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Seattle 2072 978-1-934857-58-82009Steve Kenson · Bill Aguiar
Shine: An Anthology of Near-Future, Optimistic Science Fiction 978-1-906735-67-82010Madeline Ashby · Jacques Barcia · Eva Maria Chapman
Six Guns Straight From Hell 2: Horror and Dark Fantasy From the Weird Weird West 978-0-692-27792-82014Sam Knight · David B. Riley · Dakota Brown · Kit Volker · David Boop · J. A. Campbell · Kenneth W. Cain
The Future Embodied 978-0-9794221-1-92014Mae Empson
The Highway West 978-0-9794221-2-62015
Vampire: Die Maskerade – Die gejagten Jäger II
978-3-86889-798-22015Justin Achilli · Joshua Alan Doetsch · Martin Henley · Ryan Macklin · Matthew McFarland · Matthew Sanderson · Ree Soesbee

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Jason Andrew Corey