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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-884822-00-1The Healthy Heart Cookbook
978-1-884822-01-8The Healthy Salad Cookbook
978-1-884822-02-5Marjorie TrottaSlim & Delicious Pasta Cookbook
1994978-1-884822-03-2Marjorie CarterYour Herb Garden Cookbook
  ''978-1-884822-04-9Jill BradleyLuscious Low-Fat Main Dishes
978-1-884822-05-6Delectable Christmas Treats
978-1-884822-06-3Luscious Low-Calorie Cookies and Breads
978-1-884822-07-0Marjorie CarterSlim & Delicious High Fiber Cookbook
1994978-1-884822-08-7William C. Davis · Bell I. WileyPhotographic History of the Civil War: Fort Sumter to Gettysburg ,The Civil War Times
  ''978-1-884822-09-4William C. Davis · Bell I. WileyPhotographic History of The Civil War: Vicksburg to Appomattox (Civil War Times Illustrated) (v. 2)
1996978-1-884822-10-0Doug Chilcott · Jim Henson · Myron Grossman · Steve TurkKermit's 501 Fun Facts
1994978-1-884822-11-7Kate Kelly · Anne ZemanKindergarten Basics
  ''978-1-884822-12-4Kate Kelly · Anne ZemanFirst Grade Basics
  ''978-1-884822-13-1Sally Ann BerkThe New York Bartender's Guide
1995978-1-884822-14-8Arlene Feltman-SailhacSouthwest Cooking (De Gustibus Presents the Great Cooks' Cookbooks)
1995978-1-884822-15-5Arlene Feltman-SailhacFrench Cooking for the Home (De Gustibus Presents the Great Cooks' Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-884822-16-2   ''Rustic Italian Cooking (De Gustibus Presents the Great Cooks' Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-884822-17-9   ''Art of New American Cooking (De Gustibus Presents the Great Cooks' Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-884822-18-6Norman SullivanTest Your Own IQ Again (How Smart Are You?)
  ''978-1-884822-19-3Erik BruunHousehold Hints and Formulas (Good-Sense Guides Series)
1995978-1-884822-20-9Merriam-Webster Inc.Webster's New Encyclopedic Dictionary
  ''978-1-884822-22-3Dave Bohn · Rodolfo PetschekKinsey Photographer
  ''978-1-884822-23-0Bob Thomson · James Wilson · Thomas WirthThe Victory Garden: The Essential Companion
  ''978-1-884822-24-7Pamela Horn101 Read-Aloud Classics: Ten-Minute Readings from the World's Best-Loved Children's Books
  ''978-1-884822-25-4Merriam-Webster Inc.Webster's New Encyclopedic Dictionary
1995978-1-884822-26-1Roselle K. Chartock · Jack SpencerCan It Happen Again?: Chronicles of the Holocaust
  ''978-1-884822-27-8Sally Ann BerkCalifornia Health Bar Drink Guide
  ''978-1-884822-28-5Cleveland AmoryCleveland Amory's Compleat Cat: Cat Who Came for Christmas / Cat and the Curmudgeon / Best Cat Ever
  ''978-1-884822-29-2Georgia O'KeeffeGeorgia O'Keeffe
  ''978-1-884822-30-8Ogden NashSelected Poetry of Ogden Nash
1995978-1-884822-31-5László PolgárChess: 5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games
1996978-1-884822-32-2SULLIVANTest Your IQ Skills: Exercise Your Brain with 100 Intelletual Work Outs
  ''978-1-884822-33-9Arlene Feltman-SailhacMediterranean Cooking (Great Cooks Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-884822-34-6   ''Low-Fat Cooking (Great Cooks Cookbooks)
1995978-1-884822-35-3Gregg R. Gillespie1001 Cookie Recipes: The Ultimate A-To-Z Collection of Bars, Drops, Crescents, Snaps, Squares, Biscuits, and Everything That Crumbles
1996978-1-884822-36-0Sally Ann Berk · Zeva OelbaumThe Farmer's Market Guide and Cookbook
  ''978-1-884822-37-7Ludwig Van BeethovenBeethoven: The Symphonies (Black Dog Music Library)
  ''978-1-884822-38-4Wolfgang Amadeus MozartMozart: The Piano Concertos (Black Dog Music Library)
1995978-1-884822-39-1Piotr Ilyich TchaikovskyTchaikovsky: The Ballet Suites
1995978-1-884822-40-7David Foil · Luigi Alva · Luciano Pavarotti · Carlo BergonziThe Tenors: A Music Lover's Guide to Understanding and Appreciation, with Minute-by-Minute Musical Commentary
  ''978-1-884822-41-4David Foil · Monks of l'Abbaye du Bec-HellouinGregorian Chant and Polyphony (Black Dog Music Library)
1996978-1-884822-42-1Johann Sebastian BachBach: The Keyboard Works (Black Dog Music Librry)
  ''978-1-884822-45-2Philip Johnson · Judith DupreSkyscrapers: A History of the World's Most Famous and Important Skyscrapers
  ''978-1-884822-46-9Carol Lea Benjamin · Captain Arthur J. HaggertyDog Tricks: Eighty-Eight Challenging Activities for Your Dog from World-Class Trainers
  ''978-1-884822-47-6Hans ZinsserRats, Lice, and History: A Chronicle of Pestilence and Plagues
1996978-1-884822-49-0Norman S. BarrettThe Centennial Olympic Games: Atlanta 1996
