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Acid Sulfate Soils: A Baseline for Research and DevelopmentHardcover 978-90-70260-98-91986
American ExtremesPaperback
American Extremes: Portraits of Wealth, Poverty, and the Endangered Middle ClassHardcover
Farming the Black Earth: Sustainable and Climate-Smart Management of Chernozem SoilsGebunden
978-3-030-22532-22019Boris Boincean
Insect Pest ManagementHardcover
Insect Pest ManagementPaperback
Insect Pest ManagementHardcover
Knowledge of the Land: Land Resources Information and Its Use in Rural Development: Land Resource Information and Its Use in Rural Development   "
978-0-19-829601-02001Barry Dalal-Clayton · D. B. Dalal-Clayton
Methods in Ecological and Agricultural Entomology   "
978-0-85199-131-31997M.P. Walton
Methods in Ecological and Agricultural EntomologyPaperback
978-0-85199-132-01997M. Walton
Priorities in Biopesticide Research and Development in Developing Countries   "
978-0-85199-479-62000Jeremy Harris
Rural Planning in Developing Countries: Supporting Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Livelihoods   "
978-1-85383-939-92002Barry Dalal-Clayton · Olivier Dubois
Soil Science Working for a Living: Applications of soil science to present-day problemsGebunden
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Soil Survey and Land EvaluationPaperback
978-0-419-15960-51992Anthony Young
Soil Survey and Land EvaluationHardcover
978-0-04-631013-41981   "
Soil Survey and Land EvaluationPaperback
978-0-04-631014-11981   "
The Black Earth: Ecological Principles for Sustainable Agriculture on Chernozem SoilsHardcover 978-94-007-0158-82011Igori Arcadie Krupenikov · Boris P Boincean
The Convention on Biological Diversity Product Commercialisation in Development Assistance Projects: A Case Study of LUBILOSAPaperback
978-0-85199-577-92001Christopher Lomer
Use of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index to Assess Land Degradation at Multiple Scales: Current Status, Future Trends, and Practical ...Taschenbuch
978-3-319-24110-42015Genesis T. Yengoh · Lennart Olsson · Anna E. Tengberg · Compton J. Tucker III

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