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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2019978-981-4800-01-3Keiko HiroseHandbook of Dynein (Second Edition)
  ''978-981-4800-08-2Giulio Fanti · Pierandrea MalfiThe Shroud of Turin: First Century after Christ! (Second Edition)
  ''978-981-4800-10-5Xavier Oriols Pladevall · Jordi MompartApplied Bohmian Mechanics: From Nanoscale Systems to Cosmology
2018978-981-4800-11-2Simon DeleonibusEmerging Devices for Low-Power and High-Performance Nanosystems: Physics, Novel Functions, and Data Processing (Pan Stanford Series on Intelligent Nanosystems)
2019978-981-4800-13-6Hee-Je KimSolar Power and Energy Storage Systems
2022978-981-4800-30-3Sakthi Kumar · Srivani Veeranarayanan · Aswathy Ravindran GirijaBionanotechnology in Cancer: Diagnosis and Therapy
2019978-981-4800-32-7Lajos P. BaloghNano-Enabled Medical Applications
  ''978-981-4800-33-4Alexander N. KharlamovImmortality in Singularity
  ''978-981-4800-35-8Chad A. MirkinSpherical Nucleic Acids: The Foundation for Crystal Engineering with DNA and Digital Probe and Drug Design
2019978-981-4800-36-5Yaser M. Banadaki · Safura SharifiGraphene Nanostructures: Modeling, Simulation, and Applications in Electronics and Photonics
  ''978-981-4800-39-6Valerio VolianiNanomaterials and Neoplasms: Towards Clinical Applications
  ''978-981-4800-40-2Yoshiaki Kato · Zempachi Ogumi · José Manuel Perlado MartínLithium-Ion Batteries: Overview, Simulation, and Diagnostics
  ''978-981-4800-42-6Sourav BhattacharjeePrinciples of Nanomedicine
  ''978-981-4800-43-3Debabrata Das · Debayan DasBiochemical Engineering: An Introductory Textbook
2019978-981-4800-46-4Run-Wei Li · Gang LiuFlexible and Stretchable Electronics: Materials, Design, and Devices
  ''978-981-4800-47-1Péter TétényiPolymers and Pyridazines
  ''978-981-4800-48-8Michael Hehenberger · Zhi XiaOur Animal Connection: What Sapiens Can Learn from Other Species
2018978-981-4800-49-5Shakeel Ahmed · Aisverya SoundararajanMarine Polysaccharides: Advances and Multifaceted Applications
2019978-981-4800-53-2Gregory K. Webster · Laila KottChromatographic Methods Development (Jenny Stanford Series on Pharmaceutical Analytics)
  ''978-981-4800-54-9Hala Gali-Muhtasib · Racha ChouaibNanoparticle Drug Delivery Systems for Cancer Treatment
  ''978-981-4800-55-6Natalia Chezhina · Dmitry KorolevElectronic Structure of Materials: Challenges and Developments
2019978-981-4800-58-7Tzung K Hsiai · Sharon Gerecht · Hanjoong JoModern Mechanobiology: Convergence of Development and Genomics
  ''978-981-4800-59-4Shaker A. Mousa · Raj Bawa · Gerald F. AudetteThe Road from Nanomedicine to Precision Medicine (Pan Stanford Series on Nanomedicine)
  ''978-981-4800-61-7Peter GrunwaldPharmaceutical Biocatalysis: Fundamentals, Enzyme Inhibitors, and Enzymes in Health and Diseases (Pan Stanford Series on Biocatalysis)
  ''978-981-4800-64-8Agnieszka Gajewicz · Tomasz PuzynComputational Nanotoxicology: Challenges and Perspectives
  ''978-981-4800-65-5Volodymyr Chegel · Andrii LopatynskyiMolecular Plasmonics: Theory and Applications
2019978-981-4800-66-2Haruo SuzukiHow Enzymes Work: From Structure to Function
  ''978-981-4800-67-9Luis Liz-MarzánColloidal Synthesis of Plasmonic Nanometals
  ''978-981-4800-68-6Sidney PerkowitzReal Scientists Don't Wear Ties: When Science Meets Culture
  ''978-981-4800-70-9Lin ZhuStimuli-Responsive Nanomedicine
  ''978-981-4800-74-7Eiichi YamaguchiInnovation Crisis: Successes, Pitfalls, and Solutions in Japan
2020978-981-4800-75-4Vladimir Mitin · Victor Ryzhii · Taiichi OtsujiGraphene-Based Terahertz Electronics and Plasmonics: Detector and Emitter Concepts
2020978-981-4800-76-1Annibale Luigi Materazzi · Filippo Ubertini · Antonella D'AlessandroNanotechnology in Cement-Based Construction
2019978-981-4800-78-5Toshihiro IshikawaCeramic Fibers and their Applications
  ''978-981-4800-80-8Peter GrunwaldPharmaceutical Biocatalysis: Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
2020978-981-4800-83-9Andrei KhrennikovSocial Laser: Application of Quantum Information and Field Theories to Modeling of Social Processes
  ''978-981-4800-85-3Tuhin Subhra SantraMicrofluidics and BioMEMS: Devices and Applications
  ''978-981-4800-86-0Jagriti Narang · Manika KhanujaSmall Bite, Big Threat: Deadly Infections of the Aedes Aegypti
  ''978-981-4800-87-7Atsushi NagaiCovalent Organic Frameworks
2020978-981-4800-89-1Onur ParlakSwitchable Biolectronics
  ''978-981-4800-91-4Vladimir TorchilinHandbook of Materials for Nanomedicine: Volume 6 (Jenny Stanford Series on Biomedical Nanotechnology)
  ''978-981-4800-92-1Vladimir TorchilinHandbook of Materials for Nanomedicine: Volume 7: Polymeric Nanomaterials (Jenny Stanford Series on Biomedical Nanotechnology)
  ''978-981-4800-93-8   ''Handbook of Materials for Nanomedicine: Volume 8: Metal-Based and Other Nanomaterials (Jenny Stanford Series on Biomedical Nanotechnology)
  ''978-981-4800-94-5Zbigniew GalazkaTransparent Semiconducting Oxides: Bulk Crystal Growth and Fundamental Properties
2019978-981-4800-95-2Susai Rajendran · Gurmeet SinghTitanic Corrosion
2020978-981-4800-96-9Yuzo ShinozukaElectron-Lattice Interactions in Semiconductors
2020978-981-4800-97-6Guillaume MadelinX-Nuclei Magnetic Resonance Imaging