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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-0-87123-003-4Christian LifeAmerica's Great Revivals
1979978-0-87123-013-3Leonard RavenhillAmerica Is Too Young to Die
1980978-0-87123-023-2J. L. MeredithMeredith's Book of Bible Lists
1981978-0-87123-026-3Martin BobganThe Psychological Way: The Spiritual Way
1972978-0-87123-029-4R.A. TorreyBaptism With the Holy Spirit
1974978-0-87123-039-3Basilea SchlinkBehold His love (How Jesus' Sufferings Relate to the Modern Christian in Practical Life)
1973978-0-87123-050-8John Warwick MontgomeryCrisis in Lutheran Theology
1977978-0-87123-051-5Larry Christenson · Nordis ChristensonChristian Couple
1973978-0-87123-076-8John Warwick MontgomeryChristianity for the tough-minded;: Essays in support of an intellectually defensible religious commitment
  ''978-0-87123-079-9John Montgomery WarwickChristianity for the Tough Minded
  ''978-0-87123-090-4John Warwick MontgomeryDamned Through the Church
1975978-0-87123-102-4John MontgomeryDemon Possession: Papers Presented at the University of Notre Dame
1977978-0-87123-106-2Winkie PratneyDoorways to Discipleship
1970978-0-87123-114-7Larry ChristensonThe Christian Family
1980978-0-87123-115-4Edward Reese · Frank R. KlassenThe Reese Chronological Bible
1981978-0-87123-116-1William L. ColemanChesapeake Charlie and Blackbeard's Treasure (Chesapeake Charlie Series)
  ''978-0-87123-156-7Basilea SchlinkFather of Comfort
1979978-0-87123-157-4Charles G. Finney · Donald W. DaytonReflections on Revival
1981978-0-87123-167-3Lorraine PetersonFalling Off Cloud Nine and Other High Places (Devotionals for Teens, No. 2)
1983978-0-87123-169-7Neva CoyleFree to Be Thin Study Guide Discipline Number Two
1974978-0-87123-179-6John Warwick ed. MontgomeryGod's Inerrant Word: An International Symposium on the Trustworthiness of Scripture
1972978-0-87123-182-6Basil MillerGeorge Muller: Man of Faith and Miracles (Men of Faith)
1982978-0-87123-197-0George MacDonaldThe Fisherman's Lady
1981978-0-87123-202-1Robert A. MoreyHoroscopes and the Christian
1980978-0-87123-206-9Robert A. MoreyHow to Answer a Jehovah's Witness
1973978-0-87123-221-2John Warwick MontgomeryHow Do We Know There Is a God?
1976978-0-87123-227-4   ''The shaping of America: A true description of the American character, both good and bad, and the possibilities of recovering a national vision before the people perish
1981978-0-87123-228-1Martha ZimmermanCelebrate the Feasts of the Old Testament in Your Own Home or Church
1978978-0-87123-238-0R. C SproulIf there is a God, why are there atheists?: A surprising look at the psychology of atheism (Dimension books)
1975978-0-87123-249-6R. C. SproulDiscovering the Intimate Marriage: A Practical Guide to Building a Good Marriage
1995978-0-87123-251-9Lorraine PetersonIf God Loves Me, Why Can't I Get My Locker Open? (Devotionals for Teens)
1982978-0-87123-255-7Neva CoyleFree to Be Thin Cookbook
  ''978-0-87123-259-5A. E. Wilder-SmithHe Who Thinks Has to Believe
1983978-0-87123-260-1Robert A. MoreyHow to Answer a Mormon: Practical Guidelines for What to Expect and What to Reply When the Mormons Come to Your Door
1981978-0-87123-267-0Walter Ralston MartinJehovah of the Watchtower
1969978-0-87123-270-0Walter MartinJehovah's Witnesses
1983978-0-87123-284-7Neva CoyleFree to Be Thin Daily Planner
1983978-0-87123-285-4James FoundBasic Greek in Thirty Minutes a Day: New Testament Greek Workbook for Laymen
1982978-0-87123-287-8Paul E. BillheimerDestined to Overcome: The Technique of Spiritual Warfare
1983978-0-87123-291-5George MacDonaldThe Baronet's Song
1974978-0-87123-292-2John Warwick MontgomeryGod's Inerrant Word: An International Symposium on the Trustworthiness of Scripture
1983978-0-87123-299-1Basilea SchlinkRealities of faith
1977978-0-87123-300-4Walter MartinThe Kingdom of the Cults An Analysis of the Major Cult Systems in the Present Christian Era
1983978-0-87123-310-3Paul E. BillheimerDon't Waste Your Sorrows: New Insight into God's Eternal Purpose for Each Christian in the Midst of Life's Greatest Adversities
1982978-0-87123-315-8Janette OkeLove's Long Journey (Love Comes Softly Series #3)
