Abson Books London

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-902920-00-2Anthea BickertonAmerican-English, English-American Phrase Book
1969978-0-902920-01-9   ''Sleepless Sleepers
1970978-0-902920-02-6Derek RobinsonKrek Waiters Peak Bristle
1971978-0-902920-03-3Derek RobinsonSon of Bristle
  ''978-0-902920-04-0Jack JonesRhyming Cockney Slang
  ''978-0-902920-05-7Anna PazienzaCooking Courgettes
1972978-0-902920-06-4Mark Chetwynd-StapyltonTinker? Tailor?
  ''978-0-902920-07-1Brian MurphyHow Not to Do Your Duty: A Special Guide for Children
  ''978-0-902920-08-8Derek RobinsonStand by for Blasting
1972978-0-902920-09-5Derek RobinsonBristle Rides Again: A Third Guide to What the Natives Say and Mean in the Heart of the Wess Vinglun
  ''978-0-902920-10-1Harold Shapiro · John Allan MayGet Golf Straight
  ''978-0-902920-11-8Mary KeanScottish-English, English-Scottish
1973978-0-902920-12-5Derek RobinsonShocking History of Bristol
  ''978-0-902920-13-2Anthea BickertonAmerican-English, English-American Phrase Book
  ''978-0-902920-14-9Derek RobinsonSick Sundered Yers of Bristle 1373-1973
1973978-0-902920-15-6Tom McNairGuide to Hip Language and Culture
  ''978-0-902920-16-3Anna PazienzaCooking Broccoli and Cauliflower
1974978-0-902920-17-0Anthea BickertonEating Out in Bristol and Bath
1976978-0-902920-18-7Ronald GaskellRock with Water
1975978-0-902920-19-4Jane GrigsonCooking Carrots
  ''978-0-902920-20-0Anna PazienzaCooking Aubergines
  ''978-0-902920-21-7Arnold PageEnglish Delft Tiles
1976978-0-902920-22-4John Allan MayEating Out in Surrey
  ''978-0-902920-23-1Margaret Royal · Ian GirvanLocal Ghosts
1976978-0-902920-24-8Jane GrigsonCooking Spinach
  ''978-0-902920-26-2Anthea BickertonAustralian-English, English-Australian
1979978-0-902920-27-9   ''Smoke Less Smokers
1976978-0-902920-28-6Sheila SillsEating Out in Hertfordshire
1977978-0-902920-29-3Margaret Royal · Ian GirvanBristol Ghosts
  ''978-0-902920-30-9Derek Jones · Gwyn RichardsDay Out: Series 1
  ''978-0-902920-31-6Victoria Hughes · David FootLadies' Mile - The Remarkable and Shocking Story of Twilight Bristol
1978978-0-902920-32-3Hazel M. PeelPocket Dictionary of the Horse
  ''978-0-902920-33-0John Abrams · David FootGardening My Way
1978978-0-902920-34-7Derek RobinsonGet Squash Straight
  ''978-0-902920-35-4Hilary CannockGallimaufrey of Superstitions and Old Wives' Tales
  ''978-0-902920-37-8Derek Jones · Gwyn RichardsDay Out: Series 2
1979978-0-902920-38-5   ''Day Out: Series 3
1980978-0-902920-39-2   ''Day Out: Series 4
  ''978-0-902920-40-8Amanda Grinling · Jennifer DanielThe Harmonious Kitchen
1981978-0-902920-41-5Anthea BickertonCitizen's Band Radio English
1980978-0-902920-42-2Joel RothmanBritish ANTpire
  ''978-0-902920-43-9Richard PalmerThe Bristol and Bath Puzzler
1981978-0-902920-44-6Robert W. Howard · Avon Wildlife TrustBadgers without Bias: An Objective Look at the Controversy About Tuberculosis in Badgers and Cattle
1981978-0-902920-45-3Dan LeesDi-jests: Bumper Pun Book
  ''978-0-902920-46-0Jon MillingtonResolving Rubik's Cube: Step-by-step Success for All Ages
