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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-0-334-04209-9C.F. EvansSaint Luke
2009978-0-334-04210-5Oliver O'DonovanA Conversation Waiting to Begin: the Churches and the Gay Controversy
2010978-0-334-04211-2Paul HedgesControversies in Interreligious Dialogue and the Theology of Religions (Scm Controversies in Contexual Theology)
2011978-0-334-04214-3Martin D. StringerRethinking the Origins of the Eucharist (SCM Studies in Worship & Liturgy Series)
2009978-0-334-04216-7Walter BrueggemannRedescribing Reality: What We Do When We Read the Bible
  ''978-0-334-04317-1Perry Schmidt-LeukelTransformation by Integration: How Inter-faith Encounter Changes Christianity
  ''978-0-334-04322-5Nestor Miguez · Joerg Rieger · Jung Mo SungBeyond the Spirit of Empire (Reclaiming Liberation Theology)
2010978-0-334-04324-9Jeff AstleySCM Studyguide: Christian Doctrine
  ''978-0-334-04325-6Jane Leach · Michael PatersonPastoral Supervision: A Handbook
2009978-0-334-04326-3John MillbankThe Future of Love: Essays in Political Theology
2010978-0-334-04327-0Jospeh L. ManginaRevelation (SCM Theological Commentary on the Bible)
  ''978-0-334-04328-7Douglas Karel Harink1 and 2 Peter (SCM Theological Commentary on the Bible)
2009978-0-334-04330-0Robert W. JensonEzekiel (SCM Theological Commentary on the Bible)
2010978-0-334-04331-7R.R. RenoSCM Theological Commentary on the Bible: Genesis
2011978-0-334-04333-1Neil MesserRespecting Life: Theology and Bioethics
2013978-0-334-04334-8R S SugirtharajahInterpretation Matters-postcolonial Biblical Interpretation
2012978-0-334-04335-5Pete WardGods Behaving Badly: Media, religion and celebrity culture
2011978-0-334-04336-2Andrew DawsonSociology of Religion (SCM Core Text)
2010978-0-334-04337-9Stephen SpencerSCM Studyguide: Anglicanism (Scm Studyguides)
2009978-0-334-04338-6Don CupittJesus and Philosophy
2013978-0-334-04339-3Graeme SmithSCM Core Text: Christianity and Politics in the Modern Age
2009978-0-334-04341-6George PattisonCrucifixions and Resurrections of the Image: Reflections on Art and Modernity (Christian Reflections on Art &)
2010978-0-334-04342-3Stephen B. DawesSCM Studyguide: The Psalms
2009978-0-334-04343-0Marcella Althaus-Reid · Lisa IsherwoodTrans/Formations (Controversies in Contextual Theology)
2010978-0-334-04345-4Lindsey Hall · Murray Rae · Steve HolmesChristian Doctrine (SCM Reader)
2010978-0-334-04348-5Jurgen MoltmannSun of Righteousness, Arise!: God's Future for Humanity and the Earth
2009978-0-334-04350-8Graham WardThe Politics of Discipleship: Becoming Post-material Citizens
2011978-0-334-04351-5Mark J. Cartledge · David CheethamIntercultural Theology: Approaches and Themes
  ''978-0-334-04352-2Andrew Davison · John Milbank · Graham Ward · Alister McGrath · Alison Milbank · Craig Hovey · Michael Ward · John HughesImaginative Apologetics: Theology, Philosophy and the Catholic Tradition
  ''978-0-334-04355-3Susannah CornwallControversies in Queer Theology (Controversies in Contextual Theology)
2010978-0-334-04358-4Geza VermesSearching for the Real Jesus: Jesus, the Dead Sea Scrolls and other religious themes
  ''978-0-334-04360-7Luke Timothy JohnsonThe Writings of the New Testament: Third Edition
  ''978-0-334-04362-1Geoffrey StevensonThe Future of Preaching
2010978-0-334-04363-8Helen Cameron · Deborah Bhatti · Catherine DuceTalking About God in Practice: Theological Action, Research and Practical Theology
  ''978-0-334-04365-2Andrew Davison · Alison MilbankFor the Parish: A Critique of Fresh Expressions
2009978-0-334-04366-9Lisa IsherwoodThrough Us,with Us,in Us: Relational Theologies in the Twenty-first Century (Controversies in Contextual Theology)
2011978-0-334-04367-6David HeywoodReimagining Ministry