1983978-0-87123-319-6Joel MeredithMeredith's Second Book of Bible Lists
  ''978-0-87123-320-2Lois Gladys LeppardMandie and the Secret Tunnel (Mandie, Book 1)
  ''978-0-87123-321-9Lois LeppardMandie and the Cherokee Legend (Mandie, Book 2)
1982978-0-87123-324-0George MacDonaldThe Marquis' Secret
1975978-0-87123-329-5John Warwick MontgomeryThe Law Above the Law
1979978-0-87123-342-4Janette OkeLove Comes Softly, Book 1
1980978-0-87123-345-5   ''Love's Enduring Promise (Love Comes Softly Series #2)
1975978-0-87123-356-1A. E. Wilder-SmithMan's Origin, Man's Destiny: A Critical Survey of the Principles of Evolution and Christianity (English and German Edition)
1974978-0-87123-358-5John Warwick MontgomeryMyth, Allegory, and Gospel: An Interpretation of JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, GK Chesterton, Chas Williams
1969978-0-87123-360-8Samuel Morris
1979978-0-87123-362-2Leonard RavenhillMeat for Men
1971978-0-87123-370-7Basilea SchlinkMy All for Him
1977978-0-87123-378-3Winkie PratneyA Handbook for Followers of Jesus
1976978-0-87123-380-6James BjornstadThe Moon Is Not the Son: A Close Look at the Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church
1983978-0-87123-400-1Paul E. BillheimerLove Covers: A Biblical Design for Unity in the Body of Christ
  ''978-0-87123-401-8Janette OkeLove's Abiding Joy
1987978-0-87123-408-7Neva CoyleFree to Be Thin Study Guide Diligence Number 5
  ''978-0-87123-409-4   ''Obedience: Developing a Listening Heart (Free to be Thin Study Guide)
1987978-0-87123-410-0Neva CoyleFREEDOM (Escape From the Ordinary) A Study Guide - Series 4 IV
  ''978-0-87123-411-7   ''Abiding Honesty In A Relationship: A Study Guide
1984978-0-87123-433-9Robert A. MoreyDeath and the Afterlife
  ''978-0-87123-440-7Dan PetersWhy Knock Rock? Is it bad? Is it good? Does it really matter?
  ''978-0-87123-442-1Lois Gladys LeppardMandie and the Ghost Bandits (Mandie, Book 3)
  ''978-0-87123-443-8Marie Chapian · Neva CoyleThere's More to Being Thin Than Being Thin
1984978-0-87123-444-5George MacDonaldThe Musician's Quest
1973978-0-87123-457-5John Warwick MontgomeryPrincipalities and powers;: The world of the occult,
1981978-0-87123-470-4John Warwick MontgomeryPrincipalities and Powers
1974978-0-87123-477-3   ''The quest for Noah's ark;: A treasury of documented accounts from ancient times to the present day of sightings of the ark & explorations of Mount ... ascent to the summit of Noah's mountain
1981978-0-87123-482-7Leonard RavenhillRevival Praying
1972978-0-87123-485-8Henry M. MorrisThe Remarkable Birth of Planet Earth
1981978-0-87123-496-4Leonard RavenhillSodom Had No Bible
1970978-0-87123-521-3John Warwick MontgomeryThe Suicide of Christian Theology
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1975978-0-87123-535-0John Warwick MontgomeryThe shape of the past: A Christian response to secular philosophies of history
1973978-0-87123-538-1Allan SloaneTime to Run
1982978-0-87123-544-2RavenhillTried and Transfigured
1980978-0-87123-553-4Abdiyah Akbar Abdul-HaqqSharing Your Faith With A Muslim
1979978-0-87123-560-2Marie Chapian · Neva CoyleFree to Be Thin
1980978-0-87123-562-6William Backus · Marie ChapianTelling Yourself the Truth
1986978-0-87123-567-1William BackusTelling Yourself the Truth
1983978-0-87123-579-4George MacDonaldThe Shepherd's Castle
1984978-0-87123-592-3Basilea SchlinkRepentance: The Joy Filled Life
  ''978-0-87123-594-7William L. ColemanToday's Handbook of Bible Times and Customs
  ''978-0-87123-595-4Marsha DrakeThe Proverbs 31 Lady and Other Impossible Dreams
  ''978-0-87123-596-1George MacDonaldThe Tutor's First Love
1979978-0-87123-607-4Leonard RavenhillWhy Revival Tarries
1981978-0-87123-609-8Basilea SchlinkThose Who Love Him
1983978-0-87123-611-1Janette OkeWhen Calls the Heart (Canadian West #1)
1984978-0-87123-616-6   ''Love's Unending Legacy (Love Comes Softly Series #5)
1986978-0-87123-620-3Leonard RavenhillRevival God's Way
1988978-0-87123-621-0Nancy MichelsHelping Women Recover from Abortion
1982978-0-87123-626-5Lorraine PetersonWhy Isn't God Giving Cash Prizes (Devotionals for Teens, #3)
  ''978-0-87123-629-6Ruth AllenWhat's the matter with Christy?
