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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2017978-981-4774-07-9Ferdinand ScholzCompound Semiconductors: Physics, Technology, and Device Concepts
  ''978-981-4774-08-6Choon H. Do · Attila E. PavlathChemistry: Our Past, Present, and Future
  ''978-981-4774-09-3Hongyu Yu · Tianli DuanGallium Nitride Power Devices
  ''978-981-4774-12-3Suvardhan Kanchi · Salvador Sagrado · Myalo I. Sabela · Krishna BisettyCapillary Electrophoresis: Trends and Developments in Pharmaceutical Research
  ''978-981-4774-13-0Vinod KrishnamoorthyCompetitive Math for Middle School: Algebra, Probability, and Number Theory
2017978-981-4774-16-1Steinar Westhrin KilliAdditive Manufacturing: Design, Methods, and Processes
2018978-981-4774-27-7John S. Newman · Vincent S. BattagliaThe Newman Lectures on Transport Phenomena
  ''978-981-4774-30-7Ajay Kumar MishraSmart Ceramics: Preparation, Properties, and Applications
2017978-981-4774-32-1David E.H. JonesWhy Are We Conscious?: A Scientist’s Take on Consciousness and Extrasensory Perception
2018978-981-4774-33-8Anne-Marie Caminade · Cédric-Olivier Turrin · Jean-Pierre MajoralPhosphorous Dendrimers in Biology and Nanomedicine: Syntheses, Characterization, and Properties
  ''978-981-4774-37-6Anatoly PopovDisordered Semiconductors Second Edition: Physics and Applications
  ''978-981-4774-38-3Shakeel Ahmed · Saiqa Ikram · Suvardhan Kanchi · Krishna BisettyBiocomposites: Biomedical and Environmental Applications
2017978-981-4774-41-3Zlatan AksamijaNanophononics: Thermal Generation, Transport, and Conversion at the Nanoscale
2018978-981-4774-47-5Norbert SchwarzerThe Theory of Everything: Quantum and Relativity is everywhere – A Fermat Universe
2017978-981-4774-48-2Haruo SugiMysteries in Muscle Contraction: Evidence against Current Dogmas
2018978-981-4774-51-2Anil SharmaImmunology: An Introductory Textbook
  ''978-981-4774-52-9Raj Bawa · Janos Szebeni · Thomas J Webster · Gerald F. AudetteImmune Aspects of Biopharmaceuticals and Nanomedicines (Pan Stanford Series on Nanomedicine)
2018978-981-4774-53-6Ranjna C. Dutta · Aroop K. Dutta3D Cell Culture:: An Introductory Textbook
  ''978-981-4774-54-3Jian V. Lee · Giorgio FerrariCapacitance Spectroscopy of Semiconductors
  ''978-981-4774-58-1Sihua Yang · Da XingBiomedical Photoacoustics
  ''978-981-4774-62-8Ryuzo Furukawa · Yuko Suto · Emile H. Ishida · Takeshi YamauchiLifestyle and Nature:: Integrating Nature Technology to Sustainable Lifestyles
  ''978-981-4774-67-3Marta I. Litter · Natalia Quici · Martin Meichtry · Gerencia QuimicaIron Nanomaterials for Water and Soil Treatment
2018978-981-4774-69-7Susai Rajendran · Gurmeet SinghTitanic Corrosion
  ''978-981-4774-72-7K. Mohan IyerHip Joint in Adults: Advances and Developments
  ''978-981-4774-73-4Writam BanerjeeNanocrystals in Non‐volatile Memory
  ''978-981-4774-78-9James M. ThompsonInfrared Spectroscopy
  ''978-981-4774-86-4Arsénio M. Fialho · Ananda M. ChakrabartyMicrobial Infections and Cancer Therapy
2018978-981-4774-87-1Kun'ichi Miyazawa · Yuichi Ochiai · Masaru Tachibana · Tokushi Kizuka · Shigeo NakamuraFullerene Nanowhiskers
  ''978-981-4774-88-8Gerd Binnig · Ralf Huss · Günter SchmidtTissue Phenomics: Profiling Cancer Patients for Treatment Decisions
  ''978-981-4774-90-1Mohd YusufHandbook of Textile Effluent Remediation
  ''978-981-4774-91-8Evgeni B. StarikovA Different Thermodynamics and its True Heroes