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A Passion to Oppose: John Anderson, 1893-1962 978-0-522-84683-61995
A tale of two mining cities: Johannesburg and Broken Hill, 1885-1925 978-0-522-84271-51984
Australian Art in the National Gallery of Australia 978-0-642-54148-22003Anne Gray
Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals: A Historical Survey 978-1-58394-194-22008Elizabeth Guo
Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals: A Historical Survey 978-1-55643-557-72005   "
Growing Up Hockey: The Life and Times of Everyone Who Ever Loved the Game 978-1-894864-65-72007
Jingwu: The School that Transformed Kung Fu 978-1-58394-242-02010Elizabeth Guo
Just Follow the Floodlights!: The Complete Guide to League of Ireland Football 978-1-908308-03-02012
Our Jimmy: A Celebration of James Young 978-0-9544867-0-92003Andrew McKinney
Passage 978-0-9549633-9-22007
People and Promise of California, The 978-0-321-43489-02007Mona Field
Rechtshandbuch Industrie 4.0 und Internet of Things: Praxisfragen und Perspektiven der digitalen Zukunft
978-3-406-70869-52017Thomas Sassenberg · Tobias Faber · Benjamin von Bodungen · Felix Buchmann · Iris Henseler-Unger · David Jahn · Thomas Jochheim
Roman Song 978-0-340-83232-52006
Sean Scully: The Art of the Stripe 978-0-944722-34-32009
Silver, Sin and Sixpenny Ale: Social History of Broken Hill, 1883-1921 978-0-522-84141-11978
Techno Craft: The Work of Susan Cohn, 1980 to 2000 978-0-642-54146-82000Jackie Cooper · Susan Cohn
The Arrival of Fergal Flynn 978-0-340-83229-52004
The Book of Kells and the Art of Illumination 978-0-642-54164-22000Bernard Meehan · Margaret Manion

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