1986978-0-87123-650-0Lois Gladys LeppardMandie and the Charleston Phantom (Mandie, Book 7)
1986978-0-87123-653-1Andrew MurrayBelievers Secret of the Masters Indwelling (The Andrew Murray Christian maturity library)
  ''978-0-87123-655-5George MacDonald · Michael PhillipsThe Baron's Apprenticeship (MacDonald/Phillips Series)
  ''978-0-87123-657-9Janette OkeWhen Hope Springs New (Canadian West #4)
  ''978-0-87123-658-6George MacDonaldThe Highlander's Last Song
1983978-0-87123-659-3Winkie PratneyYouth Aflame: Manual for Discipleship
1972978-0-87123-661-6Basilea SchlinkYou Will Never Be the Same
1986978-0-87123-675-3Janette OkeWhen Hope Springs New (Canadian West #4)
1987978-0-87123-676-0William D. BackusFinding the Freedom of Self-Control
1985978-0-87123-795-8Janette OkeWhen Comes the Spring (Canadian West)
  ''978-0-87123-811-5William BackusTelling the Truth to Troubled People
1986978-0-87123-812-2Susan ButlerNon-Competitive Games for People of All Ages
1985978-0-87123-822-1Lois Gladys LeppardMandie and the Forbidden Attic (Mandie, Book 4)
1985978-0-87123-823-8George MacDonaldThe Maiden's Bequest
  ''978-0-87123-838-2   ''Curates Awakening (MacDonald / Phillip Series) by MacDonald, George (1985) Paperback
  ''978-0-87123-839-9Lois LeppardMandie and the Trunk's Secret (Mandie, Book 5)
  ''978-0-87123-848-1Francis BeckwithBaha'i: A Christian Response to Baha'ism
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1985978-0-87123-852-8William BackusTelling Each Other the Truth
  ''978-0-87123-857-3Dan PetersRocks Hidden Persuader
1986978-0-87123-881-8George MacDonaldThe Lady's Confession (MacDonald / Phillips series)
  ''978-0-87123-888-7Neva CoylePerseverance For People Under Pressure: A Study Guide
  ''978-0-87123-889-4Robert A. MoreyThe New Atheism and the Erosion of Freedom
  ''978-0-87123-890-0John Warwick MontgomeryHistory and Christianity
1986978-0-87123-891-7Lois Gladys LeppardMandie and the Medicine Man (Mandie, Book 6)
1987978-0-87123-892-4J. Carl LaneyThe Divorce Myth
  ''978-0-87123-903-7George MacDonald · Michael R. PhillipsThe Laird's Inheritance
1989978-0-87123-904-4George MacDonaldLandlady's Master
1988978-0-87123-905-1George MacDonald · Michael R. PhillipsThe Minister's Restoration
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1986978-0-87123-914-3George MacDonaldThe Marquis' Secret (Macdonald Classics)
1987978-0-87123-919-8Michael Phillips · Judith PellaRobbie Taggart: Highland Sailor (The Highland Collection, Book 2)
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1988978-0-87123-967-9Lorraine PetersonDying of Embarrassment-- & Living to Tell About It (Devotionals for Teens)
  ''978-0-87123-974-7Janette OkeBoxed-Pioneer Love Stories-6v
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