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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-940687-00-4Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich
  ''978-0-940687-08-0Richard H. Buskirk · Mack DavisThe Entrepreneur's Audio Handbook
  ''978-0-940687-09-7Bettie B. YoungsHelping Your Teenager Deal With Stress
  ''978-0-940687-12-7O. Carl SimontonDr. Carl Simonton's Getting Well: A Step-by Step, Self-Help Guide to Overcoming Cancer for Patients and their Families
  ''978-0-940687-15-8Edgar Cayce · Mark ThurstonSelf-Hypnosis
1987978-0-940687-17-2Dean, Dr. Edell60 Minutes to Smart Sex/1-Audio Cassette With Condom
  ''978-0-940687-18-9Jon KlimoChanneling
  ''978-0-940687-19-6second citySecond City Live
1988978-0-940687-28-8Lilias FolanLilias: Yoga for Experienced Students (Audio Renaissance Tapes)
  ''978-0-940687-29-5Napoleon HillSelling You!: A Practical Guide to Achieving the Most by Becoming Your Best (Audio Renaissance T Apes)
  ''978-0-940687-35-6Edgar Cayce · Mark ThurstonMeditation
1988978-0-940687-38-7Paul PearsallSuperimmunity
  ''978-0-940687-47-9Maxwell MaltzPsycho-Cybernetics: How to Use the Power of Self-Image Psychology for Success (Audio Renaissance)
  ''978-0-940687-48-6How to Write a Pop Hit (Audio Renaissance)
  ''978-0-940687-49-3How to Write a Rock Hit (Audio Renaissance)
1989978-0-940687-56-1Ram DassFinding and Exploring Your Spiritual Path: An Exploration of the Pleasures and Perils of Seeking Personal Enlightenment
1988978-0-940687-57-8Tony BuzanSuper-Creativity - The Mind Map Method of Creative Problem Solving (Audio Renaissance)
1994978-0-940687-58-5Ron GrossPeak Learning/Book and Cassette
1989978-0-940687-68-4Jonathan ParkerBoundless Energy
  ''978-0-940687-69-1Andrew WeilThink and Get Well
1989978-0-940687-73-8Daniel GolemanThe Art of Meditation
  ''978-0-940687-78-3Tony HudzSorcery and White Magic (Mystic Adventures Series/Audio Cassette & Guidebook)
  ''978-0-940687-79-0   ''Atlantis and Lost Civilizations (Mystic Adventures Series/Audio Cassette & Guidebook)
  ''978-0-940687-87-5Rick StackOut of Body Adventures
  ''978-0-940687-88-2Edgar Cayce · Christopher FazelEdgar Cayce: Astrology (Edgar Cayce Library)
1989978-0-940687-89-9Gay HendricksThe Art of Breathing and Centering: Discover the Powerful Gifts of the Air You Breathe!