Alessandro Scarlatti

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Ardo e ver per te d'amore :978-0-206-20113-5
Christmas Cantata: Cello978-0-19-385274-72006Edward J. Dean
Christmas Cantata: Full score978-0-19-536602-01969   "
Christmas Cantata: Viola978-0-19-385276-12006   "
Christmas Cantata: Violin 1978-0-19-385275-42006   "
Christmas Cantata: Violin 2 part978-0-19-536666-21969   "
Christmas Cantata: Vocal Score978-0-19-385171-92007   "
Il giardino di rose978-88-95349-00-82006
Le Violette: Canzone, For Medium, High and Low Voices978-1-9770-8021-92018
Three Cantatas for Voice , Cello and Keyboard979-0-60003-045-31982

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