2010978-0-334-04368-3Stanley HauerwasHannah's Child: A Theologian's Memoir
2012978-0-334-04369-0Michael MoynaghChurch for Every Context: An Introduction to Theology and Practice
2010978-0-334-04372-0Don CupittTheology's Strange Return
2011978-0-334-04373-7David DadswellConsultancy Skills for Mission and Ministry
2012978-0-334-04375-1Judith Thompson · Ross ThompsonMindful Ministry
2010978-0-334-04379-9Geza VermesJesus in the Jewish World
2012978-0-334-04383-6Timothy J.M. LingDeveloping Faithful Ministers: A Theological and Practical Handbook
  ''978-0-334-04387-4David Goodhew · Andrew Roberts · Michael VollandFresh!: An Introduction to Fresh Expressions of Church and Pioneer Ministry
2010978-0-334-04388-1James D.G. DunnBaptism in the Holy Spirit: A Re-examination of the New Testament Teaching on the Gift of the Spirit in Relation to Pentecostalism Today
2012978-0-334-04390-4Helen Cameron · John Reader · Victoria Slater · with Chris RowlandTheological Reflection for Human Flourishing: Pastoral practice and public theology
  ''978-0-334-04391-1Peter Vardy · Charlotte VardyEthics Matters
2010978-0-334-04395-9Don CupittThe Fountain: A Secular Theology
2011978-0-334-04396-6Doug GayRemixing the Church: Towards an Emerging Ecclesiology
  ''978-0-334-04400-0Gavin D'Costa · Paul F. Knitter · Daniel StrangeOnly One Way?: Three Christian Responses to the Uniqueness of Christ in a Religiously Pluralist World
2011978-0-334-04409-3Stanley HauerwasLearning to Speak Christian
  ''978-0-334-04419-2Don CupittTurns of Phrase: Radical Theology from A-Z
  ''978-0-334-04494-9Walter BrueggemannSubversive Obedience: Truth Telling and the Art of Preaching
2013978-0-334-04550-2Margaret WhippSCM Studyguide: Pastoral Theology
2012978-0-334-04602-8Roger WaltonThe Reflective Disciple
  ''978-0-334-04622-6Don CupittThe Last Testament
  ''978-0-334-04630-1Rudolf BultmannJesus Christ and Mythology
2012978-0-334-04656-1William BarclayLetters to the Seven Churches: A Study of the Second and Third Chapters of the Book of Revelation
2015978-0-334-05319-4Kate BruceIgniting the Heart: Preaching and Imagination
  ''978-0-334-05340-8Dietrich BonhoefferThe Cost of Discipleship: New Edition
2016978-0-334-05393-4Hywel Clifford · Douglas Earl · Ryan P. O'Dowd · Lena-Sofia TiemeyerCompanion to the Old Testament: Introduction, Interpretation, Application
2015978-0-334-05442-9Deryn Guest · Robert Goss · Mona WestThe Queer Bible Commentary
2017978-0-334-05459-7Ray GastonFaith, Hope and Love: Interfaith Engagement as Practical Theology
2016978-0-334-05476-4Nicholas TaylorPaul on Baptism
2018978-0-334-05504-4Mark ScarlataThe Abiding Presence: A Theological Commentary on Exodus
2017978-0-334-05521-1Calum MacKellarThe Image of God, Personhood and the Embryo
2018978-0-334-05621-8Chris GreenoughUndoing Theology: Life Stories from Non-normative Christians (SCM Research)
2020978-0-334-05630-0James Crossley · Michelle FletcherCompanion to the New Testament: Introduction, Interpretation, Application
2018978-0-334-05650-8Helen Dixon CameronLiving in the Gaze of God: Supervision and Ministerial Flourishing
2019978-0-334-05698-0Jenni WilliamsThe Kingdom of our God: A Theological Commentary on Isaiah
  ''978-0-334-05731-4David Holgate · Rachel StarrSCM Studyguide: Biblical Hermeneutics: 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-334-05746-8John HoldsworthEveryday Conversations with Matthew
  ''978-0-334-05828-1George WesthaverChrist Unabridged: Knowing and Loving the Son of Man
2019978-0-334-05834-2Scot McKnightReading Romans Backwards: A Gospel in Search of Peace in the Midst of the Empire
  ''978-0-334-05854-0Sara M. KoenigBathsheba Survives
2020978-0-334-05905-9Kathleen RushtonThe Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor: Preaching Justice in John's Gospel