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From Blues to Rock: Analytical History of Pop Music978-0-7190-1489-51987Stephen Millward
From Blues to Rock: An Analytical History of Pop Music978-0-7190-2349-11989   "
I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again978-1-4084-6823-42011Tim Brooke-Taylor · John Cleese · Graeme Garden · Jo Kendall
I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again Volume 2978-1-4056-7765-32007Tim Brooke-Taylor · Graeme Garden · John Cleese · Jo Kendall · Bill Oddie
I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again - Volume Three978-1-4056-7766-02007John Cleese · Bill Oddie · Graeme Garden · Tim Brooke-Taylor · Jo Kendall
The Dogs of War: Practical Play in the Colle System - Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition978-0-9773186-0-52005Terese Hatch

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David Hatcher