Paperblank Book Co

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-55156-003-8Paperblank Book CompanyDouble Hemisphere:Early Ca
2000978-1-55156-175-2Paperblanks Book CompanyHandstitched Antique Maps Terrestrial Planisphere Lined
2001978-1-55156-196-7   ''Smythe Sewn Embellished Manuscripts Shakespeare Lined
  ''978-1-55156-199-8   ''Smythe Sewn Embellished Manuscripts Charlotte Bronte/Jane Eyre Lined
  ''978-1-55156-218-6Paperblank Book Company · Paperblanks Book CompanyHandstitched Tao Bamboo
  ''978-1-55156-219-3   ''Hst Tao Blossoms Lin
2002978-1-55156-276-6   ''High-Button Boots: Circa 1900
2002978-1-55156-278-0Paperblank Book Company · Paperblanks Book CompanySilk Slipper: Circa 1850
  ''978-1-55156-284-1   ''Smythe Sewn Old Faux-Leather Wraps, Foiled, Lined
  ''978-1-55156-285-8   ''Smythe Sewn Old Faux-Leather Wraps, Embossed, Lined
2013978-1-55156-286-5Lin.Smythe Sewn Old Faux-Leather Wraps, Handtooled
2002978-1-55156-287-2Paperblank Book Company · Paperblanks Book CompanySmythe Sewn Old Faux-Leather Wraps, Saddleworn
  ''978-1-55156-319-0Paperblanks Book CompanyLandscape
2003978-1-55156-340-4   ''Smythe Sewn Old Leather Wraps Foiled Lined
  ''978-1-55156-341-1   ''Smythe Sewn Old Leather Wraps Embossed Lined
2003978-1-55156-344-2Paperblanks Book CompanyGeneratio
2003978-1-55156-345-9Paperblanks Book CompanyQuoniam
  ''978-1-55156-346-6   ''Iudaea
  ''978-1-55156-347-3   ''Book of Kells Evangelii
  ''978-1-55156-348-0Paperblanks Book CoFaux Old Leather Wraps, Foiled
  ''978-1-55156-349-7   ''Old Faux Leather Wrap, Embossed, 5x7, unlined
2004978-1-55156-377-0   ''Old Faux Leather Back Pocket Travelers Blank Journal, Embossed, Mini
2004978-1-55156-378-7PaperblanksFaux Old Leather Mini Travelers, Foiled, Lined
  ''978-1-55156-381-7Paperblanks Book CompanyMirror Vine: Lined
2004978-1-55156-382-4Paperblanks Book CompanyCrystal Flower: Lined
  ''978-1-55156-383-1   ''Damas Marble: Lined
  ''978-1-55156-384-8Paperblanks Book CoOld Faux Leather Coat Pocket Travelers Blank Journal, Maxi
  ''978-1-55156-385-5   ''Old Faux Leather Coat Pocket Travelers, Flexi, Maxi
2003978-1-55156-392-3Laurel BurchSoul & Tears
  ''978-1-55156-394-7Laurel BurchSmythe Sewn Spirit of Womankind Midsummer Night's Dream Lined
2004978-1-55156-396-1   ''Smythe Sewn Fantastic Felines Mediterranean Cats Lined
2004978-1-55156-397-8Paperblanks Book Company · Laurel BurchSmythe Sewn Fantastic Felines Blue Cats and Butterflies Lined
  ''978-1-55156-398-5Laurel BurchSmythe Sewn Fantastic Felines Native Cats Lined
  ''978-1-55156-399-2   ''Santa Fe Felines: Lined
2005978-1-55156-430-2Paperblanks Book CoSmythe Sewn Embellished Manuscripts Shakespeare Wrap Lined
2005978-1-55156-431-9Paperblanks Book CoSmythe Sewn Embellished Manuscripts Charlotte Bronte Wrap Lined
  ''978-1-55156-432-6   ''Vincent Van Gogh Wrap Lined
2014978-1-55156-438-8Paperblank Book Company · PaperblanksFaux Leder Gold - Notizbuch Groß Unliniert - Paperblanks
2004978-1-55156-440-1Paperblanks Book CoSmythe Sewn Old Leather Wraps Handtooled Unlined
2005978-1-55156-449-4   ''Smythe Sewn Jewelled Mini Wraps Mirror Jewel Lined
  ''978-1-55156-455-5   ''Smythe Sewn Mini Flexi Wraps Foiled Lined
2004978-1-55156-456-2   ''Smythe Sewn Mini Flexi Wraps Handtooled Lined
  ''978-1-55156-457-9Paperblanks Book CompanyKnotwork: Lined
2005978-1-55156-458-6Smythe Sewn French Collection Fanfare Lined
2004978-1-55156-468-5Paperblanks Book CompanySanta Fe Felines: Unlined
