJCAPITAL IMAGE
1987978-0-87474-349-4Merry A. Foresta · Maren Stange · Sally SteinOfficial Images: New Deal Photography
1982978-0-87474-351-7Jelly Roll MortonFerdinand 'Jelly Roll' Morton: The Collected Piano Music
1984978-0-87474-358-6R. E. G. DaviesAirlines of Latin America Since 1919
1986978-0-87474-364-7Harold G. Dick · Douglas H. RobinsonThe Golden Age of the Great Passenger Airships: Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg
1991978-0-87474-380-7Claudia M. OakesU S WOMEN IN AVIATION 1930-39 PB
1987978-0-87474-385-2David C. DriskellContemporary Visual Expressions: The Art of Sam Gilliam, Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Keith Morrison, William T. Williams: Inaugural Exhibition, Anacosti
  ''978-0-87474-387-6Wilbur H. Duncan · Marion B. DuncanThe Smithsonian Guide to Seaside Plants of the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts: from Louisiana to Massachusetts, Exclusive of Lower Peninsular Florida
1990978-0-87474-389-0Arturo CarrionPuerto Rico Mio
1987978-0-87474-393-7Kathleen DeaganCeramics, Glassware, and Beads (Artifacts of the Spanish Colonies of Florida and the Caribbean, 1500-1800 - Volume 1)
1990978-0-87474-395-1Ron Naveen · Colin Monteath · Tui De Roy · Mark JonesWild Ice: Antarctic Journeys
1990978-0-87474-396-8Frederick S. CalhounThe Lawmen: United States Marshals and Their Deputies, 1789-1989
1983978-0-87474-412-5William K. EmersonChevrons: Illustrated History and Catalog of U.S. Army Insignia
1989978-0-87474-414-9Carl H. Ernst · Roger W. BarbourTurtles of the World
1985978-0-87474-415-6Charles ErskineTwenty Years Before the Mast
1982978-0-87474-429-3William W. Fitzhugh · Susan A. KaplanInua, Spirit World of the Bering Sea Eskimo
1983978-0-87474-432-3Valerie J. FletcherDreams and Nightmares: Utopian Visions in Modern Art
1988978-0-87474-442-2FITZHUGH (William W.) & Aron CrowellCrossroads of Continents
1981978-0-87474-449-1William Rea FurlongSo Proudly We Hail: The History of the United States Flag
1988978-0-87474-451-4Jon M. Gerrard · Gary R. BortolottiThe Bald Eagle: Haunts and Habits of a Wilderness Monarch
2003978-0-87474-476-7James GoodeBest Addresses
1989978-0-87474-491-0Clarence L. "Kelly" JohnsonKelly: More Than My Share of It All
1985978-0-87474-492-7George GurneySculpture and the Federal Triangle
1988978-0-87474-495-8Hirshhorn MuseumRusskai͡a︡ i sovetskai͡a︡ zhivopisʹ 1900-1930 =: Russian and Soviet paintings 1900-1930: selections from the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, and the State Russian Museum, Leningrad
1990978-0-87474-498-9Charles M. Hudson · Paul E. HoffmanJuan Pardo Expeditions: Exploration of the Carolinas and Tennessee, 1566-1568
1978978-0-87474-504-7HALLION DWRIGHT BROTHERS
1982978-0-87474-510-8Von HardestyRed Phoenix: The Rise of Soviet Air Power, 1941-1945
1986978-0-87474-520-7J. David HenryRed Fox: The Catlike Canine (Smithsonian Nature Books No 5)
  ''978-0-87474-524-5Nicholas Hotton III · Paul D. Maclean · Jan J. Roth · E. Carol RothThe Ecology and Biology of Mammal-Like Reptiles
1987978-0-87474-526-9HOLE FRANKThe Archaeology of Western Iran: Settlement and Society from Prehistory to the Islamic Conquest (Smithsonian Series in Archaeological Inquiry)
1986978-0-87474-539-9Brooke Hindle · Steven LubarEngines of Change: the American Industrial Revolution 1790-1860
  ''978-0-87474-540-5Brooke HindleEngines of change: The American industrial revolution, 1790-1860
1988978-0-87474-549-8Richard P. HallionTEST PILOTS: The Frontiersmen of Flight
1987978-0-87474-552-8Morton L. Isler · Phyllis R. IslerThe Tanagers. Natural History, Distribution, and Identification
1999978-0-87474-553-5Morton L. Isler · Phyllis R. IslerThe Tanagers: Natural History, Distribution & Identification
1987978-0-87474-556-6Philip JarrettAnother Icarus: Percy Pilcher and the Quest for Flight
1989978-0-87474-559-7Claudia Brush Kidwell · Valerie SteeleMen and Women: Dressing the Part
1985978-0-87474-564-1Clarence L JohnsonKelly: More Than My Share of It All
1986978-0-87474-568-9M. Sue KendallRethinking Regionalism: John Steuart Curry and the Kansas Mural Controversy (New Directions in American Art)
1981978-0-87474-583-2Warren B. KingEndangered Birds of the World: The Icpb Bird Red Data Book
  ''978-0-87474-584-9   ''ENDANGERED BIRDS OF WORLD
1986978-0-87474-595-5National Museum of American Art · William KlossTreasures from the National Museum of American Art
1985978-0-87474-603-7David B. LellingerA Field Manual of the Ferns and Fern-Allies of the United States & Canada
1989978-0-87474-607-5Diane Scullion Littler · Mark M. Littler · Katina E. Bucher · James N. NorrisMarine Plants of the Caribbean. A Field Guide from Florida to Brazil
