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Active Critical ThinkingUnbound978-0-314-06807-11998
Allyn and Bacon/Longman CourseCompass Instructor Quick Start GuidePaperback978-0-205-45488-42004Allyn & Bacon
American HistoryGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-13016-72002
America Through the Eyes of Its People: Primary Sources in American HistoryPaperback978-0-673-97738-01997
America through the Eyes of Its People, Volume 1   "978-0-321-39575-72005
America through the Eyes of Its People, Volume 2   "978-0-321-39576-42005
AUDIO CD CORNERSTONE 1Audio CD978-0-13-713091-72010
Blackbrd Englsh Resorces FreshGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-10806-72002
Borrowers, the - Level 2 Elementary B/EHardcover978-0-582-36399-12000
California Standards Assessment WorkbookPaperback978-0-13-183985-42003
Ca Lm Dic am Eng Acad PkHardcover978-0-13-194936-22005
Civilization Past and PresentGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-13020-42002Palmira Brummett
CourseCompass Student Access Code Card MyCompLabHardcover978-0-321-27672-82004
Coursecompss Content with LP CGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-16391-22003
Created Equal Vol 2Paperback978-0-321-33814-32005
Criminal Wirral II   "978-0-7524-5007-02009
Critical Discourse Analysis: The Critical Study of Language   "978-0-582-21984-71995Norman Fairclough
Developmental English   "978-0-321-11345-02003
Diagnosticiting Tests and Exercises for 2006 English Handbooks   "978-0-321-36499-92006
Digital Media Archive for American GovernmentCD-ROM978-0-321-27068-92005
Drama Blkbd ContntGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-10492-22001
Ecce Romani 2 Rome at Last, Teacher's HandbookPaperback978-0-8013-0445-31990
Economics   "978-0-8013-0129-21990
English Adventure 5 & 6. Student PortfolioTapa blanda978-1-4058-6543-22007Pearson Education Limited
Exploring the Language of Poems, Plays and ProsePaperback978-0-582-29130-01996Mick Short · Michael H. Short
Fast forward - keys 1/2Rilegatura sconosciuta978-1-4058-4971-52010
Fifth ReaderPaperback978-1-145-89495-22010
Florida Conerstone Teacher's CD-Rom with ExamviewCD-ROM978-0-13-244929-82008
Govt in Amer: Peo Pol&Policy BPaperback978-0-321-16390-52002
International RelationsMisc. Supplies978-0-321-29231-52004Pearson
Joining a Community of Readers: A Thematic Approach to ReadingPaperback978-0-321-05100-42002Roberta · Pearson · Lombardi, Jan Alexander
Lasr Horizonal Pack   "978-0-8013-1073-71998
Lasr Vertical Pack for Puerto Rico   "978-0-8013-1074-41998
L Dictionary of Contemporary English India Paper 4th Edition   "978-1-4058-6221-92006
LDOCE 6 Single User Access Card with 1-year Pin CodesMisc. Supplies978-1-4479-8158-92014
Level 2: Robin HoodPaperback978-1-4058-4291-42008
London Tests of Eng 3 SBk & CD   "978-1-4058-4449-92007
Longarm America History Student Access Code   "978-0-321-31732-22007
Longman Active Study Dictionary 5th Edition CD-ROM Pack   "978-1-4082-3236-12010
Longman Active Study Dictionary of English 3E Paper & CD Rom Pack   "978-0-582-51184-22002
Longman Active Study Dictionary of English 3rd. Edition, Paper Colour   "978-0-582-46833-72000
Longman Active Study Dictionary of English 4E Paper   "978-0-582-79453-52004
Longman Active Study Dictionary of English   "978-0-582-79454-22004
Longman Active Study Dictionary Paper and CDROM Quicktime 7   "978-1-4058-6228-82007
Longman Advanced American Dictionary 3rd Edition Paper and online   "978-1-4479-1313-92013
Longman Advanced American Dictionary Stand-alone CD-ROMCD-ROM978-0-13-183805-52003
Longman Advanced American Dictionary with CD-ROMPaperback978-1-4058-2236-72005
Longman Advanced American Dictionary with CD-ROMHardcover978-1-4058-2237-42005
Longman Advanced American Dictionary with CD-ROMPaperback978-0-582-50409-72002Karen Stern · Ruth Urbon
Longman Advanced American Dictionary with CD-ROM: Longman Adv American Dict Flexi   "978-0-582-31731-42000
Longman American English Photo Dictionary Monolingual Paper and Audio CD Pack   "978-1-4058-2796-62005Neal Longman · Pearson Longman
