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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-981-4137-02-7Germany Insight Travel Map
  ''978-981-4137-06-5Brian BellInsight GD North Amer & Alaska (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-4137-08-9Craig DowlingNew Zealand (Insight Pocket Guides)
  ''978-981-4137-09-6Insight Flexi Map: Algarve: Informative & Easy to Use, Recommended Sights, Laminated for Durability (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-4137-10-2American Map CorporationFlorence (Fleximaps)
2004978-981-4137-11-9American Map CorporationDublin (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-12-6   ''Los Angeles (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-13-3   ''London (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-14-0   ''Rome (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-15-7   ''Paris (Fleximaps)
2004978-981-4137-16-4American Map CorporationNew York City (Fleximaps)
2004978-981-4137-17-1American Map CorporationVienna (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-18-8   ''Vancouver (Fleximaps)
2007978-981-4137-19-5Barbados Insight Flexi Map (Insight Flexi Maps)
2004978-981-4137-20-1American Map CorporationInsight Beijing Fleximap (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-21-8   ''Cuba Insight Fleximap (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-22-5Iceland Insight Flexi Map (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-4137-24-9GeoCenter UKCopenhagen Insight Flexi Map (Insight Flexi Maps)
2004978-981-4137-25-6Munich Insight Flexi Map (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-4137-26-3American Map CorporationStockholm (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-27-0Insight GuidesBarcelona Insight Flexi Map (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-28-7American Map CorporationNew Zealand Insight Fleximap (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-29-4   ''Prague Insight Fleximap
2004978-981-4137-30-0Costa Del Sol Insight Flexi Map (Insight Flexi Maps)
  ''978-981-4137-32-4American Map CorporationSan Francisco (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-33-1UnknownCosta Blanca Insight Pocket Guide
  ''978-981-4137-34-8Cancun Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
  ''978-981-4137-35-5Salzburg Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
978-981-4137-40-9Bermuda Insight Guide
2006978-981-4137-41-6Lucy ForwoodInsight Pocket Guide Vietnam (Insight Pocket Guides)
2004978-981-4137-42-3Bruges Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
2004978-981-4137-43-0Cornwall Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
2006978-981-4137-44-7Andrew Forbes · David HenleyInsight Compact Guide Vietnam (Insight Compact Guides S.)
2004978-981-4137-46-1INSIGHT POCKET GUIDEItalian Lakes Insight Pocket Guide
  ''978-981-4137-47-8DOOREN TAYLOR-WILKIEOslo and Bergen Insight Pocket Guide (Insight Pocket Guides)
  ''978-981-4137-48-5Brian BellInsight City Guide Amsterdam (Book & Restaurant Guide) (Insight City Guides (Book & Restaurant Guide))
2005978-981-4137-49-2   ''Insight City Guide Barcelona (Insight City Guides)
2005978-981-4137-50-8Brian BellInsight City Guide Beijing (Insight City Guides)
2004978-981-4137-51-5   ''Insight City Guide Las Vegas (Book & Restaurant Guide)
  ''978-981-4137-52-2   ''Insight City Guide London
  ''978-981-4137-53-9   ''Insight City Guide Madrid (Book & Restaurant Guide) (Insight Guides)
2005978-981-4137-54-6Martha Ellen Zenfell · Brian BellInsight City Guide New York (Insight City Guides (Book & Restaurant Guide)
2004978-981-4137-55-3Brian BellInsight City Guide Paris (Book & Restaurant Guide)
  ''978-981-4137-56-0   ''Insight City Guide Rome (Book & Restaurant Guide)
2004978-981-4137-57-7Brian BellInsight City Guide Singapore (Book & Restaurant Guide) (Insight City Guides (Book & Restaurant Guide))
  ''978-981-4137-58-4   ''Insight City Guide Sydney
2005978-981-4137-59-1Insight GuidesTokyo (City Guide)
  ''978-981-4137-60-7Brian BellInsight City Guide Venice (Insight City Guides)
2004978-981-4137-61-4Baltic States Insight Travel Map
  ''978-981-4137-63-8Tuscany and Umbria Insight Travel Map
  ''978-981-4137-65-2American Map CorporationBermuda Insight Fleximap (Fleximaps)
2004978-981-4137-66-9American Map CorporationInsight Boston Fleximap (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-67-6   ''Insight Chicago Fleximap (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-68-3   ''Costa Rica Insight Fleximap (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-69-0   ''Florida (Fleximaps)
2004978-981-4137-70-6American Map CorporationHawaii (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-72-0   ''Las Vegas (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-74-4   ''San Diego (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-75-1   ''Map-Washington DC (Fleximaps)
  ''978-981-4137-76-8Brian BellInsight City Guide Walt Disney World Resort & Orlando (Book & Restaurant Guide)
2004978-981-4137-77-5unknownPortugal Insight Guide (Insight Guides)
2005978-981-4137-78-2China (Insight Guides)
2004978-981-4137-79-9UnknownAlaska Insight Guide (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-4137-80-5   ''India Insight Guide (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-4137-81-2Joseph W by HollisNew Zealand Insight Guide (Insight Guides)
  ''978-981-4137-83-6ALFRED HORNBudapest Insight Pocket Guide
  ''978-981-4137-84-3VV.AA.Istanbul Insight Pocket Guide
2004978-981-4137-87-4Seville Insight Pocket Guide
  ''978-981-4137-88-1LISA GERARD-SHARPSicily Insight Pocket Guide
  ''978-981-4137-89-8ANNA BENNSt Petersburg Insight Pocket Guide
  ''978-981-4137-90-4UnknownCosta Blanca Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
  ''978-981-4137-92-8Italian Riviera Insight Compact Guide (Insight Compact Guides)
2004978-981-4137-93-5Jersey Insight Compact Guide
  ''978-981-4137-96-6CLARE (ED.) GRIFFITHSSardinia Insight Guide (Insight Guides)
2006978-981-4137-97-3Rachel FoxHungary Insight Guide (Insight Guides)
2004978-981-4137-98-0InsightInsight Compact Guide Cambodia (Insight Guides)