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Armenia A Country Study978-1-4191-0751-12004
Azerbaijan A Country Study978-1-4191-0862-42004
Israel A Country Study978-1-4191-2689-52004
Lebanon A Country Study978-1-4191-2943-82004
Pakistan A Country Study978-1-4191-3994-92004
Romania A Country Study978-1-4191-4531-52004
Somalia A Country Study978-1-4191-4799-92004
Syria A Country Study978-1-4191-5022-72004
The Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism: Who Becomes a Terrorist and Why?978-1-4102-1277-12005Of Congress Library of Congress · Rex A. Hudson
Turkey: A Country Study978-1-4191-9126-82004
United Arab Emirates: A Country Study978-1-4191-9211-12004


Federal Research Division Library of Congress (U.S.)