1982978-0-902920-47-7Niklas MillerIrish-English, English-Irish Dictionary
  ''978-0-902920-48-4Maggie LaneJane Austen Quiz and Puzzle Book
  ''978-0-902920-49-1Len ShearnSwimming is Fun
  ''978-0-902920-50-7Eric PriceBoy in the Bath or How to Work on 13 Newspapers and Survive
1983978-0-902920-51-4Maggie LaneThe Bronte Sisters Quiz and Puzzle Book
1983978-0-902920-52-1Helen Long · Edith Wynne-WilliamsCity of London Safari: Guide to the Statues and Signs in the Square Mile of the City of London
  ''978-0-902920-53-8Cyril DaveyWest Country Place Names and What They Mean
  ''978-0-902920-54-5E.F. Pritchard · Richard BladonWorse Things Happen at Sea
1984978-0-902920-55-2Nigel VineyMagenta, Marathon, Mecca: Little Glossary of Toponyms
  ''978-0-902920-56-9Maggie LaneShakespeare Quiz and Puzzle Book
1998978-0-902920-58-3M.G. RoyalLocal Ghosts
1984978-0-902920-59-0Michael JanesYiddish English/English Yiddish
1985978-0-902920-60-6Anthea BickertonAmerican-English, English-American: A Two-way Glossary of Words in Daily Use on Both Sides of the Atlantic
  ''978-0-902920-61-3Nigel VineyAmontillado to Yorkshire Pudding: Little Glossary of Place Names in Food and Drink
1985978-0-902920-62-0Nigel BartlettSherlock Holmes Quiz and Puzzle Book
1986978-0-902920-63-7Frederick B. WarneGuide to the Badminton Horse Trials
1985978-0-902920-64-4Nigel BartlettGilbert and Sullivan Quiz and Puzzle Book
1986978-0-902920-65-1Maggie LaneCharles Dickens Quiz and Puzzle Book
1987978-0-902920-66-8Maggie LaneThomas Hardy Quiz and Puzzle Book
  ''978-0-902920-67-5Nigel H. PerrisThe Job Hunter's Workbook
1986978-0-902920-68-2Jon MillingtonResolving Rubik's Magic
1987978-0-902920-69-9Derek RobinsonBristle with Pride!
1988978-0-902920-70-5Helen LongInto France with Ease
1993978-0-902920-71-2Anthea BickertonAustralian-English, English-Australian
1989978-0-902920-72-9Helen LongSafe Houses are Dangerous
1990978-0-902920-73-6Edward H. JohnsonYorkshire English
1992978-0-902920-76-7Helen LongGreek Fire: Massacres of Chios
  ''978-0-902920-77-4Clive Whichelow · Paul HardmanWhat Cats Dream About
  ''978-0-902920-78-1Maggie LaneFood and Drink Quiz and Puzzle Book
1993978-0-902920-79-8Maryrose GrantThe Haggis Exposed
2008978-0-902920-80-4William Bell · Betsy BellCumbrian English
  ''978-0-902920-81-1Graeme DavisWest Country English
2000978-0-902920-82-8Rob CassyThe Ultimate Language of Flowers
2003978-0-902920-83-5Tom NindRude Rhyming Slang
2001978-0-902920-84-2Percy DouglasGeordie-English Glossary
2010978-0-902920-86-6Charles HarrisPolice Slang
2004978-0-902920-87-3Charles T. FosberryGay Slang
2004978-0-902920-89-7W.C. IrvinePrison Slang
2007978-0-902920-90-3Michael JanesPlayground Slang and Teenspeak
2011978-0-902920-91-0Graham GatesLondon Taxi Driver Slang
2006978-0-902920-92-7Lee PembertonMilitary Slang
2003978-0-902920-93-4Michael JanesHip Hop English
2001978-0-902920-94-1Fred FazakerleyScouse-English Glossary
1996978-0-902920-96-5Charles T. FosberryA Queer Companion: Rough Guide to Gay Slang
1997978-0-902920-97-2Fred HolcroftLancashire English
2000978-0-902920-99-6Clifford BrewerThe Death of Kings: A Medical History of the Kings and Queens of England