Maggie Lane

titlemedia typeISBN-13year of publication
A Charming Place: Bath in the Life and Times of Jane AustenPaperback978-0-948975-14-11988
Charles Dickens Quiz and Puzzle Book   "978-0-902920-65-11986
Food and Drink Quiz and Puzzle Book   "978-0-902920-78-11992
Gold and Silver NeedlepointHardcover978-0-684-17850-91983
Jane Austen and FoodPaperback978-1-84725-048-32007
Jane Austen Quiz and Puzzle Book   "978-0-902920-48-41982
Jane Austen's England   "978-0-7090-3709-51989
Jane Austen's WorldHardcover978-1-55850-748-71997
Jane Austen's World: The Life and Times of England's Best Loved Author   "978-1-85868-224-21996
Jane Austen's World: The Life and Times of England's Most Popular Author   "978-1-84442-368-22005
Maggie Lane's Needlepoint Pillows.Paperback978-0-684-14724-61976
More Needlepoint by DesignHardcover978-0-684-12906-81972
Needlepoint by Design: Variations on Chinese ThemesPaperback978-0-684-17315-31975
Needlepoint by Design: Variations on Chinese ThemesHardcover978-0-684-10338-91970
Rugs and Wall Hangings   "978-0-684-14670-61976
Shakespeare Quiz and Puzzle BookPaperback978-0-902920-56-91984
The Bronte Sisters Quiz and Puzzle Book   "978-0-902920-51-41983
Thomas Hardy Quiz and Puzzle Book   "978-0-902920-66-81987

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