2005978-1-55156-469-2PaperblanksSmythe Sewn French Collection Knotwork Unlined
  ''978-1-55156-470-8Paperblanks Book CoFanfare: Unlined
2006978-1-55156-472-2PaperblanksGoethe Lined Journal
2006978-1-55156-473-9Schiller Lined Journal
2005978-1-55156-475-3PaperblanksMirror Vine Mini: Lined
  ''978-1-55156-478-4Paperblanks Book CompanySmythe Sewn Fantastic Felines Mediterranean Cats Lined Mini Wrap
  ''978-1-55156-479-1Laurel BurchSmythe Sewn Fantastic Felines Santa Fe Felines Lined Mini Wrap
2005978-1-55156-480-7Laurel BurchBB-Midsummers Night Dream Mini
  ''978-1-55156-481-4   ''Smythe Sewn Spirit of Womankind Soul and Tears Lined Mini Wrap
2006978-1-55156-482-1Paperblanks Book CoSmythe Sewn Embossed Lined
  ''978-1-55156-483-8   ''Smythe Sewn Saddleworn Lined
2005978-1-55156-491-3Paperblanks Book CompanyBarquq
  ''978-1-55156-494-4Vert Wrap: Lined
  ''978-1-55156-496-8Bleu Wrap with Other
2005978-1-55156-497-5Paperblanks Book CoViolet Wrap: Lined (French ornate wraps)
  ''978-1-55156-498-2PaperblanksSlim Vert: Lined
  ''978-1-55156-499-9   ''Slim Cuivre
  ''978-1-55156-500-2   ''Slim Bleu: Lined
2005978-1-55156-501-9PaperblanksSlim Noir: Lined
  ''978-1-55156-502-6   ''2006 - Foiled Wrap
  ''978-1-55156-503-3Back Pocket Flexi with Book(s)
  ''978-1-55156-504-02006 Back Pocket Dayplanner with Other
  ''978-1-55156-505-7Thai Gems
2005978-1-55156-506-4French Ornate Cuivre
  ''978-1-55156-507-1High Button Boot
  ''978-1-55156-508-8Mirror Vine with Book(s)
  ''978-1-55156-509-5Paperblanks Book Co2006 French Ornate Violet
  ''978-1-55156-510-1Handtooled with Book(s)
2005978-1-55156-511-8Paperblanks Book CompanyDayplanner
  ''978-1-55156-512-5   ''Foiled Maxi 2006 Dayplanner with Booklet
  ''978-1-55156-524-8PaperblanksClouds: Lined
  ''978-1-55156-525-5Lotus: Lined
  ''978-1-55156-526-2Dragon: Lined with Other
2005978-1-55156-527-9Serpent: Lined
  ''978-1-55156-538-5Laurel BurchIvory Horses: Lined with Other
  ''978-1-55156-539-2   ''Moroccan Mares: Lined
2013978-1-55156-540-8Not AppilcableWild Horses of Fire: Lined with Other
2005978-1-55156-541-5Laurel BurchIndigo Sky Mares: Lined
  ''978-1-55156-542-2Dayplanner: Back Pocket Flexi
2006978-1-55156-544-6Paperblanks Book CompanyFoiled Old Leather Sketch
  ''978-1-55156-545-3   ''Handtooled Old Leather Sketch
2006978-1-55156-548-4Paperblanks Book CompanySwirling Peacock Ivory
2006978-1-55156-549-1Paperblanks Book CompanySwirling Peacock-Ebony
  ''978-1-55156-550-7   ''Filigree Floral-Ivory
  ''978-1-55156-551-4   ''Filigree Floral-Ebony
  ''978-1-55156-554-5   ''Filigree Floral-Ivory
2005978-1-55156-558-3Paperblanks Book CoSmythe Sewn Mediterranean Cats Mini Sketch Unlined
  ''978-1-55156-562-0Paperblanks Book CompanyBack Pocket Mini
2006978-1-55156-564-4PaperblanksMozart Wrap Lined Journal
2006978-1-55156-565-1Paperblanks Book CoSmythe Sewn Freud Wrap Lined
  ''978-1-55156-571-2PAPERBLANKSFoiled Slim Unlined Journal
  ''978-1-55156-572-9   ''Embossed Slim Unlined Journal
2006978-1-55156-576-7PAPERBLANKSFrench Ornate Mini Cuivre Lined
  ''978-1-55156-578-1Paperblanks Book CompanyFrench Ornate Mini Noir Lined
  ''978-1-55156-589-7PAPERBLANKSRembrandt, the Windmill Lined Journal
  ''978-1-55156-590-3Paper BlanksRembrandt, Virgin and Child, Lined Journal
  ''978-1-55156-591-0Paperblanks Book CoFoiled Slim
2006978-1-55156-592-7Paperblanks Book CoEmbossed Slim Lined Journal
  ''978-1-55156-593-4   ''Handtooled Slim Lined Journal
  ''978-1-55156-594-1Saddleworn Slim
  ''978-1-55156-599-6Vert Wrap
