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Christianity for the tough-minded: Essays in support of an intellectually defensible religious commitment 978-1-896363-12-72001
Christianity for the tough-minded;: Essays in support of an intellectually defensible religious commitment 978-0-87123-076-81973
Chytraeus on Sacrifice: A Reformation Treatise in Biblical Theology 978-0-570-03747-71962
Crisis in Lutheran Theology 978-0-87123-050-81973
Damned Through the Church 978-0-87123-090-41973
Defending the biblical gospel 978-1-896363-06-61997
Defending the Gospel Through the Centuries 978-1-896363-10-31999
Evidence for Faith: Deciding the God Question 978-0-945241-15-71991
Faith founded on fact: Essays in evidential apologetics 978-1-896363-13-42001
Faith Founded on Fact: Essays in Evidential Apologetics 978-0-8407-5641-11978
Giant in Chains: China Today and Tomorrow 978-0-85009-550-01994
God's Inerrant Word: An International Symposium on the Trustworthiness of Scripture 978-0-87123-292-21974
Heraldic aspects of the German Reformation
History and Christianity 978-0-87123-890-01986
History, Law and Christianity 978-1-945500-01-52015
History, Law and Christianity 978-1-896363-16-52002
How Do We Know There Is a God? 978-1-896363-19-62005
How Do We Know There Is a God? 978-0-87123-221-21973
Human rights and human dignity 978-1-896363-01-11995
Human Rights and Human Dignity 978-0-310-28571-71986
International scholars directory 978-0-913440-01-81973
John Warwick Montgomery. The Libraries of France at the Ascendancy of Mazarin: Louis Jacob’s Traicté des plus Belles Bibliotheques: Part Two in ... - Kirchengeschichte - Reformation)
Law and Morality: Friends or Foes? 978-1-896363-45-51994
Myth, Allegory, and Gospel: An Interpretation of JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, GK Chesterton, Chas Williams 978-0-87123-358-51974
Principalities and Powers 978-1-896363-14-12001
Principalities and Powers 978-0-87123-470-41981
Principalities and powers;: The world of the occult, 978-0-87123-457-51973
Reasons for Faith: Making a Case for the Christian Faith 978-1-58134-787-62007Mark Mittelberg · Josh McDowell · H. Wayne House · E. Calvin Beisner · J. P. Moreland · Francis J. Beckwith · Louis Markos
Situation Ethics 978-1-896363-09-71999Joseph Fletcher
Situation Ethics: True or False 978-0-87123-525-11972   "
Slaughter of the Innocents: Abortion, Birth Control, and Divorce in Light of Science, Law and Theology 978-0-89107-216-41981
The Church: Blessing or Curse? 978-1-896363-18-92004
The Law Above the Law 978-0-87123-329-51975
The quest for Noah's ark;: A treasury of documented accounts from ancient times to the present day of sightings of the ark & explorations of Mount ... ascent to the summit of Noah's mountain 978-0-87123-477-31974
The Repression of Evangelism in Greece: European Litigation vis-a-vis a Closed Religious Establishment 978-0-7618-1956-12001
The shape of the past: A Christian response to secular philosophies of history 978-0-87123-535-01975
The shaping of America: A true description of the American character, both good and bad, and the possibilities of recovering a national vision before the people perish 978-0-87123-227-41976
The Suicide of Christian Theology 978-0-87123-521-31970
The transcendent Holmes 978-1-55310-013-32000
The Writing of Research Papers: An Introductory Lecture 978-1-896363-41-71959

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