1980978-0-87474-633-4Robert C. MikeshALBATROS D.Va: German Fighter of World War I (Famous Aircraft of the National Air and Space Museum)
1978978-0-87474-635-8Robert C. MikeshExcalibur III: The Story of a P-51 Mustang (Famous Aircraft of the National Air & Space Museum)
1986978-0-87474-649-5Gerald Gene MontgomeryThe Evolution and Ecology of Armadillos, Sloths and Vermilinguas
1989978-0-87474-650-1Stuart Leuthner · Oliver JensenHigh Honor: Recollections by Men and Women of World War II Aviation
1985978-0-87474-680-8Lon O. NordeenAir Warfare in the Missile Age
1990978-0-87474-682-2Paul A. JohnsgardHawks, Eagles and Falcons of North America: Biology and Natural History
1986978-0-87474-690-7Fred R. MyersPintupi Country, Pintupi Self: Sentiment, Place, and Politics Among Western Desert Aborigines (Smithsonian Series in Ethnographic Inquiry)
1987978-0-87474-691-4Virginia MecklenburgModern American Realism: The Sara Roby Foundation Collection
1989978-0-87474-704-1Eileen F. LebowCal Rogers and the Vin Fiz
  ''978-0-87474-706-5Thomas W. Lentz · Glenn D. LowryTIMUR AND THE PRINCELY VISION, Persian Art and Culture in the Fifteenth Century
1984978-0-87474-708-9Jisaburo OhwiFlora of Japan
1991978-0-87474-721-8Barbara MeloshEngendering Culture: Manhood and Womanhood In New Deal Public Art and Theater
1985978-0-87474-728-7Donald J. Ortner · Walter G. J. PutscharIDENTIFICATION OF PATHOLOGICAL CONDITIONS IN HUMAN SKELETAL REMAINS (Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology, No. 28.)
1989978-0-87474-737-9Edwards ParkNANETTE ; Her Pilot's Love Story
1990978-0-87474-738-6Joann MoserVISUAL POETRY
1990978-0-87474-742-3Benjamin O. Davis Jr.Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. American: An Autobiography
1989978-0-87474-803-1Paul A. SchweizerWings Like Eagles
1984978-0-87474-804-8Sidney Dillon RipleyRAILS OF WORLD PORTFOLIO EDN
1988978-0-87474-828-4Paul A. SchweizerWINGS LIKE EAGLES
1989978-0-87474-836-9Doris L. RichAmelia Earhart: A Biography
1987978-0-87474-839-0Stanwyn G. ShetlerPortraits of Nature: Paintings by Robert Bateman
1984978-0-87474-841-3Tom Simkin · Richard S. FiskeKrakatau 1883, The Volcanic Eruption and Its Effects
1983978-0-87474-842-0Tom Simkin · Richard S. Fiske · Sarah Melcher · Elizabeth NielsenKrakatau, 1883: The Volcanic Eruption and Its Effects
1988978-0-87474-848-2Henry S. SharpTRANSFORMATION OF BIGFOOT: Maleness, Power and Belief Among the Chipewayan (Smithsonian Series in Ethnographic Inquiry),
1987978-0-87474-854-3Jacquelyn Days SerwerGene Davis: A Memorial Exhibition
1989978-0-87474-877-2Victor G. Springer · Joy P. GoldSHARKS IN QUESTION (Smithsonian Answer Books)
  ''978-0-87474-878-9   ''SHARKS IN QUESTION
  ''978-0-87474-880-2Gordon Swanborough · Peter M. BowersUnited States Military Aircraft Since 1909
1988978-0-87474-882-6David W. Steadman · Steven ZousmerGalapagos
1987978-0-87474-885-7Jay SpenserFOCKE WULF FW 190 F8 (Famous Aircraft of the National Air and Space Museum, Vol 9)
1985978-0-87474-893-2John SwantonFinal Report of the United States: De Soto Expedition Commission
1979978-0-87474-895-6John R. SwantonThe Indians of the Southeastern United States
  ''978-0-87474-902-1Joshua C. TaylorPerceptions and Evocations: The Art of Elihu Vedder
1973978-0-87474-911-3Robert C. MikeshJapan's World War II Balloon Bomb Attacks on North America
1990978-0-87474-929-8Derek Wood · Derek DempsterNARROW MARGIN
1984978-0-87474-938-0Charles Van RavenswaayDRAWN FROM NATURE: The Botanical Art of Joseph Prestele and His Sons
1987978-0-87474-942-7Henry Serrano VillardBlue Ribbon of the Air: The Gorden Bennett Races
1988978-0-87474-950-2Fred E. Weick · James R. HansenFROM THE GROUND UP
1990978-0-87474-953-3Stephen E. WeilRethinking the Museum and Other Meditations
1984978-0-87474-960-1Austin WilliamsShrimps, Lobsters, and Crabs of the Atlantic Coast of the Eastern United States, Maine to Florida
1981978-0-87474-961-8John H WhiteThe John Bull: 150 Years a Locomotive
1982978-0-87474-962-5Lawrence WishnerEastern Chipmunks: Secrets of Their Solitary Lives (Smithsonian nature book)
1984978-0-87474-966-3E. T. WooldridgeWinged Wonders: The Story of the Flying Wings
1986978-0-87474-979-3Howard S. Wolko · John David Anderson · National Air and Space MuseumThe Wright Flyer: An Engineering Perspective
1990978-0-87474-987-8Frank H. WinterThe First Golden Age Of Rocketry: Congreve and Hale rockets of the nineteenth century
1991978-0-87474-995-3Annette B. Weiner · Jane SchneiderCloth and Human Experience (Smithsonian Series in Ethnographic Inquiry)