Longman American History 12-Month Access Code   "978-0-321-12527-92003
Longman American History Atlas   "978-0-321-00486-41998
Longman American History Educator Access Code   "978-0-321-12413-52003
Longman Amer Struc Hori Value/PackUnbound978-0-8013-0699-01998
Longman Amer Struc Hori Value/Pack   "978-0-8013-0700-31998
Longman Basic Dictionary of American EnglishPaperback978-0-582-33251-51999Addison Wesley Longman · Trudy Longman · D J Longman · Softside Longman · Neal Longman · Pearson Longman · Pearson-Longman
Longman Business English Dictionary Cased, New Edition   "978-0-582-30606-62000
Longman Business English Dictionary Cased, New EditionHardcover978-0-582-30607-32000
Longman Children's Picture DictionaryPaperback978-0-7652-6649-12002
Longman Children's Picture Dictionary   "978-962-00-5316-02002PRENTICE HALL
Longman Children's Picture Dictionary   "978-962-00-5318-42002
Longman Childrens Picture Dictionary Wo   "978-962-00-5317-72002
Longman CompSolutions: Student Access   "978-0-321-15633-42002
Longman Cornerstone 1 CD-ROM   "978-0-13-713122-82010
Longman Cornerstone A Teach eBook and CD-ROM with Exam View Assessment Suite   "978-0-13-245036-22010
Longman Cornerstone Audio Program - Grade 2 - Texas EditionAudio CD978-0-13-247175-62011
Longman Dictionary of American English, 3rd EditionPaperback978-0-13-192762-92004
Longman Dictionary of American English, 4th Edition   "978-0-13-244980-92008
Longman Dictionary of American English   "978-0-13-088450-32000
Longman Dictionary of American English   "978-0-8013-3521-12000
Longman Dictionary of American English by Longman   "978-0-13-098479-12002
Longman Dictionary of American English, Second Edition   "978-0-13-098893-52002
Longman Dictionary of American English, Second Edition   "978-0-13-098895-92002
Longman Dictionary of American English Teachers Companion   "978-0-8013-2028-61997
Longman Dictionary of American English, Two ColorHardcover978-0-13-098894-22002
Longman Dictionary of American English without CD-ROM   "978-0-13-192764-32004
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 4th editionPaperback978-0-582-50664-02003
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 4th editionHardcover978-0-582-50666-42003
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 4th editionPaperback978-0-582-50668-82003
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 4th edition   "978-0-582-77646-32003
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 4th edition   "978-0-582-77648-72003
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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English   "978-0-582-23750-61995
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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishHardcover978-0-582-84222-91987
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English   "978-1-4058-0680-0
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Cased and DVD-ROM Pack   "978-1-4082-1532-62009
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English: English - ChinesePaperback978-962-00-1156-62003
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (International Edition)   "978-1-4058-1130-92001
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Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture, Third Edition   "978-0-582-30203-72000
Longman Digital Media Archive CD-ROM for HistoryCD-ROM978-0-321-14976-32004
Longman English Chinese Illustr BiologyHardcover978-962-359-039-61991
Longman English Chinese Photo DictionaryPaperback978-962-359-117-11995
Longman English Resource BlkbdGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-14313-62003
Longman English Resrc Crscmpss   "978-0-321-14311-22002
Longman English Success BrochuHardcover978-0-13-048126-9
Longman English Success Catalo   "978-0-13-097749-6
Longman Essential Activator 2nd Edition PaperPaperback978-1-4058-1559-82006Neal Longman · Pearson Longman
Longman Essential ActivatorHardcover978-1-4058-1569-72006
