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BB-Midsummers Night Dream Mini 978-1-55156-480-72005
Fantastic Felines 978-0-8118-1644-11997
Indigo Sky Mares: Lined 978-1-55156-541-52005
Ivory Horses: Lined with Other 978-1-55156-538-52005
Kindred Cats 2016 Wall Calendar 978-1-4162-9791-82015
Laurel Burch Christmas - A: Color the Season Beautiful with 25 Quilts & Crafts 978-1-57120-247-52004
Laurel Burch: Festive Felines 978-0-7683-2676-52004
Laurel Burch Legends: 9 Quilts Inspired by the Earth, Sea & Sky 978-1-57120-367-02007
Laurel Burch Quilts: Kindred Creatures 978-1-57120-160-72001
Moroccan Mares: Lined 978-1-55156-539-22005
Quilten für Weihnachten: 25 farbenfrohe Projekte von Laurel Burch
Santa Fe Felines: Lined 978-1-55156-399-22004
Smythe Sewn Fantastic Felines Blue Cats and Butterflies Lined 978-1-55156-397-82004The Paperblanks Book Company
Smythe Sewn Fantastic Felines Mediterranean Cats Lined 978-1-55156-396-12004
Smythe Sewn Fantastic Felines Native Cats Lined 978-1-55156-398-52004
Smythe Sewn Fantastic Felines Santa Fe Felines Lined Mini Wrap 978-1-55156-479-12005
Smythe Sewn Spirit of Womankind Midsummer Night's Dream Lined 978-1-55156-394-72003
Smythe Sewn Spirit of Womankind Soul and Tears Lined Mini Wrap 978-1-55156-481-42005
Soul & Tears 978-1-55156-392-32003
The Art of Laurel Burch™ Coloring Postcard Book: 20 Iconic Designs 978-1-61745-515-52016
Wild Horses of Fire: Lined with Other 978-1-55156-540-82005

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