  ''978-1-884822-50-6Jane P. ResnickThe Little Treasury of Golf
  ''978-1-884822-52-0Sally Ann BerkThe Naturalist's Herb Guide
2004978-1-884822-55-1HaggertyDog Tricks (8) Display
978-1-884822-56-8The Little Treasury of Golf [With 3 Golf Balls]
1997978-1-884822-57-5Noel Fiarotta · Phyllis FiarottaThe Colossal Book of Crafts for Kids and Their Families: 247 Neat and Nifty Projects
1995978-1-884822-59-9Gregg R. Gillespie1001 Cookie Recipes The Ultimate A-To-Z Collection of Bars, Drops, Crescents, Snaps, Squares, Biscuits, and Everything That Crumbles
978-1-884822-60-5Pamela HornOne Hundred and One Read Aloud Classics
1997978-1-884822-61-2David Check · Chris Dolin · Nick DolinBasketball Stars
  ''978-1-884822-62-9Ted GoodmanThe Forbes Book of Business Quotations: 14,173 Thoughts on the Business of Life
  ''978-1-884822-63-6H. Aaron Cohl · Alan KingThe Friars Club Encyclopedia of Jokes: Over 2,000 One-Liners, Straight Lines, Stories, Gags, Roasts, Ribs, and Put-Downs
1997978-1-884822-64-3Hans HolzerGhosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond
2006978-1-884822-65-0Dave Bohn · Rodolfo Petschek · Darius Kinsey · Tabitha KinseyKinsey Photographer: The Locomotive Portraits
1997978-1-884822-66-7Philip CollinsRadios: The Golden Age
  ''978-1-884822-67-4E. Richard Churchill · Louis V. Loeschnig · Muriel Mandell365 Simple Science Experiments with Everyday Materials
  ''978-1-884822-68-1Matt ChristopherMatt Christopher's All-Star Lineup
  ''978-1-884822-69-8Lo'retta LoveThe Redneck Cookbook: 165 Mighty Fine Fixin's and Other Things to Get Down Your Gullet
  ''978-1-884822-70-4Andrew Hager · Hattie Gossett · Fred KarlBillie Holiday (Black Dog Music Library)
1995978-1-884822-71-1Norman SullivanTest Your IQ Skills: How Smart Are You? (Third Series)
1998978-1-884822-72-8Erik Bruun · Buzzy KeithHeavy Equipment
1997978-1-884822-73-5Mary Dowling Daley · Pat Fairon · Fergus KellyBig Little Book of Irish Wit & Wisdom
1996978-1-884822-74-2Erik BruunTest Your Child's IQ Skills (How Smart Are You?)
1997978-1-884822-75-9Judith DupreBridges: A History of the World's Most Famous and Important Spans
1997978-1-884822-76-6Daniel LernerSingle Malt & Scotch Whiskey: Select and Savor Over 200 Brands and Varieties (Essential Connoisseur)
1996978-1-884822-77-3Erik Bruun · Robin GetzenThe Book of American Values and Virtues
  ''978-1-884822-78-0Pamela Horn101 More Read-Aloud Classics: Ten-Minute Readings from the World's Best-Loved Children's Books
  ''978-1-884822-79-7Jessica M. MacMurray · Allison Brewster FranzettiThe Book of 101 Opera Librettos: Complete Original Language Texts with English Translations
  ''978-1-884822-80-3Giuseppe VerdiAida (The Black Dog Opera Library)
  ''978-1-884822-81-0Georges BizetCarmen (The Black Dog Opera Library)
1996978-1-884822-82-7Wolfgang Amadeus MozartThe Magic Flute (The Black Dog Opera Library)
  ''978-1-884822-83-4Giacomo PucciniLa Bohème (The Black Dog Opera Library)
  ''978-1-884822-84-1Sally Ann Berk · James Gordon WakemanReasonable Affliction: 1001 Love Poems to Read to Each Other
  ''978-1-884822-85-8Arlene Feltman-SailhacGreat Recipes of the Great Cooks
  ''978-1-884822-86-5Gregg R. Gillespie1001 Chocolate Treats: The Ultimate Collection of Cakes, Pies, Confections, Drinks, Cookies, Candies, Sauces, Ice Creams, Puddings, and Everything Else Chocolate
1996978-1-884822-87-2Gyorgy FehérCyclopedia Anatomicae: More Than 1,500 Illustrations of the Human and Animal Figure for the Artist
  ''978-1-884822-88-9Jane P. ResnickInternational Connoisseur's Guide to Cigars: The Art of Selecting and Smoking (Essential Connoisseur)
1997978-1-884822-90-2Andrew Hager · Hattie Gossett · Fred KarlNat King Cole (Black Dog Music Library)
  ''978-1-884822-91-9   ''Louis Armstrong (Black Dog Music Library)
1997978-1-884822-93-3Andrew Hager · Hattie Gossett · Fred KarlElla Fitzgerald (Black Dog Music Library)
  ''978-1-884822-94-0Edward C. Goodman · Ted GoodmanThe Forbes Book of Business Quotations: 14,173 Thoughts on the Business of Life
  ''978-1-884822-95-7Teruhisa KitaharaYesterday's Toys: 734 Tin and Celluloid Amusements from Days Gone By
  ''978-1-884822-96-4Janet HazenHot!: 150 Fiery and Spicy Recipes for Cooking with Chilies, Peppercorns, Mustard, Horseradish, and Ginger
  ''978-1-884822-97-1Gregg R. Gillespie1001 Snacks: For Instant Gratification
1997978-1-884822-98-8Sally Ann BerkThe Martini Book: The First, the Last, the Only True Cocktail
  ''978-1-884822-99-5Glorya HaleRead-Aloud Poems for Young People: Readings from the Worlds Best Loved Verses