Longman Essential Activator Paper: Put Your Ideas into WordsPaperback978-0-582-24742-01997
Longman Essential Activator: Put Your Ideas into Words   "978-1-4058-1568-02006
Longman Exams Dictionary Cased and CD Rom Update   "978-1-4058-1860-52006
Longman Exams Dictionary Paper and CD ROM Pack   "978-1-4058-2951-92006
Longman Handy Learner's Dictionary   "978-0-582-96413-61988
Longman Handy Learner's Dictionary NE Paper   "978-0-582-36471-41999
Longman Handy Learner's Dictionary of American EnglishVinyl Bound978-0-582-36472-12000
Longman Handy Learner's Dictionary of American EnglishPaperback978-0-582-09483-31992
Longman Idioms Dictionary   "978-0-582-30577-91998
Longman KEYSTONE Texas 6. Audio Program CDsAudio CD978-0-13-247192-32010
Longman KEYSTONE Texas 6. CD-RomCD-ROM978-0-13-138029-52010
Longman Keytsone Texas 6. Teacher eBook CD-ROM   "978-0-13-205878-02010
Longman Language Activator Cased, New EditionHardcover978-0-582-41548-52002
Longman Language Activator: for upper intermediate - Advanced LearnersPaperback978-0-582-41952-02004
LongmanParticipate.com 3.0/4.0 -- Student Access Code CardTaschenbuch978-0-321-37077-82005Pearson
Longman Participate.com 3.0Printed Access Code978-0-321-33089-52004
Longman Participate.com 3.0 CC Studt SaPaperback978-0-321-38303-72005
Longman Photo Dictionary: Wallcharts Set 1Poster978-0-8013-0146-91989Daniel B Freeman · Marilyn S Rosenthal
Longman Phrasal Verbs DictionaryPaperback978-0-582-29182-92000
Longman Pocket English DictionaryFlexibound978-0-582-77640-12002
Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL TestPaperback978-0-201-84679-91995Addison Wesley Longman
Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test: Skills and Strategies   "978-0-201-84676-81995Addison Wesley Longman · Deborah Phillips
Longman Science 11-14 Answer Book   "978-0-582-77354-72002
Longman Science: Teacher's Guide   "978-0-13-193032-22006
Longman Social Studies   "978-0-13-193028-52006
Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English   "978-0-582-23726-12002Douglas Biber · Susan Conrad · Geoffrey Leech
Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written EnglishHardcover978-0-582-23727-82002Douglas Biber · Susan Conrad · Geoffrey Leech
Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written EnglishPaperback978-0-582-53942-62002
Longman Texas Cornerstone - Teacher's Edition - Level 3Spiral-bound978-0-13-244995-32010
Longman Visual ReaderPaperback978-0-321-24191-72004
Longman Wordwise Dictionary   "978-1-4058-8078-72008
LongmanWorldHistory.com, Updated Edition - Instant AccessGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-31705-62005Pearson
Longman World History: Primary Sources and Case StudiesPaperback978-0-321-09569-52001
Longman World History TimelineTaschenbuch978-0-321-09588-62001
Longman Writers Warehouse for CompositionPaperback978-0-321-15677-8
Making It Happen: Interaction in the Second Language Classroom: From Theory to Practice   "978-0-201-42018-01995Patricia A. Richard-Amato
MSL CC Stu Start Kit SAGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-29202-52004
Musicians of BremanPaperback978-0-582-34403-72000
MyCo 2.0978-0-321-32910-32004
MyCompLab 1.0 Website Student Access CardPrinted Access Code978-0-321-24527-42004
MyCompLab 2.0Gedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-32152-72005
MyCompLab 2.0   "978-0-321-32985-12005
MyCompLab 2.0 Web Site Student Access Code CardPrinted Access Code978-0-321-32153-42005
MyCompLab 2.0 Without Pearson eText - Instant AccessGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-29174-52004Pearson
MyCompLabPrinted Access Code978-0-321-31752-02007
Mycomplab   "978-0-321-45982-42006
MyCompLab Blackboard Without Pearson eText - Instant Access - For BYU IdahoGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-29181-32004Pearson
Mycomplab Coursecompass Student Strtr Kt SaPaperback978-0-321-32983-72004
MyHistoryKit - Valuepack Access Card - : MyHistoryKit - Valuepack Access Card - Single Volume Edition: The Global ExperienceGebunden978-0-205-57448-32007Pearson
