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titlemedia type ISBN-13year of publication
How to Negotiate Anything, Anywhere: Winning the Negotiating GameAudio Cassette 978-1-931056-87-82001
Negotiate This!: By Caring, But Not T-H-A-T MuchPaperback 978-0-446-69644-92006
Negotiate This: By Caring, But Not T-H-A-T MuchAudio CD 978-1-59777-070-52005
Negotiate This!: By Caring, But Not T-H-A-T MuchHardcover 978-0-446-52973-02003
Negotiating the Game, Vol. 3: The Win-Win Negotiating StrategyAudio Cassette 978-1-55994-823-41993
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The Essential Sales Professional's Companion/Negotiating the Game/How to Sell Yourself/the Academy of Master Closes/Secrets of Closing the Sale/CasseAudio Cassette 978-0-694-51566-01995
The Game of Negotiating: Caring...But Not That MuchAudio CD 978-1-59777-069-92005
The Game of Negotiating: Caring but Not That Much   " 978-1-59007-159-52002
The Soul of NaturePaperback 978-0-9822323-0-92009
You Can Negotiate Anything   " 978-0-8065-0847-42000
You Can Negotiate AnythingAudio CD 978-1-55927-641-21990
You Can Negotiate AnythingHardcover 978-0-8184-0305-71980
You Can Negotiate Anything: The World's Best Negotiator Tells You How To Get What You WantPaperback 978-0-553-28109-51982

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