  ''978-1-55156-600-9PAPERBLANKSNoir-Cuivre Wrap
2006978-1-55156-601-6Paperblanks Book CoSmythe Sewn Dayplanners 2007 Back Pocket Mini Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-602-3Dayplanners 2007French Ornate Vert Mini Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-603-0Paperblanks Book CoFoiled Wrap Mini Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-604-7Paperblanks Book CompanyYazd Mini Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-605-4Paperblanks Book CoHigh-Button Boot Slim Horizontal
2006978-1-55156-606-1Paperblanks Book CompanySaddleworn Slim Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-607-8PAPERBLANKSFrench Ornate Cuivre Slim Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-608-5   ''French Ornate Bleu Slim Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-609-2Paperblanks Book CoSerpent - Tibetan Decoration
  ''978-1-55156-610-8   ''French Ornate Vert Dayplanner
2006978-1-55156-611-5Dayplanners Lotus Horizontal with Book(s)
  ''978-1-55156-612-2Dayplanners Handtooled Horizontal with Book(s)
  ''978-1-55156-613-9PAPERBLANKSFrench Ornate Noir-Cuivre Maxi Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-614-6Paperblanks Book CoFrench Ornate Bleu Maxi Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-615-3Paperblanks Book CompanyChishti Maxi Horizontal
2006978-1-55156-616-0Paperblanks Book CompanyHandtooled Maxi Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-617-7Paperblanks Book CoSmythe Sewn Dayplanners 2007 Handtooled Professional
  ''978-1-55156-618-4   ''Smythe Sewn Dayplanners 2007 Foiled Professional
2006978-1-55156-619-1Paperblanks Book CoSmythe Sewn Dayplanners 2007 Back Pocket Mini
  ''978-1-55156-620-7   ''Smythe Sewn Dayplanners 2007 French Ornate Vert MIDI
  ''978-1-55156-621-4   ''Saddleworn Dayplanner
  ''978-1-55156-622-1   ''Smythe Sewn Dayplanners 2007 Back Pocket Mini Vertical
  ''978-1-55156-623-8   ''Smythe Sewn Dayplanners 2007 Handtooled MIDI Vertical
2006978-1-55156-624-5Paperblanks Book CompanyFrench Ornate Bleu Maxi Vertical
  ''978-1-55156-625-2Paperblanks Book CoHandtooled Maxi Vertical
  ''978-1-55156-630-6Paperblanks Book CompanyEmbossed Grande Journal
  ''978-1-55156-631-3Paperblanks Book CoSmythe Sewn Saddleworn Unlined
  ''978-1-55156-640-5PaperblanksTiffany Autumn Vine Ultra Lined Journal
2006978-1-55156-641-2PAPERBLANKSTiffany Magnolia Ultra
  ''978-1-55156-642-9PaperblanksTiffany Wisteria Ultra Journal
  ''978-1-55156-643-6PAPERBLANKSTiffany Peacocks Ultra Lined Journal
  ''978-1-55156-649-8Paperblanks Book CompanyViolet Wrap Address Book
  ''978-1-55156-661-0PAPERBLANKSRembrandt, the Windmill
2007978-1-55156-665-8Paperblanks Book CompanyShakespeare Mini Wrap Lined
2007978-1-55156-666-5Paperblanks Book CompanyEmbellished Manuscripts Mozart
2007978-1-55156-667-2Paperblanks Book CompanyEmbellished Manuscript Charlotte Bronte
  ''978-1-55156-668-9   ''2008 Handtooled Mini Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-669-6   ''2008 Back Pocket Mini Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-670-2   ''2008 Saddleworn Mini Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-671-9   ''2008 Foiled Mini Dayplanner Horizontal
2007978-1-55156-672-6Paperblanks Book Company2008 Designer Ribbed Olive Mini Dayplanner Horizontal