MyHistoryLab CourseCompass with Pearson eText -- Valuepack Access Card -- for Wld Hist/West Civ - LONGMAN   "978-0-205-55662-52008
MyHistoryLab Resources Bb/WebCT with Pearson eText - Valuepack Access Card - For American History - LONGMANHardcover978-0-205-55039-52007
MyHistoryLab Resources Blackboard/WebCT with Pearson eText - Valuepack Access Card - for American History - LONGMAN: 1-SEM Vol. I & II   "978-0-205-55663-22007
MyLab Composition 1.0 CourseCompass -- Standalone Access CardGebunden978-0-321-29105-92004
MyLab Composition 1.0 -- Standalone Access Card   "978-0-321-27074-02004
MyLab Composition 1.0 -- Standalone Access Card   "978-0-321-33721-42004
MyLab Composition CourseCompass Student Starter KitGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-29219-32004
MyLab Political Science -- Valuepack Access Card -- for International RelationsGebunden978-0-205-52166-12007
MyLab Political Science Xpress FolderPaperback978-0-321-32988-22005
MyLab Reading & Writing Skills 1.0 -- Standalone Access CardGebunden978-0-321-29200-12004
MyLab Reading & Writing Skills 2.0 -- Standalone Access Card   "978-0-321-32820-52004
MyLab Reading & Writing Skills -- Valuepack Access Card   "978-0-321-32821-22004
MyLab Tech Comm CourseCompass -- Standalone Access Card   "978-0-321-33854-92005
MyLiteratureLab 1.0 Resources Blackboard Without Pearson eText - Instant AccessGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-32154-12005Pearson
Myliteraturelab in Course Compass Student Starter KitPrinted Access Code978-0-321-32144-22004Pearson
MyLiteratureLab Resources for Blackboard and WebCT Courses Student Access Code Card   "978-0-321-32981-32004
My Little Island 1 Class Audio CDAudio Cassette978-0-13-279550-02011
My Little Island 1 SB w/CD-ROMSpiral-bound978-0-13-231477-02011
My Little Island 1 Workbook with Songs & Chants Audio CDPaperback978-0-13-279547-02011
My Little Island 2 Class AudioCDAudio CD978-0-13-279538-82012
My Little Island 2 SB w/CD-ROMPaperback978-0-13-279536-42012
My Little Island 2 Workbook w//Songs & Chants Audio CD   "978-0-13-279540-12012
My Little Island 3 Class AudioCDAudio CD978-0-13-279544-92012
My Little Island 3 Picture CardsTaschenbuch978-0-13-279543-22012
My Little Island 3 SB w/CD-ROMPaperback978-0-13-279541-82012
My Little Island 3 Workbook with Songs & Chants Audio CD   "978-0-13-279546-32012
My Little Island PostersPoster978-0-13-279552-42012
Mypoliscikit -- Standalone Access CardMisc. Supplies978-0-205-67306-32008Pearson-Longman · Pearson Education J.
MyPoliSciKit -- Valuepack Access Card -- for American GovernmentGebunden978-0-205-55677-92007Pearson
MyPoliSciLab Pegasus   "978-0-205-65153-52008
MyPoliSciLab Resources Blackboard/WebCT -- Valuepack Access Card -- for American GovernmentHardcover978-0-205-53637-52007Pearson
MyPoliSciLab Resources Blackboard/WebCT -- Valuepack Access Card -- for American GovernmentGebunden978-0-321-31723-02004
MySkillsLab 1.0 -- Valuepack Access CardHardcover978-0-321-26323-02005
Myskillslab 2.0Paperback978-0-321-46712-62006
MySkillsLab 2.0 Website Instructor Access Code Card   "978-0-321-32141-12008
MyTechCommKit -- Valuepack Access CardGebunden978-0-205-58927-22007Pearson
Mytechcommlab BB/Webct Stu A/C Card S/APaperback978-0-321-33850-12005
Mytechcommlab Website Student A/C Card S/A   "978-0-321-33856-32005
Newsweek Discount Subscription Coupon   "978-0-321-08895-62000
Oxford Photo Dictionary: English-Turkish   "978-0-19-431381-01997
Pass Trak 6 Exam Book   "978-0-7931-0049-11990
Philosophy Cafe WebsitePrinted Access Code978-0-321-27585-12005Pearson
Picture Dictionary, Longman Children's Picture DictionaryPaperback978-962-00-5233-02002Pearson Longman
Reading Road Trip, 4.0 PLUS Student Access Code CardGebunden978-0-321-33208-02005
Reading Road Trip, 4.0 PLUS Student Access Code CardGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-33371-12004
Reading Road Trip, 4.0 PLUS Web Site Student Access Code CardTaschenbuch978-0-321-33282-02005
