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After the War: The Press in a Changing America, 1865–1900Hardcover978-1-4128-6513-52017
A Press Divided: Newspaper Coverage of the Civil WarPaperback978-1-4128-6518-02018
A Press Divided: Newspaper Coverage of the Civil WarHardcover978-1-4128-5466-52014
Environment Reporters in the 21st CenturyPaperback978-1-4128-5404-72014James Simon · JoAnn Myer Valenti
Memory and Myth: The Civil War in Fiction and Film from Uncle Tom's Cabin to Cold Mountain   "978-1-55753-440-82007S. Kittrell Rushing · Roy Morris Jr.
Sensationalism: Murder, Mayhem, Mudslinging, Scandals, and Disasters in 19th-Century ReportingHardcover978-1-4128-5171-82013
Serious Leisure: A Perspective for Our TimePaperback978-1-4128-5594-52015
The Press and the Suburbs: The Daily Newspapers of New Jersey   "978-1-4128-5193-02013

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