2007978-1-55156-673-3Paperblanks Book Company2008 Filigree Floral Ivory Mini Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-674-0   ''2008 French Ornate Bleu Mini Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-675-7   ''2008 French Ornate Vert Mini Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-676-4   ''2008 Handtooled Slim Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-677-1   ''2008 Saddleworn Slim Dayplanner Horizontal
2007978-1-55156-678-8Paperblanks Book Company2008 French Ornate Cuivre Slim Dayplanner Horizontal
2007978-1-55156-679-5Paperblanks Book Company2008 French Ornate Bleu Slim Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-680-1   ''2008 High Button Boot Slim Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-681-8   ''2008 Crystal Flower Jewelled Slim Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-682-5   ''2008 French Ornate Noir Slim Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-683-2   ''2008 French Ornate Vert Slim Dayplanner Horizontal
2007978-1-55156-684-9Paperblanks Book Company2008 Foiled MIDI Dayplanner Horizontal
2007978-1-55156-685-6Paperblanks Book Company2008 Handtooled MIDI Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-686-3   ''2008 Filigree Floral Ebony MIDI Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-687-0   ''2008 French Ornate Vert MIDI Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-688-7   ''2008 Filigree Floral Ivory MIDI Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-689-4   ''2008 Squared Circles MIDI Dayplanner Horizontal
2007978-1-55156-690-0Paperblanks Book Company2008 Handtooled Maxi Dayplanner Horizontal
2007978-1-55156-691-7Paperblanks Book Company2008 Embossed Maxi Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-692-4   ''2008 Designer Ribbed Olive Maxi Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-693-1   ''2008 French Ornate Bleu Maxi Dayplanner Horizontal
  ''978-1-55156-695-5   ''2008 Designer Ribbed Copper Professional Dayplanner Vertical
  ''978-1-55156-696-2   ''2008 Handtooled Professional Dayplanner Vertical
2007978-1-55156-697-9Paperblanks Book Company2008 Foiled Professional Dayplanner Vertical
2007978-1-55156-698-6Paperblanks Book Company2008 Back Pocket Mini Dayplanner Day at a Time
  ''978-1-55156-699-3   ''2008 French Ornate Vert Dayplanner Day at a Time
  ''978-1-55156-700-6   ''2008 French Ornate Fuchsia Mini Dayplanner Day at a Time
  ''978-1-55156-701-3   ''2008 Handtooled Mini Dayplanner Vertical
  ''978-1-55156-702-0   ''2008 Back Pocket Mini Dayplanner Vertical
2007978-1-55156-703-7Paperblanks Book Company2008 French Ornate Bleu Mini Dayplanner Vertical
2007978-1-55156-704-4Paperblanks Book Company2008 Handtooled Slim Dayplanner Verso
  ''978-1-55156-705-1   ''2008 French Ornate Cuivre Slim Verso
  ''978-1-55156-706-8   ''2008 French Ornate Vert Slim Dayplanner Verso
  ''978-1-55156-708-2   ''Golden Fuchsia
  ''978-1-55156-709-9   ''Bavarian Wild Flower
2007978-1-55156-770-9Paperblanks Book CompanyBavarian Wild Flower Ultra
2007978-1-55156-808-9Paperblanks Book CompanyCherry: Slim
  ''978-1-55156-809-6   ''Prune: Slim
  ''978-1-55156-810-2   ''Fuchsia: Slim
  ''978-1-55156-811-9   ''Violet: Slim
978-1-55156-828-7Summer and Sensibility Micro Journal
978-1-55156-830-0Pastoral Impulses Micro Journal
2016978-1-55156-833-1Unl.Sublime in Nature
2013978-1-55156-838-6PaperblanksBlack Moroccan Ultra Lined Journal
  ''978-1-55156-839-3Lin.Paperblanks Old Leather Moroccan Midi Notebook with Lined Pages - Black
2013978-1-55156-840-9Black Moroccan Flexi Mini Lined Journal
978-1-55156-859-1Frida Kahlo
978-1-55156-875-1NAFaszinierende Handschriften -Mozart - Notizbuch Groß - liniert - Paperblanks