Reading Road Trip, 4.0 PLUS Web Site Student Access Code CardGebunden978-0-321-33209-72004
Reading Road Trip 5.0Paperback978-0-321-47089-82007
Reading Road Trip 5.0   "978-0-321-47322-62007
Reading Road Trip 5.0 Adventurer CourseCompass Student Access CardGebunden978-0-321-48523-62007
Reading Road Trip 5.0 Adventurer CourseCompass Student Access Card   "978-0-321-48524-32007Pearson
Reading Road Trip 5.0 Explorer CourseCompass Student Access Card   "978-0-321-48520-52007   "
Reading Road Trip 5.0 Explorer CourseCompass Student Access Card   "978-0-321-48657-82007Pearson Education
Reading Road Trip 5.0 Pioneer   "978-0-321-48518-22007
Reading Road Trip 5.0 Pioneer CourseCompass Student Access Card   "978-0-321-48659-22007Pearson
Reading Road Trip 5.0 Traveler CourseCompass Student Access Card   "978-0-321-48519-92007   "
Reading Road Trip 5.0 Traveler CourseCompass Student Access Card   "978-0-321-48658-52007
Reading Road Trip Version 2.0CD-ROM978-0-321-08121-62000
Reading Skills Study Card: A Brief Guide to the Basics of Reading DevelopmentPamphlet978-0-321-33833-42005Pearson
Sample Section, ButtonsPaperback978-0-13-177514-52003
Sample Section, Star   "978-0-13-177513-82003Pearson
Strategies for Correct Writing   "978-0-13-178742-12003
Student Access Code Card for Longman 'Western Civilization - Primary Sources and Case Studies' and 'World History, Primary Sources and Case Studies, Updated Edition'   "978-0-321-31706-32005
Student Book w/CD   "978-988-00-3057-42011
Study Card for Amer Hist 6pkCards978-0-321-29232-22005Pearson
Study Card for Logic   "978-0-321-29206-32005
Study Card for Western CivilizSchool & Library Binding978-0-321-29233-92005
Study Card for World Hist 6pkCards978-0-321-29234-62005
Study Card VocabMisc. Supplies978-0-321-31802-22004Pearson
Supplement: Myskillslab 2.0 Coursecompass Student Starter Kit Small Card - Myskillslab: Where Reading and Writing Come Together! 1/EPaperback978-0-321-32978-32004
Supplement: Myskillslab 2.0 Resources in Blackboard/Webct Student Access Code Card Small Card - Myskillslab: Where Reading and Writing Come Together! 1/E   "978-0-321-32915-82004
Teacher CD ROM level 1CD-ROM978-0-13-244951-92010
Teacher CD-ROM With Exam view Level C   "978-0-13-245028-72010
The Decline of the Liberal Party 1910-1931Paperback978-0-582-27733-51995Paul Adelman
The Infernal Desires of Angela Carter: Fiction, Femininity, FeminismTextbook Binding978-0-582-29191-11997Treva Broughton
The Lognman Anthology British Literature, Volume 2 3 Volume SetPaperback978-0-321-44409-72006
The Longman Writer's Warehouse Web Access CD-ROMCD-ROM978-0-321-10067-22002
The Three Billy Goats GruffPaperback978-0-582-42865-22000Neal Longman · Pearson Longman · Pearson-Longman · Melanie Williams
Uchebniki po angliyskomu yazyku Top Secret Student's Book , Judy Boyle   "978-1-4058-9776-12012
Value Pack, Longman Science Student Book and WorkbookHardcover978-0-13-195390-12005
Value Pack, NorthStar High Intermediate Reading and Writing Student Book without CD, Writing Activity Book and Longman Dictionary of American EnglishPaperback978-0-13-194526-52005English
Value Pack, Strategies for Success and Longman Dictionary of American English without CD   "978-0-13-194519-72005Lord Brown
Voices of America Past and Present, Volume I   "978-0-321-41161-72006
Voices of America Past and Present, Volume II   "978-0-205-52152-42006
Voices of America Past and Present, Volume II   "978-0-321-39601-32006
Voices of Created Equal, Volume I   "978-0-321-39591-72006
Voices of Created Equal, Volume II   "978-0-321-39599-32006
Wayne State Mycomplab: College Writing Online   "978-0-321-29183-72005
What Every Student Should Know About EthicsTaschenbuch978-0-321-44687-92007
Who's Who in Science in Europe: A Biographical Guide in Science, Technology, Agriculture and MedicineHardcover978-0-582-90114-81987
Wirral Tragic TalesPaperback978-0-7509-4674-22007
World HistoryGedruckter Zugangscode978-0-321-13023-52002

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